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2021, 05/21 06:24 (1128day) Posted | 2021, 05/21 07:52 (1128day) Updated

Traditionally, MagicalBenchmark was used to detect settings for easy setup;
Because of the need for fast and lightweight operation, scores were calculated based on each parameter of the hardware configuration.
This did not necessarily reflect the actual processing performance accurately in the score.

With this update, for the stand-alone MagicalBenchmark that is not included in the easy setup,
We now measure actual performance by actually running high-load benchmarks.

Perform the benchmark below, and the total points will be your score.

・CPU: Compression processing benchmark (affected by CPU, RAM, HDD/SSD performance)
・GPU: Floating point calculation benchmark with GPGPU (GPU and VRAM performance affect)

The ranking will include data from older versions, but
Newer benchmarks (with the exception of industrial waste environments) will have higher scores.
Also, registration in the ranking will no longer be done from Easy Setup (old specification benchmark).

If you install Coffret, you can benchmark without having to obtain a broadcast slot.
People other than broadcasters can also participate in the ranking. (Tools → Magical Benchmark)

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