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2019, 01/20 11:03 (1980day) Posted
It is now possible to select multiple files in the upload dialog,
You can now upload up to 20 files at once.

If you upload multiple files, the URL created will be the URL of the file list,
Downloaders can also easily download multiple files.

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2019, 01/20 04:29 (1980day) Posted | 2019, 01/20 04:30 (1980day) Updated
"Traditional Chinese", "Simplified Chinese", and "Hindi" have been added to the supported languages for Takumead.
Regarding the app side UI, the iOS app version is compatible with v2.0.12 or later, and the Android/FireOS app version is compatible with v1.18.0 or later.

The currently supported languages are as follows.

・English (default)
・Japanese, Korean, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Hindi *Only partially compatible with iOS

Support and inquiries are only available in English and Japanese.

Discarded email (iOS version)

Throw away email address (Android version)

Throwaway email address (FireOS version)

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2019, 01/15 02:32 (1986day) Posted | 2019, 01/15 02:33 (1986day) Updated
The distribution app "kukuluLIVE Player (iOS version)" has been updated to v2.0.1.
I quit using Adobe AIR and started from scratch with Swift.

- The comment section now uses the same system as the PC version.
The comment section is now the same as the PC version, Android version, and smartphone browser version.
Participation functions that were previously unavailable, such as Pocky games, are now available.
Settings and various functions have been enhanced.

- Background playback is now possible.
You can use it by opening "Video" from "Settings" in the comment field and turning on "Background playback".

- You can now make sounds even in silent mode.
・The URL is now opened in the in-app browser, and viewing is no longer interrupted.
・You can now share delivery information using the sharing function of your device.
- Reduced battery consumption.
- The previous state is now restored when going back one step.

kukuluLIVE Player (iOS version)

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2019, 01/15 00:03 (1986day) Posted | 2019, 01/16 00:51 (1985day) Updated
The distribution app "kukuluLIVE Encoder 2 (Android/FireOS version)" has been upgraded to v3.6.3.

・Improved to read aloud on the system volume.
Since it is independent of the conventional music volume, you can adjust the reading volume without affecting the background music such as games.

- Added screen overlay to screen capture mode.
The bitrate is always displayed in the upper left corner of the smartphone screen.
Since the permission screen opens at the first startup, it is necessary to grant the overlay permission.
*Forcibly update the screen by overlay, convert VFR of Android screen capture to pseudo CFR, and avoid the problem of video disturbance or delay in the case of still images.
(You will not be able to play nervous games that do not allow overlays during distribution.)

- Added a function to change the camera resolution.
Depending on the resolution ratio, the camera can be changed to wide-angle mode, etc. Please note that using a resolution that is too large for the bitrate will significantly reduce image quality.
The resolution list is not displayed for the first time, but it will be read by setting it to broadcasting once.

-Fixed an issue where comment reading would sometimes stop in screen capture mode.
When the power saving function was activated by the terminal and the update of the comment column stopped, reading aloud also stopped.
I have come to avoid this.

-Fixed an issue where multiple permission dialogs appeared in screen capture mode.
・Fixed an issue where it was not possible to return to normal mode after using comment reader mode.
-Fixed an issue where bitrate settings of settings 10 or higher were not reflected.

kukuluLIVE Encoder 2 (Android version)

kukuluLIVE Encoder 2 (FireOS version);field-brandtextbin=Kukusama&index=mobile-apps&search-type=ss

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2019, 01/09 12:15 (1991day) Posted | 2020, 12/08 16:31 (1292day) Updated
This article has been moved to:

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2019, 01/07 04:11 (1993day) Posted | 2022, 08/08 17:42 (684day) Updated
We have released the latest version of kukuluLIVE Coffret
This version includes the following changes:

・You can now resize the window freely <br>You can change the comment field to your desired size by pulling the edge of the window.
The size will be saved even if the broadcast frame is crossed.
Zooming is also possible from 100% to 200% in 10% increments. You can zoom everything on the Coffret side, including the UI.
Zooming that can be done from the comment field settings only zooms the text.

・Improved performance
If a large number of comments are received due to a bug in the ActiveX version renderer,
Compared to the browser version, operation tended to be slower, but this has been improved.
We also removed unused features that affected performance (translucency and simple mode).

With this version update, your antivirus or SmartScreen may prevent Easy Setup from launching (until the new binaries are on safelists).
In that case, we apologize for the inconvenience, but please set the exclusion settings so that "Coffret.exe" can be executed properly.

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2019, 01/06 05:20 (1994day) Posted | 2019, 01/13 09:47 (1987day) Updated
It seems that there is a problem that Chrome becomes heavy in the environment where Avira AntiVir/Avira Antivirus is installed.
A workaround is to run Chrome as administrator.

1. Quit Chrome completely.
It may remain in the background, so if you are concerned, please restart your computer.

2. Right-click the Chrome shortcut and select "Properties" → "Advanced" → "Run as administrator".

3. Then start Chrome as usual.

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2019, 01/05 05:04 (1995day) Posted | 2019, 01/05 05:21 (1995day) Updated
I remade the iOS version application from scratch in native (Swift).
It's lighter, faster, and consumes less battery and memory than before.

-Improved the UI. It is now displayed at a resolution that better fits the device.
- Supported the multitasking function of iPad (split screen and picture in picture).
- When opening the app from a push notification, the corresponding received mail will now be opened.
・Improved to open SafariTab in the app when calling the browser.
- Supported landscape screen on all devices.
- You can now directly access the device's settings menu from QuickAction or menu.
- iCloud Keychain is now supported, allowing users to remain logged in even if the app is uninstalled, and tokens are now more strongly protected than before.
- Discreet ads are now even more discreet.
・Improved behavior when out of service area or poor connection.

Discarded email (iOS version);ls=1&mt=8

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2019, 01/05 01:36 (1996day) Posted | 2019, 01/05 04:59 (1995day) Updated
The distribution app "kukuluLIVE Encoder 2" has been updated.
*iOS version is v2.2.2 or later, Android/FireOS version is v3.5.2 or later

-Added comment reader function <br>If you have acquired the broadcast slot on your computer, you can use the smartphone app as a comment reader.
For example, when playing a full screen game or broadcasting from a webcam in the kitchen,
You can check the comments on your smartphone or have them read out loud from your smartphone.

After acquiring the broadcast slot on your computer, press the "Update Information" button on the app.

- Added battery information display function
If the GPS function is on, viewers can now check the remaining battery power of the broadcaster's smartphone on the map.

kukuluLIVE Encoder 2 (Android version)

kukuluLIVE Encoder 2 (FireOS version);field-brandtextbin=Kukusama&index=mobile-apps&search-type=ss

kukuluLIVE Encoder 2 (iPhone version)

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2018, 12/22 03:12 (2009day) Posted | 2018, 12/23 06:20 (2008day) Updated
The distribution app "kukuluLIVE Encoder 2 (Android/FireOS version)" has been updated.

- Background playback is now possible.
If you turn on [Settings] > [Video] > [Background playback] in the [Menu] at the top right of the comment field, you can play the audio of the stream even while using other apps.
It switches from AudioVideo to AudioOnly when the app is in the background, so it will stop for a few seconds, but it will restart immediately.

- Supported push notification on FireOS.
Push notifications are now available for Amazon Device Messaging (ADM) enabled devices.
Most devices support GCM (FCM) or ADM, so you can receive push notifications without even realizing it.

- Added a button that allows you to forcefully change to landscape full screen.
Even if your device's automatic rotation is turned off, you can change the screen to landscape mode with one tap.
On tablets, the screen switches in the following order: portrait screen → horizontal screen split → horizontal screen full screen.

- Mute settings are now remembered when watching live broadcasts.
You can now ignore AutoPlayBlockingPolicy and watch in unmuted state.

-Improved to log in using the in-app browser when logging in.
-Fixed an issue where you would be logged out when exiting the app.

kukuluLIVE Player (Android version)

kukuluLIVE Player (FireOS version);field-brandtextbin=Kukusama&index=mobile-apps&search-type=ss

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