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2019, 07/17 18:20 (1792day) Posted | 2019, 07/17 18:25 (1792day) Updated
・Enhanced thumbnail function <br>Video files are now displayed as thumbnails at the beginning.
Even if the browser cannot display the image file, a thumbnail will be generated and displayed on the server.
Thumbnail generation takes a few seconds after upload.
The uploaded list and browsing history are also displayed.

・Added automatic deletion deadline setting function <br>After uploading the file, you can set the deadline for automatic deletion from "Set automatic deletion deadline".
If you set it to 10 minutes, the file will be automatically deleted 10 minutes after it is set and you will no longer be able to download it.

・Added a download password function <br>After uploading the file, you can set the password required for downloading from "Set download password".
When setting a password, thumbnails will also be hidden.

・Uploaded list and owner authority can now be synchronized <br>Uploaded list and owner authority are now managed by "user key".
You can check your "user key" or log in with a different user key on the page below.
If you have the same user key on multiple devices, you can also sync the uploaded list and owner rights.
IP address-based judgment is no longer required, and it can now be used securely even in public environments.

・Browsing history page has been newly established <br>Browsing history is managed with a user key, so if you have the same user key on multiple devices, the browsing history will also be synchronized.
You can access it below.

・Up to 50 files can be uploaded at once <br>Since you can zip files when downloading, you can upload a large amount of files at once without compressing them.

- Now supports English <br>All UI now supports English. If the language setting of the OS or browser is other than Japanese, it will be displayed in English.

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