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2019, 12/08 06:59 (1623day) Posted | 2021, 08/26 14:54 (995day) Updated

It is possible to display the video of FaceRig / Animaze / VTubeStudio of a guest in a remote place in the distribution video in real time.
"kukuluLIVE FaceRig over Network" has been released.

This feature has the following advantages compared to using video calls such as Discord.

・It can be directly integrated into OBS, so there is no need to configure it every time. ・The avatar's movement can be reflected in real time with almost no lag. ・The video size and display magnification can be fixed, making it easy to use chromakey. ・The video device is fixed to FaceRig Virtual Device and can be changed.・Since it can be separated from the voice, only the avatar remains even after the call is ended. ・You can receive the avatars of multiple guests at the same time.

In addition to inviting guests, operate the webcam and FaceRig on a computer separate from the one for distribution,
By sending it to the computer for distribution (OBS) via kukuluLIVE FaceRig over Network,
You can also use it to prevent face detection (for example, if you have captured the entire desktop).

[FaceRig avatar transmission settings (guest side)]

<When using FaceRig>

1. Start FaceRig and set to white background from "Environment" setting in "UI+" mode.

2. Set the "Background color" to "R255", "G0", "B255" from "Background" in the "Customize" tab.

3. Enable "Delivery Mode".

<When using Animaze>

1. Start Animaze and press the "+" of "Imported photos and videos" from "Background".

2. Download the image file below by right-clicking and specify it in Animaze.

3. When the background becomes purple, press the "Distribute" button.

<When using VTubeStudio>

1. Start VTubeStudio and select "Color Picker" from the background settings.

2. Set the background color to "#FF00FF" and close the background color setting.

3. Open Settings.

4. Launch "Virtual Webcam" from camera settings. (If it is not installed, please follow the instructions and restart your PC.)

<Common settings for FaceRig, Animaze, and VTubeStudio>

4. Open the following "kukuluLIVE FaceRig over Network (Sender)" page from Chrome or Firefox.
* Firefox has a higher resolution than Chrome, so it's easier to remove with chromakey, but it uses more bandwidth.

(If you are using Coffret, open Coffret's "Tools" > "FaceRig over Network" > "Send your Facerig/Animaze video to your collaboration partner".)

5. Allow camera use.

*If an error occurs, please check whether FaceRig Virtual Device/Animaze Virtual Device/VTubeStudioCam can be used correctly, and then explicitly allow the use of the camera in the browser settings.
If you still cannot use the video, try closing all other applications that are using the video (such as OBS) and restarting your browser and PC.

6. When the "Use FaceRig", "Use Animaze", and "Use VTubeStudio" buttons appear, press the one you want to use.

7. When the preview of the avatar video starts, press the "Start Publishing" button.

8. When this state is reached, preparations on the guest side are complete. Please notify the sender of the "URL to be set in the other party's OBS". This URL is unique for each kukuluID.

[FaceRig/Animaze avatar reception settings (distributor side)]

With Coffret, the manual settings below are not required.
You can set it in one go from Coffret's "Tools" > "FaceRig over Network" > "Display collaboration partner's Facerig/Animaze/VTubeStudio on OBS".

1. Make sure the OBS version is "24.0.3" or later, and if not, update to the latest version from "Help" → "Check for updates".

2. Add the "Browser" source by pressing the Sources "+" button.

3. Naming the source is optional. Press the "OK" button.

4. Paste the URL of "kukuluLIVE FaceRig over Network" notified by the guest in "URL".
Set the width to 1280 and the height to 720.
Make sure to turn on "Shut down source when not visible".
If you can set it, press the "OK" button to close.

5. Right-click the added browser source and open Filters.

6. Press the "+" button in the Effect Filters to add "Chroma Key".

7. Select "Magenta" as the color key type, adjust Similarity, Smoothness, and Key Color Outflow Reduction to values that clear the image, and close with the "Close" button.

8. If the guest's avatar is displayed on the distribution preview, the setting is complete.
Hide browser source when not in use.

When calling the same guest, the setting is completed just by displaying the browser source.
When calling another guest, please change the URL of the browser source or create a second browser source. You can call multiple guests at the same time.

*If your avatar moves jerky:
Please turn on OBS's "Settings" → "Advanced Settings" → "Source" → "Enable hardware acceleration for browser sources" and restart OBS.

*If the playback start button appears:
Make sure that "Shut down source when not displayed" is turned on, and then hide and then show the source to reload and play normally.

*If the mouth or eyes are transparent:
Please adjust the OBS color key so that the chromakey can be done well.
If the background is RGB (255,0,255) If the color of the avatar does not come out properly, please consult with the sender and consider changing the background color.

* Regarding use on other distribution sites:
Please refer here .

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