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2019, 02/12 11:48 (1947day) Posted | 2019, 02/24 03:16 (1936day) Updated
・APNG/GIF/animated GIF can now be used for emotions
In the case of APNG/GIF/animated GIF, please create within 50KB as it will not be downsampled.
There is no limit to the number of pixels or compression method.
If the capacity exceeds the capacity, reduce the colors or reduce the number of pixels.
Emotions cannot be displayed above 100x100 pixels, so any higher resolution is a waste of size.
* APNG displays animated GIF automatically converted on the server side in IE, Edge, and Coffret.

- Emotions can now be created using the online editor. <br>You can now create emotions using offline MagicalDraw without the need for any software.
You can start from "Create a new emotion with the online editor" on the following page.

・Broadcast start notifications for other broadcasts have been turned off by default
The display that informs you that another broadcast has started, which was a mysterious tradition of kukuluLIVE, has been changed to off by default.
If you want to return to the previous state, please turn on ``Display the start of other broadcasts'' from the settings in the comment menu.

-Improved the drawing chat editor <br>It now uses the same code base as the latest version of MagicalDraw, so you can always draw in the same environment as the latest version of MagicalDraw.
- Full feature support and various bug fixes on iPad and smartphones.
- Resolution doubled from 256x256 to 512x512.
- You can now undo up to 100 steps (50 steps on smartphones). You can go back with "Redo" on the palette or with the ESC key.
- If you close without posting, you can resume from the middle when you open next time.

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