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2023, 11/15 19:17 (184day) Posted | 2023, 11/24 21:12 (175day) Updated
We have released version 3.31.1 of the distribution app "kukuluLIVE Encoder 2 (Android version)".

- H.265/HEVC codec can now be used in camera distribution mode.
Models equipped with an H.265/HEVC hardware encoder will automatically distribute using the HEVC codec.

-Added the "Always use the device's microphone" setting.
When turned on, only the reading sound will be played via the Bluetooth headset using the microphone on the smartphone even when a Bluetooth headset is connected.
Due to Android specifications, the sound quality of Bluetooth headsets is significantly degraded, so the sound quality will be better if you use the microphone on the main unit.
Since v3.27.0 (2023/07/9), the Bluetooth microphone was forced to be used, so this setting will return the sound quality to the original. On by default.

- Added image stabilization function.
You can turn it on from the car icon.

-Improved resolution settings in automatic mode.
Resolution is now determined according to device performance.

- Due to the unification of distribution frames, the button for the non-recording distribution frame has been removed.
You can disable recording from the broadcast settings. Please see the notice below for more details.

- The notation and design have been corrected.
・Fixed the bug.

kukuluLIVE Encoder 2 (Android version)

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