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2019, 03/16 21:43 (1956day) Posted | 2019, 03/16 21:44 (1956day) Updated
-Push server now supports IPv6 connections (for broadcasters)
Since the push server now supports IPv6, connections can now be made using IPv6 in environments where AAAA can be retrieved from DNS.
The IPv6 PPPoE environment avoids IPv4 congestion, which is very effective during busy hours.
Even in MAP-E and DS-Lite environments, there is no need to go through BR, so you can expect a reduction in latency depending on the location.

-Added settings to use the new push server (for broadcasters)
If you switch from "Push server version" to "New version" on the settings page below, you will be able to use the new push server.
The format of the push destination address for the new push server is in the general format (hostname/app), so
You can connect from more encoders, including embedded libraries.
Further development is underway with the aim of improving stability and accommodating rate, and using new codecs.

・Improved the high-definition viewing server <br>In order to prevent buffering and disconnections even during busy hours in high-definition mode, we have reduced the capacity and significantly increased the capacity.

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