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2023, 09/17 23:26 (302day) Posted | 2023, 09/18 22:25 (301day) Updated
With MagicalGift, you can now set an expiration date on your benefits and ask for recurring gifts.
The currently supported benefit categories are as follows.
・Emotion ・Private time shift viewing privileges ・Replay creation rights ・kukuluBlog viewing privileges ・API

MagicalGift does not allow automatic withdrawal, so you can extend the expiration date by the amount you pay in advance.

For example, if you set the "set amount" to "1 month (31 days)" and "500 yen", the expiration date will be 31 days per gift amount of 500 yen.
Once the expiration date has passed, the offer will no longer be valid.
If you send a gift again within the deadline, the expiration date will be extended by 31 days per 500 yen.
There is no pro-rate for gifts that are less than the set amount, but gift extensions are possible even for gifts that are less than the set amount, and all gifts will be added up.

If you set an expiration date for the same benefit that was previously set for a permanent benefit, the expiration date will be set when you make a new gift.
Permanent benefits for those who have already set up and have not made a new gift are:
It can be canceled by individually canceling or deleting (in the case of emotions) (from the private time shift or blog permission settings screen).

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