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2018, 07/03 22:27 (1914day) Posted | 2022, 08/08 17:43 (417day) Updated
We have released the latest version of kukuluLIVE Easy Setup.
This version includes the following changes:

- Adjusted parameters to achieve higher image quality in high spec (high image quality settings) environments.
Additionally, adjustments have been made to reduce block noise in videos with intense movement.

(With recent improvements in CPU performance, the allowable encoding load has been increased.
If the image quality is heavy or frame drops occur, lower the image quality settings. )

- Fixed an issue where OBS would not start correctly when SCFH DSF non-use mode was enabled.
-Fixed an issue where OBS scene settings were initialized.

With this version update, your antivirus or SmartScreen may prevent Easy Setup from launching (until the new binaries are on safelists).
In that case, we apologize for the inconvenience, but please set up exclusion settings so that "SetupLIVE.exe" can be executed properly.

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2018, 07/03 00:26 (1915day) Posted | 2018, 07/03 00:27 (1915day) Updated
Thank you for participating in the stamp rally campaign on kukuluLIVE.

We will notify the winners of the giveaway.

[First 30 people] kukuluLIVE Original Mini Eco Bag & Can Badge Set has already been sent to all eligible customers.
If you have not received it yet, please contact us.

[One person will be selected by lottery] Amazon gift certificate worth 10,000 yen with Kukupo account number [44114] won.

[5 people selected by lottery] Amazon gift certificate worth 5,000 yen with Kukupo account numbers [43926], [44000], [46436], [43862], and [45973] won.

The above winners have already been contacted by email.
If you have not received it, please contact us.

[Free gift for everyone] 3,000 Kukupo Stamp Rally was given to everyone who completed it.
"Campaign participation award" will be displayed on the statement.

Thank you for participating in this campaign.
Please join us next time! Thank you.

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2018, 06/28 04:11 (1919day) Posted | 2018, 07/03 00:35 (1915day) Updated
- Enhanced the "Support" function <br>Viewers can now give up to 1000 hearts at once using the "Support" function.
The animation now changes depending on the number of hearts you give.
Furthermore, for broadcasts that have been given hearts, the list of broadcasts on the top page will be displayed for 20 seconds for each heart, which will be very lovely.
Give a lot of hearts to your favorite streamer.

- Enhanced the "Streamer Level" function <br>Upward revised the method of calculating streamer points.
"Unicorn group (Lv13)" has been added to the top level.
Streamers of the Red Panda group (Lv11) and above can now obtain a dedicated pooled broadcast slot even when the regular broadcast slot is full.

-Improved the "Jumbo Rock, Paper, Scissors" function <br>Aiko no longer loses.

・You can now choose to have your name notified when you present Heart Points and Titles <br>Previously, Heart Points were completely anonymous, and Titles were only notified of the name to the streamer.
You can now select ``Completely Anonymous'' and ``Name Notification Only to Streamer'' for each.

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2018, 06/22 23:05 (1925day) Posted | 2020, 10/21 02:59 (1074day) Updated
[For those who require settings]
・Streamers who launch OBS etc. on their own without using Coffret and make a push connection It will be set automatically, so there is no need to set it.

[If not set...]
Public broadcasts and private broadcasts will not be possible, and you will be forced to return to the preparing state.

[If using Open Broadcaster Software Studio (OBS Studio)]

1. Open [Settings] → “Output” tab.
2. Change "Output Mode" to "Advanced" and set "Keyframe Interval" to "1" seconds.

*After changing settings, push reconnection or restarting OBS is required.

[If using Open Broadcaster Software Classic (OBS Classic)]

1. Open [Settings] → [Advanced Settings].
2. Set "Keyframe Interval" to "1".

*After changing settings, push reconnection or restarting OBS is required.

[If using XSplit]

1. Click the "Video Encoding" settings button in "Custom RTMP Properties".
2. Set "Max Keyframe Interval" to "0.5".

*After changing settings, push reconnection or restart of XSplit is required.

[If using ffmpeg]

For 30fps (-r 30), add "keyint=15" to the x264 parameter,
For 60fps (-r 60), add "keyint=30" to the x264 parameter.

Q. It's a pain to set up, I don't understand.
It will be automatically configured when you start OBS from Coffret .

Q. Will changing the settings degrade the image quality?
Since the bitrate is occupied by the keyframe, if you have set the upper limit bitrate, the image quality will decrease slightly when you change the setting.
If this bothers you, please increase the bit rate setting, or if you have the CPU, change the encoder preset (x264 encoding profile) to "veryfast (low latency, high quality)" or higher.
Also, try using hardware encoding (QSV or NVENC) with the highest quality settings.

Q. I am adjusting the x264 advanced settings myself.
You may adjust the parameters other than "keyint" by yourself.

Q. If I do as instructed, the video becomes distorted or choppy <br>The bit rate is insufficient. Please set it to at least 800 kbps or higher.
Also, change the encoder preset (x264 encoding profile) to "veryfast (low latency, high quality)" or higher.
If the line is thin, increase the encoder quality setting, and if the CPU is weak, increase the bit rate.
You can also try using hardware encoding (QSV or NVENC).

Q. Settings are not reflected when NvEnc (NVIDIA GPU encoding) is enabled.
NvEnc ignores x264 parameters, so set the "key frame interval" to "1 second".
Click here for detailed settings ⇒

Q. I'm not sure if the settings are set correctly . If you wait 30 seconds after making a push connection, you can check the setting status from "HTML5 Compatibility Status" on the broadcast slot management page.

Q. Does the keyframe interval always have to be 0.5 seconds?
We recommend 0.5 seconds, but anything less than 2 seconds (keyframe interval twice fps) is allowed.
If you set it to 0.5 seconds or more, the delay will increase, but the image quality will improve at the same bit rate.
Even if you set it to 0.5 seconds or less, the delay is the same as setting it to 0.5 seconds.

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2018, 06/21 20:19 (1926day) Posted | 2018, 06/21 20:20 (1926day) Updated

A stamp rally campaign will be held on kukuluLIVE from 18:00 on June 23, 2018 to 23:59 on July 2, 2018.

During the campaign period, if you use certain functions of kukuluLIVE, you will receive a stamp.
Those who collect all the stamps will receive original goods and other gifts.

Please see the special page below for more details.

We look forward to your participation.

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2018, 06/15 09:37 (1932day) Posted | 2018, 06/20 11:47 (1927day) Updated
- Pen pressure function is now available in MacOS Chrome.
In the latest Mac OS X environment, pen pressure added-ons are no longer available in Safari,
Please use Chrome. You can use the pen pressure function without the need for add-ons.

- Window movement and dragging on pen tabs and liquid tabs is now smoother.
In Windows Vista/10 and later, when using a pen tab or liquid tab, you had to click the pen button to move the window, but now you can move it smoothly just like using a mouse.
*Chrome v67 is waiting for bug fixes

- Fixed a bug with the preview function <br>Fixed an issue where the preview of layer move and copy functions was distorted when the preview window was open.

-Fixed a bug with the pen tab in Chrome v67
Chrome v67 had a bug where pointerup did not fire, which caused issues such as the pen not stopping drawing on Windows Vista/10 and later, but this has been improved to avoid it.

- Image stabilization is now available on the smartphone web version.
- Pen pressure can now be used when using the smartphone web version with Apple Pencil.

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2018, 06/07 20:18 (1940day) Posted | 2022, 08/08 17:43 (417day) Updated
We have released the latest version of kukuluLIVE Easy Setup
This version includes the following changes:

- Added a function to automatically adjust keyframe intervals so that it can survive in a post-Flash world.
-The benchmark function now supports the latest environment.
- Due to the discontinuation of the WMV version, unnecessary functions have been removed to speed up startup.
- If you have manually changed OBS Classic settings, we will now preserve those settings as much as possible.
・The video bit rate has been adjusted from the conventional 1 Mbps fixed to a maximum of 1.5 Mbps according to the specifications, making it possible to deliver higher image quality than before.
- Changed the benchmark to a server-side scoring method, making it more accurate and detailed.

With this version upgrade, antivirus and SmartScreen may block launching Quick Setup (until the new binaries are safelisted elsewhere).
In that case, we apologize for the inconvenience, but please set up exclusion settings so that "SetupLIVE.exe" can be executed properly.

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2018, 06/05 11:55 (1942day) Posted
A recording server failure occurred between 22:00 on June 4, 2018 and around 11:00 on June 5, 2018.
If broadcasting was being performed during the failure, time-shift recording was not performed correctly.
Since the data itself is not saved, it cannot be recovered.
We apologize for the inconvenience, but thank you for your understanding.

Please note that the service has now been restored and can be used normally.
If the broadcast spans the time of the failure, only the recordings after 11:00 on June 5 will remain.

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2018, 05/20 05:24 (1958day) Posted | 2018, 05/20 05:38 (1958day) Updated
We provide kukuluLIVE distribution list in PeerCastYP format.
You can also receive kukuluLIVE distribution notifications from the PeerCast tool you are already using by following the steps below.
*This is a feature for backward compatibility. Normally, please use the distribution notification tool provided by kukuluLIVE.

・When using PeCaRecorder
1. Open Options → General Settings.
2. Switch to the YP tab.
3. Press the [Add] button and enter "kukuluLIVE" in "Name" and ""; in "URL".

4. Switch to the Player tab.
5. Check the "Open in web browser" checkbox.

・When using pcypLite
1. Open the Settings screen.
2. Press [+] and enter "kukuluLIVE" in "Name" and ""; in "URL".

In addition to the above, it may be useful to configure the following settings.
1. Switch to the [Others] tab and press the [Add] button in Player Settings.
2. Enter "WEB" in "Extension".
3. Drag and drop the shortcut of your browser (Chrome, etc.) into the "File name" input field.
4. Enter "<contact/>" in "Argument" and press the [OK] button.

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2018, 04/17 18:45 (1991day) Posted
You can now get an address with the "" domain.

The characters before @ are first-come-first-served for each domain, so it will be easier to get them in the new domain.
Also, in many cases, you can register for services that are prohibited from registering with the old domain.
A total of 15 domains are now available for you to choose from.

Available for PC, iOS, Android, and KindleFire. (No app update required)

Throw away e-mail address [e-mail address poi-poi]

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