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2021, 06/11 18:47 (1130day) Posted | 2021, 06/11 18:48 (1130day) Updated
Added a function that can automatically generate an email address and a set password.

When registering on other sites or apps using the email address generated with a throwaway email address,
Passwords can also be generated at the same time, which is convenient because they can be managed all at once on the disposable email address.

The password is generated with 12 to 18 characters including half-width numbers, half-width alphabets (lowercase), half-width alphabets (uppercase), and half-width symbols, and is strong and safe.
You can create the password at the same time you generate the address, or you can generate the password only later.

When the address is deleted, the password will also be deleted.
If you use the address transfer function to transfer your address to someone else, you can also transfer your password as a set.

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2021, 06/08 20:37 (1133day) Posted | 2021, 06/08 20:59 (1133day) Updated
Added support for picture-in-picture, which is implemented as an OS function.
Only video and audio can be popped up and played from the browser or app screen.

Currently, it supports the following environments.
・iOS/iPadOS browser version/app version ・Windows/Mac Chrome browser version

In addition, in the above environment, "Background playback (audio only)", which was only supported in the app version, will be discontinued because the function is duplicated.

In the smartphone environment, you can watch it as it is while using another app, so you can enjoy it without interruption

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2021, 06/01 03:36 (1141day) Posted | 2021, 06/06 20:32 (1135day) Updated
- Support for IDN <br>When sending to an IDN destination such as a Japanese domain, it is now possible to send as is without converting to Punycode.
It works the same way when receiving.

・The file attachment storage period for protected emails has become indefinite <br>Previously, files attached to protected emails were deleted 31 days after they were sent or received, regardless of whether they were protected.
If protected, it will now be saved indefinitely.

・You can now pull to update <br>For the smartphone version only, you can now pull the page in the inbox and outbox to update.

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2021, 05/31 01:52 (1142day) Posted | 2021, 06/15 19:59 (1126day) Updated
A paid subscription "Premium Plan" has been added.
Available for iOS version 2.3.3 and above, Android version v2021.05.28.6 and above.

The price is 1.49 USD per month or 7.99 USD per year. (Slightly different depending on country and currency)
The current premium plan limited benefits are as follows.

・Ad removal <br>Ads will be hidden from all accounts logged in on the purchased device, as well as on other devices logged in with the same account (including Windows version, Mac version, Kindle Fire version, etc.).

・Creating an address with a premium domain You can create an address with a domain marked "PREMIUM" from "Create by specifying an address".
Since the domain is exclusive to paying users, there are few users, and since the domain itself is private to free users, the probability of the domain being blocked is low.
The mail server is also separated.

・POP3/SMTP access You can send and receive emails from your device's default mailer or other email apps using the email address you created with your throwaway email address.

You can check the purchase, expiration date, cancel, etc. from the "Address" tab > "Your User Information" > "Premium Plan (Subscription)".

iOS also supports Family Sharing, so if one member of the family makes a purchase, everyone in the family can use the billing function.
You will need to "Restore Purchases" from a device in your family.

Regarding upgrades/downgrades (monthly ⇔ annual), iOS will be updated to the new plan after the current deadline, and Android will be updated immediately and the remaining amount for the remaining period will be applied to the new plan.

* The "Premium Plan" was set up in response to the many requests we have received for some time to remove advertisements, so please rest assured that we will not charge a fee for the existing functions in the future.

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2021, 05/21 06:24 (1151day) Posted | 2021, 05/21 07:52 (1151day) Updated

Traditionally, MagicalBenchmark was used to detect settings for easy setup;
Because of the need for fast and lightweight operation, scores were calculated based on each parameter of the hardware configuration.
This did not necessarily reflect the actual processing performance accurately in the score.

With this update, for the stand-alone MagicalBenchmark that is not included in the easy setup,
We now measure actual performance by actually running high-load benchmarks.

Perform the benchmark below, and the total points will be your score.

・CPU: Compression processing benchmark (affected by CPU, RAM, HDD/SSD performance)
・GPU: Floating point calculation benchmark with GPGPU (GPU and VRAM performance affect)

The ranking will include data from older versions, but
Newer benchmarks (with the exception of industrial waste environments) will have higher scores.
Also, registration in the ranking will no longer be done from Easy Setup (old specification benchmark).

If you install Coffret, you can benchmark without having to obtain a broadcast slot.
People other than broadcasters can also participate in the ranking. (Tools → Magical Benchmark)

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2021, 05/20 12:54 (1152day) Posted | 2021, 05/20 14:32 (1152day) Updated
2021/05/20 14:30 added
The failure that occurred around 12:00 was restored at 14:30.
Approximately 30% of broadcasts made during this time may not have been recorded. note that.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

Due to the failure of some recording servers, about 30% of Timeshift is not available for viewing.
Restoration is currently underway. We apologize for the inconvenience.

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2021, 05/17 02:36 (1156day) Posted | 2021, 05/17 13:08 (1155day) Updated
・Extended the storage period for time shifts, replays, etc.

The fact that replays are automatically recorded for the past 180 days means that
This means that you can go back to any time within the last 180 days.
You can also draw back from the replay to the current canvas.
It doesn't matter if you are robbed secretly in the middle of the night or while traveling abroad. There is no place for trolls in this galaxy.

・Improved the hiding function for public rooms <br>Previously, each room was hidden, but for newly added rooms,
All "rooms and rooms created by the owner of that room" are hidden.
In addition, it is now possible to cancel individual items from "My Page" > "Hide Settings" > "Management".

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2021, 05/12 15:28 (1160day) Posted | 2021, 05/13 02:31 (1160day) Updated

"Replay" is a function that allows you to go back up to 30 minutes of the video being broadcast live and cut it out as a 10- to 5-minute video and publish it.
You can also crop from Timeshift.

Anyone who is logged in can create replays, so not only the broadcaster himself but also the viewers can create replays.
You can let viewers replay funny or shocking moments.

You can start creating from the video icon in the player.

During a live broadcast, you can go back up to 30 minutes in the past.
In the case of time shift, 15 minutes before and after the playback position is specified first, and a maximum of 5 minutes can be cut through from there.

Open replays (public replays) are displayed in a list by broadcaster, and you can watch the most popular ones all at once.
Open replays for each broadcaster can be accessed from the broadcast viewing page and profile page.

If you do not want your broadcast to be replayed, you can disable it from "Disable and Restrict" on the broadcast slot management page.

You are also free to delete any open replays created from your stream at any time.

If you want to enjoy it only for yourself or do not want it to be made public, you can create it as a private replay (private replay).
In this case, it will be saved as "What happens" and will not be posted on the list. You can watch and share via URL.

Open replays are stored permanently, private replays are stored permanently if each file is less than 60MB, and anything beyond that is subject to the following storage policy.

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2021, 05/09 12:03 (1163day) Posted | 2021, 05/09 12:04 (1163day) Updated
Starting around 11am today, there was an issue where comments could not be posted correctly in some environments due to a comment server failure.
It was resolved at 12:01 on the same day.
We apologize for the inconvenience.

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2021, 05/09 00:44 (1164day) Posted
- Room settings can now be changed from within the room <br>Owners can now change the room title, participants on the top page, etc. from within the room by selecting ``Operation > Operate Room'' without returning to the entry page from within the room. Recruitment" and "Admission Restriction" settings can be changed.

・Added "Suck up with current transparency" to the eyedropper mode
The RGB part behaves the same as "Blot with display color", but this mode does not change the opacity setting of the pen.

・You can now search public pointers <br>You can search by pointer name or contributor name.
If you press the contributor, you can also narrow down by what that person posted.

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