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2018, 09/06 18:00 (1999day) Posted | 2018, 09/26 07:02 (1979day) Updated
Due to the effects of Typhoon No. 21 and the Hokkaido Earthquake, some services have been disrupted for a long time.

・All equipment installed in Kansai became unusable due to power outage caused by Typhoon No. 21 (it took about 12 hours to resolve)
・Due to Typhoon No. 21's lightning surges and voltage fluctuations, some equipment and communication equipment installed in the Kansai region broke down, and the airport was also damaged and unmanageable (it will take about two weeks to resolve the issue)
・Due to the power outage caused by the Hokkaido Earthquake, some equipment installed in Hokkaido became unusable (it took about 3 days to resolve)

Due to the above, many services such as kukuluLIVE's recording function and viewing recordings are no longer available.
All have now been restored and can be used normally.
We apologize for any inconvenience caused due to the long-term disability.

We have introduced the following measures to ensure continued operation even in the event of a long-term power outage due to a disaster, such as this one.

・Abolish unmanned servers in remote locations ・Introduce sine wave gasoline generators ・Introduce sine wave inverters ・Strengthen gasoline stockpiles ・Introduce large capacity UPS

We would like to express our gratitude to many people for their cooperation and concern regarding this matter.
We would also like to express our gratitude to those who worked hard to restore infrastructure and distribute supplies and fuel under difficult circumstances.
We pray for everyone's safety and well-being.

■Support for equipment that breaks down due to earthquakes and power outages

If you are a viewer or broadcaster who lives in the Iburi tract or Kiyota Ward, Sapporo City,
If you are having trouble with distribution-related equipment (PCs, etc.) due to the recent earthquake and power outage, please contact us.
Please contact us using the form (
We have repair parts and rental equipment available.
No proof of damage is required. Also, there is no cost in any case.

■Request for support

We ask for your continued support for those affected by the disaster.

Atsuma Town
Abira Town
Mukawa Town
Hokkaido wide area

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2018, 08/31 17:56 (2005day) Posted
・Viewing live broadcasts now supports IPv6
In an environment with an IPv6 connection, it is now possible to comfortably watch high-bitrate distribution even during busy hours.
Please update the iOS app to version 1.9.6 or later.

- Introduced a countermeasure for the issue where viewing becomes impossible. We have fixed an issue where connection to the server could not be established and viewing could not be started.

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2018, 08/31 06:00 (2005day) Posted | 2018, 09/01 09:43 (2004day) Updated
We have improved the comment field sharing function that can be used when broadcasters who have set each other as joint broadcasters have acquired broadcast slots at the same time.

Previously, the child (broadcast slot acquired later) used the comment field of the parent (broadcast slot acquired first) as is, but
Both parents and children now have independent comment fields as usual, and posted comments are now copied to both.

Comments copied from the parent to the child, or from the child to the parent's comment field, are marked with a yellow marker.
(In the case of broadcaster comments, the color is pink like co-streamer comments)

Votes and drawing comments are also copied and can be used as is from both parent and child broadcasts.

The number of viewers and visitors is the total of parent and child broadcasts.
Broadcast times will not be copied and will be displayed for each broadcast.

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2018, 08/30 18:42 (2006day) Posted | 2018, 08/30 18:43 (2006day) Updated
Since Chrome is becoming more restrictive to non-SSL sites and some functions are only supported on SSL sites,
This time, we have permanently enabled SSL for kukuluLIVE.

Due to certificate organization, the site URL has been changed as shown below.

≪kukulu LIVE≫


You can continue to use your bookmarks as they are automatically redirected.

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2018, 08/27 04:45 (2009day) Posted | 2018, 08/27 04:51 (2009day) Updated
In addition to the new broadcast notification function by browser extension function and software,
This time, we have added a new broadcast notification function for favorite distributors by WebPush.

No extensions or software installation is required as notifications are sent using the browser's WebPush feature.
Chrome, Firefox, and Edge currently support it.

Simply subscribe from the page below and you will be notified of new broadcasts from your favorite broadcasters.

You can receive notifications in various ways on kukuluLIVE. See below for details.

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2018, 08/23 15:31 (2013day) Posted | 2018, 08/23 15:39 (2013day) Updated
The smartphone version (iOS/Android/KindleFire) was designed so that live broadcasts could not be viewed without an app.
You can now watch live broadcasts on the smartphone web version as well as the PC web version.

iOS uses native HLS, and Android uses a new player (beta).
It will play automatically, but due to browser limitations, you will need to unmute it every time because it cannot play automatically.

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2018, 08/23 09:17 (2013day) Posted | 2018, 08/24 03:42 (2012day) Updated
In order to deal with the problem that was discovered after the recent migration, in some browsers such as Firefox and Edge, the XHR of background tabs was significantly delayed at certain times.
We have released the HTML5 beta version of the live broadcast player implemented in a new way.

The implementation is closer to Flash behavior (RTMP) than previous methods, resulting in lower latency and less bandwidth wastage.
After sufficient testing, we plan to adopt it as the default player when Flash restrictions are tightened in September.

If you would like to try the beta version player, you can switch from "[kukuluLIVE] Change live broadcast player to beta version (under development)" on the page below.
*You must log in with kukulu ID.

We look forward to your cooperation in testing.

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2018, 08/21 19:27 (2015day) Posted | 2018, 08/21 19:30 (2015day) Updated
Due to the increase in the number of users, there were times when it was difficult to watch recordings, so
We have strengthened the recording server network.

IPoE/IPv6 In environments where native IPv6 connections are possible using PPPoE, etc., IPv6 connections can be made directly to the recording server.
Now you can use it comfortably.
(In an IPv4 environment, connect via kukuluLIVE's IPv4 to IPv6 tunnel as before.)

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2018, 08/13 03:48 (2023day) Posted | 2018, 08/18 02:50 (2018day) Updated
2018/08/17 07:30 Addendum About the live broadcast player <br>We have confirmed that there is a problem with background playback on browsers other than Chrome in the live broadcast player.
The migration to HTML5 version has been canceled for this version.
We are already planning to develop a new method and will begin testing it soon.
We apologize for the inconvenience.
Timeshift players have been migrated without any problems.

About timeshift players
Flash's retirement date is approaching, and Chrome support for Flash will soon become more restrictive than ever.
We have migrated kukuluLIVE's time shift player to the HTML5 version.

The combination of Windows 7 and earlier OS and IE does not support the HTML5 version of the player, so it will be played using the conventional Flash version.

If you want to use the conventional Flash version even in a compatible environment, you can return to it from the page below.
*You must log in with kukulu ID.

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2018, 08/11 13:43 (2025day) Posted | 2018, 08/11 13:45 (2025day) Updated
Broadcasters who have not completed HTML5 compatible settings will no longer be given Kukupo during live broadcasts.

*Only when HTML5 is not supported, the automatic grant of Takupo according to the broadcast time and the number of viewers is not eligible.
Gifts from viewers will work as usual.

If you are a broadcaster who has not completed the settings yet, please refer to the page below and change the settings as soon as possible.

Request to change settings for broadcasters who do not use Easy Setup

*Please be assured that if you use "Easy Setup", no settings are required and it is already supported.
* If the settings are changed during the broadcast, the reward will be given immediately.

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