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2019, 03/16 21:43 (1926day) Posted | 2019, 03/16 21:44 (1926day) Updated
-Push server now supports IPv6 connections (for broadcasters)
Since the push server now supports IPv6, connections can now be made using IPv6 in environments where AAAA can be retrieved from DNS.
The IPv6 PPPoE environment avoids IPv4 congestion, which is very effective during busy hours.
Even in MAP-E and DS-Lite environments, there is no need to go through BR, so you can expect a reduction in latency depending on the location.

-Added settings to use the new push server (for broadcasters)
If you switch from "Push server version" to "New version" on the settings page below, you will be able to use the new push server.
The format of the push destination address for the new push server is in the general format (hostname/app), so
You can connect from more encoders, including embedded libraries.
Further development is underway with the aim of improving stability and accommodating rate, and using new codecs.

・Improved the high-definition viewing server <br>In order to prevent buffering and disconnections even during busy hours in high-definition mode, we have reduced the capacity and significantly increased the capacity.

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2019, 03/15 00:47 (1928day) Posted | 2019, 03/18 18:42 (1924day) Updated
"Nade Nade Mode", a very popular (?) feature of MagicalDraw, which was born and raised on kukuluLIVE, has returned home.

When a streamer uses the "/nade" or "/nade" command in the comment section of their stream,
"Pat mode" is enabled,
Everyone, including viewers, will be able to "pat" the broadcast screen.
The smartphone version can be used in exactly the same way as the PC version.

Other people's "pats" are visible to everyone.
If you wish to hide it, please turn off the comment overlay ([1] in the image above) or disable it below.

The default pointer for "pat" is "patte", but
From the top right menu of the comment section → "Display" tab → "Nade Nade Pointer",
You can also change it to your favorite emotion image.

*Emotion settings depend on the broadcaster settings. It cannot be used for distribution without permission.
* If you turn on "Disable stroking mode", the stroking function will not be used even if the broadcaster has turned it on.

By using "Nade Nade Mode", you can do the following things that were not possible before!

・Pet the kitty broadcast by the cat ・Pet the streamer who broadcasts the camera broadcast ・Poke the wonderful illustrations distributed by the drawing stream ・Solve Saize's spot-the-difference puzzle together ・Pet the game character ・Pet the cat ・Play the True/False quiz Held on the screen (Good if you prepare 〇 and × emotions)
・ Hit with something like a crowbar (utilization of default emotion)
・Set the distribution screen to the sea (utilization of tuna emotion)
・Give a snack to the cat (Churu Emotion)
・ Playing with cats (Nekojarashi Emotion)
・Stroking the cat

*This feature is in beta version.

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2019, 03/12 04:17 (1930day) Posted
We have improved kukuluLIVE's auto tag function, even in environments without Coffret (smartphone distribution) and video capture environments.
By entering the game name and content of the distribution in the title of the distribution, the corresponding game, software, etc. will now be automatically tagged.

You can add multiple tags at once by filling in a combination of multiple games, purposes, etc.
If you do not want to change the title, treat the first line of the distribution description in the same way as the title.

You can quickly change the title etc. by using the command "/title new title" or "/desc new distribution description" in the comment section.

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2019, 03/04 02:48 (1938day) Posted
・Animated images can now be used for self-made stroking pointers
APNG or animated GIFs are now available.
APNG is a still image in IE/Edge, so we recommend animated GIF.
Please use the online tool below to generate images.

Magical Converter

The following bugs have been fixed.・Fixed the issue where the stroking pointer was misaligned when zooming.

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2019, 03/03 00:24 (1940day) Posted | 2019, 03/03 00:26 (1940day) Updated
Streamers can now create original bookmakers that use streamer points.
You can freely set the magnification and release period, solicit votes from viewers with broadcaster points, and easily enter results and refunds.

If you have not yet set up broadcaster points, please set up your broadcaster points first.
After that, you can set the original bookmaker from the following page.

Manage Broadcaster Points > Bookmaker

1. Enter the name and description of the bookmaker, the price per unit, and the release period from the bookmaker management page above.
Voting options and magnification are in the range of 2 to 20, and the number is free.

2. During the release period, viewers can vote for voting options using broadcaster points. You can vote for multiple options multiple times.
During this period, the streamer can cancel the bookmaker. In the event of cancellation, broadcaster points will be refunded to viewers who have already voted.

3. After the sale period ends, when the broadcaster enters the results on the bookmaker's management page, the viewers who hit the mark will be refunded the broadcaster points.
Cancellation at this point is possible.

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2019, 03/01 04:33 (1941day) Posted | 2019, 03/01 04:35 (1941day) Updated
Streamers can now create original scratch games that use streamer points.
You can easily create scratches using the emotion image as is, and you can freely set the price and winning amount.

If you have not yet set up broadcaster points, please complete the settings first.
After that, you can set the original scratch from the page below.

Streamer point management > Original scratch

Streamer points set in "Price" are required for each scratch.
If you set it to free, you will not be able to purchase it. (treated as being in preparation)

1.For the scratch pattern, press "Register scratch pattern from emotion" and a list of emotions you have will be displayed, so you can add your favorite one from here.
You can also use emotions created and acquired by others.

2.You can set the rarity (difficulty of appearing) of the added patterns.
If set to 1, it will appear with a probability of 1/total number of patterns when scratched, and if set to 10, it will appear with a probability of 1/(total number of patterns * 10).

3. You can set the name of the winning when the symbols match. Settings are optional.

4. You can set how many of the symbols must match to win, and how many streamer points will be awarded in that case.
Setting it to "0" will result in a loss. You can also set a negative value, in which case it can be confiscated.

To prevent purchases during setup, viewers will not be able to purchase your scratch unless you change the "Publishing Status" to "Available for Purchase."
If you change it to "Available for purchase", viewers can play Scratch from the viewing page or profile page of your stream.

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2019, 02/28 08:42 (1942day) Posted | 2019, 02/28 08:47 (1942day) Updated
KOM (Distributor Market) can now sync with your Amazon wishlist.
By setting the URL of your Amazon wish list from "Synchronize with Amazon wish list" on the page below, products, prices, etc. will be automatically synchronized.

Streamer market management

Items that have already been purchased and disappeared from the list will also be automatically synced.
If you want to stop synchronization, just delete the URL and reconfigure it.

Viewers can view items on their wish list on the streaming viewing page or profile page, and can even purchase them directly.
Even if you want to buy something but can't open the list because your mouse is broken, you can now send gifts to the streamer with peace of mind.

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2019, 02/27 18:51 (1943day) Posted | 2019, 02/28 04:46 (1942day) Updated
・Reduced bandwidth during background playback on the smartphone app
The amount of data received will be about 1/10 of that for normal viewing.
There is no need to update the iOS app version. The Android app version requires updating to v2019.02.27.1.

Incoming data volume per hour:
For viewing with video: Approximately 220MB in low image quality mode, approximately 650MB to approximately 1100MB in high image quality mode
For audio only: Approximately 20MB in low image quality mode, approximately 30MB to 55MB in high image quality mode

・You can now see the broadcast list while watching on the smartphone version .
You can now view a list of live broadcasts without interrupting your viewing.

-Fixed an issue where background viewing became unstable in low quality mode

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2019, 02/25 16:37 (1945day) Posted | 2019, 02/26 07:27 (1944day) Updated
・Added "GIF animation production" to the production mode

It can be used by the room owner by switching to "GIF animation production" in "Operation" > "Creation mode".
Everyone can draw each frame to create a flip-book-style GIF animation.

You can also add movement by copying the previous frame to the next frame.
(Frames can be copied by anyone other than the room owner, unless the copy function is restricted in the settings.)

With the "Download data" button, the canvas is divided appropriately and sent to Magical Converter (
You can convert to GIF animation or APNG.

The following functional improvements have been made : Canvases are now saved locally, making it faster and more bandwidth-friendly (excluding Safari)
-Improved the name display on the entrance page -You can now register up to 30 pat pointers

The following bugs have been fixed . - Fixed an issue where the zoom magnification was not applied to someone else's stroking pointer. - Fixed an issue where an afterimage may remain when using a self-made pointer with the maximum size.・Fixed an issue where the owner could not be determined in a room if the owner password was shared. ・Fixed an issue where the canvas could not be saved in the iOS app version. ・Other people's pointer colors were changed. Fixed an issue where the background lock was not applied when entering the room. Fixed an issue where the production mode settings were not saved.

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2019, 02/24 03:22 (1946day) Posted
- Improved APNG emotion compatibility
APNG emotions are animated in Coffret, IE, and Edge.
In this environment, we have improved the display of animated GIFs that are automatically converted on the server side.
Animated GIFs are not space efficient, so resampling such as color reduction is applied to them.

-Improved low image quality mode switching
In the PC version and smartphone app version, it is now possible to switch between low image quality and high image quality mode by simply pressing the "HD/SD" button on the screen once.
In addition, kukuluID is no longer required to use low image quality mode.

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