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2016, 03/29 00:03 (3029day) Posted | 2016, 03/31 01:54 (3027day) Updated
・You can now create original problems for game modes. Room owners can now create original problems for use in the game modes "Drawing Swamp" and "Blindfold Swamp."

The creation screen can be opened from ``Create original quiz'' under ``Operations'' in the room or ``Edit quiz data'' on the admission page.

Follow the instructions on the creation screen for how to create quiz data.
If you edit while the game is running, it will be reflected immediately from the next question.

If the original question is not set/deleted, the MagicalDraw default question will be used as before.

・Resource shift cluster is now official version <br>The operation status is displayed below.

・Fixed a bug that the drawing swamp problem did not appear (03/31 01:54)

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2016, 03/28 21:48 (3030day) Posted | 2016, 03/28 21:50 (3030day) Updated
We have fixed the following bugs that occurred after the server was moved.

・Problem where drawing comments cannot be made <br>There was a problem where the image was not displayed even if drawing comments were made, but this was fixed around 21:00 on 03/28.
Posts that could not be displayed due to an error have been repaired and can be viewed or reposted by following the steps below.

・An issue where voice comments could not be made <br>The issue where server-side encoding failed was fixed around 03/25 00:00.

・Problem that distribution list of My Page is not displayed properly.
Fixed around 21:40 on 03/27.

The following specifications have been changed.

・The viewing function on the smartphone web version has been abolished. <br>It is not used much, and it is difficult to use high-speed, high-quality images and cluster servers, which increases the maintenance burden.
It was decided that it was unnecessary and abolished recently that the high functionality of the application has been completed.
From now on, please use the app version.

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2016, 03/23 18:33 (3035day) Posted | 2016, 03/25 17:48 (3033day) Updated
・Added a function to search for your own address <br>If you have many addresses, it will be difficult to find your own address.
A search window is now displayed.

You can search for your email address by part or all of your email address, or by part or all of your aliases.
You can use it when creating a list of email addresses or when composing an email.

-Added a filter function by date <br>Tap the date in the email list to open the date picker.
By specifying a date from here, you can narrow down and display only emails from a certain date.

Alternatively, you can also narrow down your search by entering "2016-03-20" or "2016/03/20" in the search field.

・Saved search words can now be deleted from the list
You can now quickly remove them from the list.

This update is available for all versions including smartphone and PC versions.
There is no need to update the app.

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2016, 03/22 21:47 (3036day) Posted | 2016, 03/23 21:02 (3035day) Updated
・Migrated to a cluster server system, no limit on the number of simultaneous executions
The number of MagicalDraw running rooms at the same time was limited so as not to affect other services.
We have introduced the same mechanism as the resource shift cluster that was put into practical use in kukuluLIVE into MagicalDraw.
By separating the room servers during busy times, you can now use the service without any restrictions.

・Fixed an issue where settings in the room were not saved (03/23 15:00)
Fixed so that settings such as shortcut keys are saved correctly.
Sorry to trouble you, but please reset the previous settings as they have been reset.

-Added the ability to save settings to a file and restore from the file (03/23 21:00)
From "Save and load settings" in "Settings", you can save settings such as current shortcut keys to a file,
It is now possible to restore from a file.
You can also share settings by sending the file to others.

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2016, 03/21 15:31 (3037day) Posted | 2016, 03/21 15:36 (3037day) Updated

In order to improve the convenience of viewers, all distributions and time shifts can be viewed as FLV versions.
The following viewing, which previously required the WMV version or was not available, is now possible in the same way as the FLV version.

・ Viewing old WMV version time shift with smartphone app (server side re-encoding)
Compatible with app version 1.8.1 or later.

・Watching old WMV version time shift (server side re-encoding)
IE requires a WMP plug-in, and it was not possible to view it on Chrome, etc., but now it can be viewed in all environments.

・Watching WMV version live broadcast on IE (server side real-time encoding)
IE required a WMP plug-in, but now you can view it with Flash.
Chrome etc. have been able to be viewed with Flash for a long time.

Streamers can still use the WMV version with encoders such as WME, and there will be no impact whatsoever.
Streamers can continue to use legacy tools and systems;
It is a system that allows viewers to watch in a new and highly convenient environment, making everyone happy.

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2016, 03/21 14:36 (3037day) Posted
From 6:50 AM today, due to changes in OS specifications due to server equipment replacement,
We have been experiencing issues such as not being able to enter the room or taking a long time to enter the room.
This was fixed around 14:36 today. We apologize for the inconvenience.

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2016, 03/19 18:23 (3039day) Posted | 2016, 03/25 06:02 (3033day) Updated
・High-speed high-definition mode is now available <br>In addition to mobile mode, high-speed high-definition mode is now available.
Open the setting screen while watching and turn on "High speed high quality mode".

Please turn on "high quality mode" from the setting screen in time shift.

Mobile mode is about 500Kbps, but (high-speed) high-definition mode requires a downlink bandwidth of 1-2Mbps.

- Support for posting voice comments
You can post a voice comment from the icon in the comment section only when you are logged in with your kukuluID.
You can record up to 30 seconds from your smartphone's microphone, so you can post other than voice.

・Improved behavior when posting SS comments (image comments) .

・Improved mobile mode <br>It will automatically connect to a free mirror server,
You can now use it comfortably even when the main server is busy.

・You can now watch the old WMV version of Timeshift <br>We are currently reconverting the old WMV version of Timeshift
You can now watch the finished work from the smartphone app.

These features are supported from version "1.8.1" onwards.
Both iOS and Android versions are already available.

See below for the kukuluLIVE Player app.

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2016, 03/12 11:32 (3046day) Posted | 2016, 03/12 14:07 (3046day) Updated
・Improved the specifications of high-speed high-quality mode (during demonstration experiment)
We have clustered the high-speed, high-resolution mode server systems, which previously were fixedly mirrored, and introduced a mechanism for automatic control.
By clustering and moving resources (costs) in unit time, we prevent shortages during busy times.
Furthermore, by sharing data within a cluster, the burden on the distribution source remains the same even when resources are significantly increased.
Similar to P2P high-quality mode, viewing can be done by virtually any number of people.

By recording and predicting the number of connections, the cluster increases server resources before they become full, and decreases them when they are overloaded.

This mechanism greatly reduces the chance of the high-speed, high-quality mode becoming full (except when there is a sudden increase).
A low-latency, high-quality mode is always available for most viewers.

・High-speed high-quality mode is now available in the Android app version. <br>With the latest version 1.7.0, high-speed high-quality mode is now available in addition to mobile mode.
While watching, open the settings screen and turn on "High speed high quality mode". (Only available for live viewing)

Mobile mode is about 500Kbps, but high-speed high-quality mode requires a download bandwidth of 1 to 2Mbps.

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2016, 03/11 02:11 (3047day) Posted | 2016, 03/11 07:43 (3047day) Updated
・Improved behavior when address is already used when creating
Added a function to automatically add a number to the specified address to determine if it can be used, and to recommend it if there is an address that can be used.
Click OK in the recommendation dialog to create the address.

・Enhancement of the server <br>As a countermeasure against delays in sending and receiving emails, the performance of the email sending and receiving server has been enhanced to about 10 times.
In addition, a dedicated server for mail parsing has been newly established to reduce the load on the main server, making it easier to use.

- Fixed the behavior of saving drafts when sending emails
- Fixed an issue where the design would collapse if the root certificate was old (Android version)
・DIGNO S (KYL21) has been designated as a device that cannot be installed (Android version)

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2016, 03/11 00:23 (3047day) Posted
If some push connection destinations are assigned in the FLV version,
There was a problem that the push connection could not be made normally (data transfer could not be performed).

This issue is due to a software bug on the server side and is now fixed.
We apologize for the inconvenience.

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