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2019, 08/23 04:08 (1652day) Posted | 2019, 08/25 21:15 (1650day) Updated
-Improved the live broadcast viewing player
- Improved to display captured images until a keyframe is received when viewing starts
- Improvements have been made to reduce blackouts, such as capturing and displaying the last video when switching image quality modes or reconnecting.
- If the encoder needs to be started when switching to low quality mode, improved to continue watching in high quality until it starts
- Improved to mute and play and click to unmute when audio playback is blocked by Chrome or Firefox AutoPlay policy

-Improved the time shift viewing player
- Added a function to display a thumbnail image when the mouse is placed on the seek bar, the time at the time of broadcasting at the top, and the playback time at the bottom
- Added a function to display the URL where you can resume playback from the current playback position in the lower right of the comment field and copy it by clicking.
- Improved to display this on the player when playback is started from the playback time specified URL

・MagicalBenchmark has been updated <br>The actual memory bandwidth (including multi-channel) and latency have been added to the evaluation targets.
Even if you have a large amount of memory installed, if it is a bottleneck in terms of speed, points will be deducted.
Conversely, points are added in a high-speed environment.

・Improved options for adding identification symbols to comments <br>Previously, identification symbols were added to the end of all comments in the form of "@XXX" and were visible to everyone.
This time, there is an option to "Display identification symbol on anonymous comments", and if Kotehan (name display comment) is turned off,
Changed to display a tip that says "Anonymous XXX".
Since it is treated in the same way as Kotehan, it will not be visible to viewers if "Show name display comment icon to viewers" is turned off.
You can also set it so that it does not read out by excluding iron-handling in the reading settings.

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2019, 08/23 04:01 (1652day) Posted | 2022, 08/08 17:42 (571day) Updated
We have released the latest version of kukuluLIVE Coffret
This version includes the following changes:

- Fixed an issue where the URL was read out as is .<br>From now on, the address part will be read out as "URL".

・Fixed an issue where the reading notification window was displayed.

With this version update, antiviruses and SmartScreen may prevent Coffret from starting (until the new binaries are on safelists in various places).
In that case, we apologize for the inconvenience, but please set the exclusion settings so that "Coffret.exe" can be executed properly.

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2019, 08/17 07:11 (1658day) Posted | 2019, 08/17 07:12 (1658day) Updated
Microsoft support for Windows 7 ended on January 14, 2020.
All support, including security patches, will be removed and the product's lifespan will end.
This makes it basically impossible to continue using it.

MagicalDraw will support the following after January 14, 2020.

・Support support
After January 14, 2020, only Windows 8.1 or later will be supported.

・Room operation
After January 14, 2020, it will no longer be possible to join a room using the Windows 7 Internet Explorer browser.
Although Chrome and Firefox can be used on Windows 7, they are not subject to operation verification and do not support pen pressure.

・About Wacom's NPAPI add-on
In Windows 10, pen pressure can be used in Windows Ink (new mode), so
After January 14, 2020, support for Wacom add-ons for Windows 7 will also end.

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2019, 08/13 02:30 (1663day) Posted | 2019, 08/13 02:35 (1663day) Updated
Microsoft support for Windows 7 ended on January 14, 2020.
All support, including security patches, will be removed and the product's lifespan will end.
This makes it basically impossible to continue using it.

kukuluLIVE will be responding as follows from January 14, 2020.

・Remote support and response to questions, etc.
After January 14, 2020, only Windows 8.1 or later will be supported.

・KukuluLIVE live broadcast viewing
After January 14, 2020, viewing using Windows 7's Internet Explorer browser will no longer be possible.
Chrome and Firefox can be viewed on Windows 7, but operation is not verified.

・kukuluLIVE distribution
Coffret and Easy Setup can be used on Windows 7 after January 14, 2020, but
It will not be subject to operational verification, nor will bug fixes or configuration support be provided.

If you are using Windows 7 or 8 (unbranded), please update to Windows 10 as soon as possible.
You can update to Windows 10 for free, and you can also revert to the original state.

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2019, 08/10 04:20 (1665day) Posted
-Improved the PC version of the viewing player <br>The design has been improved, and the reconnect button and resize button are now embedded in the player.
Also, using the reconnect button no longer causes a play block.
In Timeshift, the current time is now displayed even when seeking.

・Improved the function of the comment block list (distributor)
For example, when you forget why you blocked someone,
You can now easily check the comment list of the distribution at that time.
You can check from the broadcast slot management page → list of past broadcasts → comment management → block.

・"Show numbers at the beginning of comments" is always on (Broadcaster)
Since there is almost no meaning to turn it off at present, we improved it so that it is always on.

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2019, 08/09 09:21 (1666day) Posted | 2022, 08/08 17:42 (571day) Updated
The latest version of kukuluLIVE Coffret has been released.
This version has the following changes:

- Added a variable (tag) for external transfer of comments . A new variable (tag) can now be used in Comments → External transfer of comments → Transfer settings.
For more information

- Added support for "HTML5 Comment Generator"
It will use the kukuluLIVE genuine connector for HTML5 comment generator via external transfer.
For more information

・Fixed a bug of external transfer of comments
Fixed an issue that caused a crash during GET/POST and an issue where comment numbers were not transferred externally when comment number display was turned off.

With this version update, antiviruses and SmartScreen may prevent Coffret from starting (until the new binaries are on safelists in various places).
In that case, please make exclusion settings so that "Coffret.exe" can be executed properly.

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2019, 08/06 18:36 (1669day) Posted | 2019, 08/06 18:37 (1669day) Updated
・Improved the email address search function <br>Added a link that allows you to search from deleted addresses when searching from the address list.
The convenience of deleting the address all the time and re-registering it only when necessary has been improved.

・Improved the deleted address function <br>Improved the search speed when there are a large number of deleted addresses.

Fixed an issue with sending some domains
Introduced DMARC and improved deliverability for Gmail. (SPF, DKIM, TLS have already been introduced)

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2019, 08/06 01:42 (1670day) Posted | 2021, 02/19 08:37 (1106day) Updated
With the screen capture function on iOS, it is now possible to distribute game and app screens on a single smartphone.
There are many differences from the Android version due to the hellish limitations of the OS, so please read this explanation before using.

・Security precautions

The screen distribution function distributes the smartphone screen.
There is a risk that viewers will be able to see email content, one-time keys, SMS, phone numbers, etc.

In the worst case scenario, your account may be hijacked, especially if the contents of your SMS or emails are viewed via push notifications.
Please be very careful when setting up push notifications.

See below for risks and mitigation methods.

・Advance preparation (first time only)
The screen capture function uses the iOS "screen recording" function, so
You need to set it up so that it can be called from the control center.

1. Open "Control Center" from the iOS Settings app.

2. If "Access while using an app" is turned off, turn it on.

3. Open Customize Controls.

4. Click the + button for "Screen Recording" in the "Add Control" list.

・ Acquisition of broadcast slots and push connection

1. Turn on "Screen shooting mode" and get a broadcast slot.
Screen Orientation: This screen orientation setting determines the video size of your stream. Please specify here whether you want to stream in portrait or landscape orientation.
Bitrate: We recommend a video speed of 1000Kbps to 2000Kbps.

2. Please allow push notifications and microphone/camera permissions.

3. When the push connection standby screen appears, open the control center.
You can open the Control Center by swiping down from the top right on iPhone X or later, or from the bottom of the screen on older devices.

4. Press firmly (on 3D Touch compatible models) or press and hold the screen recording icon in the Control Center.

5. Select "kukuluLIVE Encoder 2" and press "Start Broadcast". Turn on your mic.

This will start the push connection.


- Due to iOS limitations, comments will be displayed as push notifications.
- Please note that your comments will not be displayed if you are in Do Not Disturb mode or if the app's push notifications are blocked.
- You can change the display and sound of push notifications by opening "Push Notifications" from the settings button at the bottom right during distribution.
- Reading works only when the app is on top.
- SplitView (split screen or floating) can be used on iPad.

・How to end the broadcast

Open the Control Center as you would for a push connection and press "Stop Broadcasting".

You can also switch the microphone mute from here.
Please note that it will not be disconnected in conjunction with the broadcast slot. Be sure to manually press "Stop Broadcast" when the broadcast ends.
Please also press "Stop Broadcast" when switching from screen distribution to camera distribution. Duplicate connections cause problems.


-Push connection disconnects immediately/crash <br>Please check whether the specifications are sufficient.
(Recommended iPad Pro 3 or later, iPad 8 or later, iPad Air 3 or later, iPad mini 5 or later, iPhone 8 or later)
If there are no problems with the specs, please try restarting your device or changing the bit rate.
Also, please try to cancel the "Add app sound to distribution" function as it is heavy.

-No sound from games or apps <br>If you open the "Speech/Image/Sound Quality" settings from the settings button in the bottom right during a broadcast and turn on "Add app sounds to the stream",
You can also put the sound that is ringing on the terminal in the distribution.

-No sound from microphone
You can mute from both the iOS screen recording and the microphone icon on the app,
If both are set differently, mute takes precedence .
If you want to unmute, please unmute both.

-The distribution screen is small <br>It is possible that the orientation of the screen and the orientation of the video do not match.
Disconnect once and check the setting of "Landscape screen mode".

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2019, 08/02 20:27 (1673day) Posted
・Improved specifications of the eyedropper <br>In the smartphone version, you can now preview the blotting color by holding down your finger or pen.
When you release it, the color will be absorbed and confirmed. You can also suck it up with one tap as usual.

A circle will now appear around the cursor, with the current color on the left and the color to bleed on the right.
Circles are also displayed on the PC version.

・Improved color picker specifications <br>When specifying a color from the palette's color picker, the previous color is now displayed on the left for comparison.

・You can now delete room history individually <br>You can delete one by one by clicking the "X" button on the top right.

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2019, 07/31 20:53 (1675day) Posted | 2019, 07/31 20:53 (1675day) Updated
kukuluLIVE has always supported CSS dark mode.
Since Chrome has supported dark mode since v76, if dark mode is enabled in the OS settings,
kukuluLIVE also automatically enters dark mode.

If you accidentally enter dark mode, you can change it from below.
You can change only kukuluLIVE to the conventional light mode without changing the OS settings.
*kukulu ID is required.

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