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2019, 03/29 09:38 (1943day) Posted | 2020, 01/14 05:39 (1653day) Updated
When the broadcast frame (comment column) is merged with the joint distribution function, each other's distribution video is now displayed in picture-in-picture.

・Picture-in-picture (child distribution) can be resized and moved freely.
・If you do not need it, you can hide it from the icon at the bottom of the parent video, and press the icon again to display it again.
・The volume of the child broadcast will be played in a muted state, but you can also set the volume separately from the parent broadcast.
・You can switch only child distribution to low image quality mode.
・It will be displayed as a picture-in-picture even in Timeshift, and the child stream will automatically seek to the position where the parent stream was sought. (Also compatible with past distribution)
-The PC version supports live broadcasting and time shift, and the smartphone version (app only) supports live broadcasting.

In addition, it was necessary to specify the join of the broadcast slot when acquiring the broadcast slot, but now it is possible to join at any time by using the "/join" and "/join" commands.
Both of them have already registered as co-distributors, and when both have acquired broadcast slots, one of the distributors can use commands to join.
(By using commands, it is now possible to join streaming from a smartphone app.)

Please see below for the co-distributor function and comment column sharing function.

When using "kukuluLIVE VirtualCam over Network", PinP is not required, so it will be turned off automatically.

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