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2021, 04/08 19:12 (1172day) Posted | 2021, 04/08 20:58 (1172day) Updated
・Supports multi-session upload/download <br>Previously, even when multiple files were uploaded/downloaded, files were transferred sequentially in a single session.
Multi-session functionality now allows multiple files to be transferred in parallel.
Under optimal conditions, transfer speeds can be up to 4 times faster.
The optimal number of parallel servers and responsible servers (more than 30 servers are always online) are automatically determined depending on the situation.
This feature is also compatible with the attachment file system for throwaway email addresses that use the File Now system.

・Improved the archive system <br>The archive system has a high storage rate for files that have not been downloaded for a long time.
With a system that automatically moves popular files to servers with lower occupancy rates,
We have extended the storage period (twice as much as before) and improved download speed.

- The maximum upload capacity has been relaxed <br>The total file size that can be uploaded at one time has been relaxed to 6GB.

・We have strengthened our servers . Due to the rapid increase in the number of users, we were experiencing a decrease in the storage period and a decrease in download speed during busy hours.
Resolved by augmentation.

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