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2016, 03/11 02:11 (3026day) Posted | 2016, 03/11 07:43 (3025day) Updated
・Improved behavior when address is already used when creating
Added a function to automatically add a number to the specified address to determine if it can be used, and to recommend it if there is an address that can be used.
Click OK in the recommendation dialog to create the address.

・Enhancement of the server <br>As a countermeasure against delays in sending and receiving emails, the performance of the email sending and receiving server has been enhanced to about 10 times.
In addition, a dedicated server for mail parsing has been newly established to reduce the load on the main server, making it easier to use.

- Fixed the behavior of saving drafts when sending emails
- Fixed an issue where the design would collapse if the root certificate was old (Android version)
・DIGNO S (KYL21) has been designated as a device that cannot be installed (Android version)

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