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2019, 03/15 00:47 (1957day) Posted | 2019, 03/18 18:42 (1953day) Updated
"Nade Nade Mode", a very popular (?) feature of MagicalDraw, which was born and raised on kukuluLIVE, has returned home.

When a streamer uses the "/nade" or "/nade" command in the comment section of their stream,
"Pat mode" is enabled,
Everyone, including viewers, will be able to "pat" the broadcast screen.
The smartphone version can be used in exactly the same way as the PC version.

Other people's "pats" are visible to everyone.
If you wish to hide it, please turn off the comment overlay ([1] in the image above) or disable it below.

The default pointer for "pat" is "patte", but
From the top right menu of the comment section → "Display" tab → "Nade Nade Pointer",
You can also change it to your favorite emotion image.

*Emotion settings depend on the broadcaster settings. It cannot be used for distribution without permission.
* If you turn on "Disable stroking mode", the stroking function will not be used even if the broadcaster has turned it on.

By using "Nade Nade Mode", you can do the following things that were not possible before!

・Pet the kitty broadcast by the cat ・Pet the streamer who broadcasts the camera broadcast ・Poke the wonderful illustrations distributed by the drawing stream ・Solve Saize's spot-the-difference puzzle together ・Pet the game character ・Pet the cat ・Play the True/False quiz Held on the screen (Good if you prepare 〇 and × emotions)
・ Hit with something like a crowbar (utilization of default emotion)
・Set the distribution screen to the sea (utilization of tuna emotion)
・Give a snack to the cat (Churu Emotion)
・ Playing with cats (Nekojarashi Emotion)
・Stroking the cat

*This feature is in beta version.

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