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2021, 04/28 00:06 (1152day) Posted | 2021, 05/07 05:30 (1142day) Updated
"MagicalGift" is a service that allows you to send Amazon gift certificates to distributors and receive various benefits as a thank you.
Of course, the fee is zero for both the giving side and the receiving side.

[Benefits for distributors]
・ You can start accepting gifts immediately without screening.
・The gift code can be used immediately because there is no transfer fee and there is no transfer fee.
・ Various original benefits can be set.
・It is also possible to link with other APIs and self-made systems.
- You can display overlays on OBS to create a special feeling. Overlays can be auto-configured via Coffret and are highly customizable.

Click here for distributors who want to use MagicalGift

[Benefits for viewers]
・You can send the entire amount to your favorite without being thinned out by fees.
・You can receive various benefits set by the distributor.
・You can send gifts starting from a minimum of 15 yen. What's more, the amount is cumulative, so you can receive the same benefits whether you donate a little at a time or all at once.
・Payments are made on each mail order site, so there is no need to register payment information with kukuluLIVE.

Viewers can send gifts from the link posted on the streaming viewing page of broadcasters using MagicalGift.

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