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2019, 03/03 00:24 (1869day) Posted | 2019, 03/03 00:26 (1869day) Updated
Streamers can now create original bookmakers that use streamer points.
You can freely set the magnification and release period, solicit votes from viewers with broadcaster points, and easily enter results and refunds.

If you have not yet set up broadcaster points, please set up your broadcaster points first.
After that, you can set the original bookmaker from the following page.

Manage Broadcaster Points > Bookmaker

1. Enter the name and description of the bookmaker, the price per unit, and the release period from the bookmaker management page above.
Voting options and magnification are in the range of 2 to 20, and the number is free.

2. During the release period, viewers can vote for voting options using broadcaster points. You can vote for multiple options multiple times.
During this period, the streamer can cancel the bookmaker. In the event of cancellation, broadcaster points will be refunded to viewers who have already voted.

3. After the sale period ends, when the broadcaster enters the results on the bookmaker's management page, the viewers who hit the mark will be refunded the broadcaster points.
Cancellation at this point is possible.

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