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2019, 11/01 21:03 (1663day) Posted
- The calculation formula for the broadcaster class has been changed. <br>The cumulative number of recorded viewings (*) of your own broadcast is now displayed and is also included in the calculation formula for the broadcaster class.
We also fixed an issue where it was possible to increase the cumulative broadcast time by acquiring a broadcast slot and leaving it without starting the broadcast.
For most people, experience points for the streamer class will be adjusted upward.

*Limited to viewing recordings from March 2019 onwards. The number of views recorded before that time is not included in the cumulative value.

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2019, 10/31 18:16 (1664day) Posted | 2019, 10/31 18:18 (1664day) Updated

The 2019 version of kukusama original mug can now be exchanged for Kukupo.
The design of this latest version of the mug was drawn specifically for the mug by Mr. cyelho!

Also, previously, mugs could be exchanged only once per person, regardless of the version.
From this 2019 edition, it will be "limited to one per person per version".
Even if you have already exchanged a previous mug, you can exchange the new version for Kukupo.

Mugs are often out of stock these days, so if you're interested, please order as soon as possible★
In addition, “Yumepirika”, which was suspended due to poor harvest last year, has been revived as a new rice in the first year of Reiwa, so please check it out!

Kukupo exchange form

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2019, 10/28 03:02 (1668day) Posted | 2019, 10/28 03:17 (1668day) Updated
-Added rules for automatically granting broadcaster points.
- If you participate in "Scoring": Granted when you participate in scoring.
- If you post a drawing comment: It will be given when you post an original drawing comment that is not a reedit.
- Comment number in units of 1000: It will be given to those who have a comment number in units of 1000 such as 1000, 2000, 3000.

・The rules for automatically awarding broadcaster points regarding "Heart Points" have been changed to "1 heart" units . Previously, the same broadcaster points were awarded regardless of whether you received 1 heart or 1000 hearts. but,
Improved to give broadcaster points by automatic giving rate x number of hearts.

・Viewers can now check the automatic awarding rules for broadcaster points.You can check from the "Granting rules" in the "Streamer points" column at the bottom of the streaming viewing page.

・Improved the arbitrary granting of broadcaster points

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2019, 10/27 06:40 (1669day) Posted | 2019, 10/27 07:18 (1669day) Updated
The new feature "Scoring" is a feature that broadcasters can use at any time, similar to voting and lottery.
You can ask viewers to "score" you.

1. There are two access methods to start this function:
・Broadcast slot management page → Broadcast management and functions → Scoring/comment field top right menu → Streamer operations → Scoring

2. When the broadcaster starts the scoring function, a scoring window will be displayed in the comment field, allowing viewers to give their points.
You can also use the entry field as well as the voting function.

3. After the deadline, the results will be displayed in the comments section.

Although it is similar to the voting function, the scoring function is specialized for counting points.
The advantage is that the average score is aggregated in real time, you can score in 10% increments, and an easy-to-understand distribution graph is displayed.

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2019, 10/26 04:38 (1670day) Posted | 2019, 12/18 06:05 (1617day) Updated
We are planning to add a new series to kukuluLIVE figures.

Conventional figures used Mabinogi's 3D avatar,
It will change to a new mechanism that uses images such as illustrations and photos of the distributor.

Therefore, we are looking for distributors who want to turn themselves into figures!
If you are interested, please register your image and name from the form below.

<Regarding participation qualifications>
Only distributors with distribution records on kukuluLIVE can apply.

<About images that can be used for figures>
・For the figure image, you can use illustrations that you created yourself or photos that you took yourself, such as selfies.
・You can also use images created by others if you have permission from the creator.
・Please create figures as PNG or JPEG images of 128 x 256 pixels. Transparency and animation are not possible.
・Images that violate public order and morals may not be used as figures.
・Once an image has been turned into a figure, it cannot be deleted. Please be careful when using facial photos, etc.

<About figure name and specifications>
・Please set a name for your figure.
・Basically, the name you set will be used as a figure, but this may change depending on the rarity setting, character limit, etc.
・Rarity, ability values, group, summary, etc. will be determined and set by us after considering the streamer's character.

<Regarding the reception period>
- New series will be added once sufficient application data has been collected.
・If there are a large number of applications, the figure may not be made into a figure even if you apply. In that case, you can just apply for the next series.

P.S.: Since the number of applications has not reached the number required to form a new series, we have abolished the application deadline and changed to create a series once we have enough applications.

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2019, 10/18 04:52 (1678day) Posted | 2019, 10/18 04:52 (1678day) Updated

Today, October 18th, kukuluLIVE celebrates its 10th anniversary!

Although we faced many existential crises, we miraculously managed to overcome them.
This is all thanks to everyone who fully understands the characteristics of this site and cooperates with its operation.
Thanks to all the divine painters who sent us illustrations.
We will continue to make efforts to maintain this environment, so please watch over us with warm eyes.

Thank you for participating in the “kukuluLIVE 10th Anniversary Comment Chicken Race” event.
The final results are published on the following pages.

The cumulative number of comments at the moment of October 18, 2019 was "67,292,336" comments.
Assuming an even number of comments for 10 years, that equates to 18,436 comments per day.

The closest prediction was "Shiba Zhongtatsu", just "154" comments behind!
Winners will be contacted via kukulu's message function (displayed at the top of the top page) or by email.

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2019, 10/11 11:03 (1685day) Posted | 2019, 10/11 11:04 (1685day) Updated
The kukulu ID of those who applied for the “ kukuluLIVE 10th anniversary event ” will be
We awarded 5000 Kukupo as a participation award.

Prize winners will be determined after October 18th.

Please see the details of Kukupo below.

*If you apply multiple times from multiple accounts, the award will only be given to the last applied account.

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2019, 10/09 15:58 (1687day) Posted | 2019, 10/09 16:00 (1687day) Updated
As shown below, we have expanded the size and number of items that can be uploaded at once.

File size: 1GB→ 2GB
Number of files: 50 files → 100 files

In addition to directly using File Now, when using the large capacity upload function from the attachment function of a throwaway email,
The above extensions apply.

Additionally, the storage period has been extended from before due to the addition of servers, etc.
If the file size is large, the expiration date will be shorter, but it will be stored for at least one month.
*The expiration date is calculated from the last download, so files that are continuously downloaded will not be deleted.

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2019, 10/05 19:09 (1690day) Posted | 2019, 10/11 11:01 (1685day) Updated

We are holding a "Comment Chicken Race" event to commemorate the 10th anniversary!

Applications close on October 10th.
Thank you for all the applications!

Until 00:00:00 on October 18th, the total number of comments and the corresponding ranking are being released every hour.

Please see the special page below.

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2019, 10/04 12:22 (1692day) Posted | 2019, 10/06 16:29 (1690day) Updated
・Improved the lottery function so that you can set the number of winners to 0. <br>By setting 0 winners and starting the lottery, you can use it as an opinion form, etc.

- We have released some privileges that can be exchanged with Kukupo. <br>We have abolished the privileges that could be exchanged with Kukupo below, and opened the functions that could be used with privileges to everyone.

・My Page Favorite distributor/Email notification frame expansion (Favorites expanded to 1500 items for all users, 100 emails)
- Expansion of the number of saved drawing chats (expanded to 1000 for all users)
・Long-time broadcast (extends broadcast deadline to 72 hours for all users)

For those who have already exchanged this privilege and it is valid, we have given them a considerable amount of compensation Kukupo.

The granting of the above permissions based on the broadcaster level has also been abolished.
We are adding another benefit.

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