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2021, 05/12 15:28 (1168day) Posted | 2021, 05/13 02:31 (1168day) Updated

"Replay" is a function that allows you to go back up to 30 minutes of the video being broadcast live and cut it out as a 10- to 5-minute video and publish it.
You can also crop from Timeshift.

Anyone who is logged in can create replays, so not only the broadcaster himself but also the viewers can create replays.
You can let viewers replay funny or shocking moments.

You can start creating from the video icon in the player.

During a live broadcast, you can go back up to 30 minutes in the past.
In the case of time shift, 15 minutes before and after the playback position is specified first, and a maximum of 5 minutes can be cut through from there.

Open replays (public replays) are displayed in a list by broadcaster, and you can watch the most popular ones all at once.
Open replays for each broadcaster can be accessed from the broadcast viewing page and profile page.

If you do not want your broadcast to be replayed, you can disable it from "Disable and Restrict" on the broadcast slot management page.

You are also free to delete any open replays created from your stream at any time.

If you want to enjoy it only for yourself or do not want it to be made public, you can create it as a private replay (private replay).
In this case, it will be saved as "What happens" and will not be posted on the list. You can watch and share via URL.

Open replays are stored permanently, private replays are stored permanently if each file is less than 60MB, and anything beyond that is subject to the following storage policy.

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