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2019, 12/27 08:11 (1662day) Posted | 2019, 12/27 19:27 (1662day) Updated

To the new broadcasters who have newly chosen kukuluLIVE,
We have confirmed that users have given explanations that are different from the facts, such as the ones below.

"This is a privately run place, so you have to greet the administrator before broadcasting."
"Drawing distribution will be suspended if you do not draw the administrator's picture first."
``I can't stream this game unless I say hello to streamer 〇〇.''

Although kukuluLIVE is operated by an individual, it is the same as a general service provided by a company.
Anyone can use it as long as they agree to the terms of use.
There are no rules that are obligatory to fulfill even though they are not specified in the terms and conditions.

Even if a comment is written as a joke, the new streamer has no way of confirming that it is a joke.
In fact, there are many cases where the administrator is contacted or the broadcast itself is stopped.

New distributors miraculously choose kukuluLIVE from among the countless distribution sites.
This was possible with the cooperation and understanding of many people.

Harassment of new streamers by giving false explanations (false comments) will be dealt with severely.

For users other than those listed above, please continue to provide warm support to new distributors.
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

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