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2023, 02/04 01:54 (437day) Posted | 2023, 02/06 04:10 (435day) Updated
The linked ID function of kukuluID, which allows you to log in with your Twitter, Apple, or Google ID, has been renewed.
Multiple linkage IDs can now be set for one kukuluID.

kukuluID cooperation ID setting

In addition to the above, the following login functions have been improved.

・The linked ID can now be canceled at any time.
You can completely unlink it and use it as a pure kukulu ID, or you can unfreeze your frozen account and replace it with a new one.

- If you have linked one linked ID with multiple kukuluIDs, you can now select which kukuluID to log in with when logging in.
Previously, the last logged-in one was automatically selected, but now you can select it arbitrarily.

- Supported login with DiscordID.

・You can now use "Today's Scratch" if you are linked with one of the collaboration IDs.

- We have abolished "Reset password with email address" and now support "Log in with email address".
You can log in with the authentication code sent by email with your password as it is.
If the address is not yet registered, you can simply register and log in.

You can continue to use your Twitter ID to log in as before.

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2023, 01/30 10:20 (442day) Posted | 2023, 01/30 10:23 (442day) Updated
・You can now fill in the file name and list name <br>You can rewrite the file name when uploading and display it in an easy-to-understand manner.
If it's a file list, you can also write a title for the list, so you can tell people who want to download it.

・You can now remove files from the list <br>You can remove files from the X button on the top right of the file list.
Even if you delete it from the list, it will remain uploaded as a single file.

・No longer distinguish between uppercase/lowercase letters and full-width/half-width characters<br>Even if the character type of the file URL fluctuates, it will be rewritten to the correct URL and accessed.

・No longer use hard-to-distinguish characters in file URLs <br>Hard-to-distinguish characters such as zero and oh, i and el are no longer used in file URLs.
Existing ones can be used as is.

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2023, 01/21 20:53 (450day) Posted | 2023, 01/21 21:34 (450day) Updated
The distribution-related pages that were accessible from the Mabinogi version of kukulu have been integrated into kukuluLIVE.
Some specifications such as the display order of the distribution are different from the Mabinogi version of kukulu, so we will guide you on how to restore it.

・How to display Mabinogi distribution at the top of the distribution list

1. Log in with your kukuluID.

2. Search for "Mabinogi" in the delivery list.

3. Save the search word from "Save Search".

4. Distributions that include Mabinogi while playing "Mabinogi" or in the distribution description etc. will be displayed at the top.

・ About the kukulu ID that was authenticated by Mabinogi

For the time being, you can use it as it is in the authenticated state.
If you wish to cancel the Mabinogi character authentication, please go to the login page and perform "Cancel Mabinogi authentication".

When you cancel your personal authentication, the URL of your profile (userdata.php) will change.
Also, once unlocked, it cannot be restored.

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2023, 01/20 22:41 (451day) Posted | 2023, 01/20 22:48 (451day) Updated

kukuluLIVE Original Tumbler 2023 version has joined the list of products that can be exchanged at Kukupo.

This is a super cute tumbler with a 360-degree print of Mari Sayaka's original sweets Kusama illustration.
This is a highly practical item as it is a vacuum insulated stainless steel tumbler.

It's time to release your pent-up feelings.

Click here to exchange items with Kukupo

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2023, 01/20 12:45 (452day) Posted | 2023, 01/20 12:51 (452day) Updated
Since there are many cases of trouble in public rooms with overseas users who cannot communicate in Japanese or English,
The public room's public range is now divided according to the area from which the connection is made.

Currently, it is divided into the following two, and only the public room of the area to which you belong will be displayed.
A. Users in Japan/Taiwan/Korea
B. Users in countries other than those listed above

However, A. is also displayed only when the user of B. is logged in with Twitter and the Nakaotsu input environment is English.

Access from outside the public room, or overseas users who have already accessed the room and are registered in the history,
You can deny it by turning on "Prohibit access from overseas or proxy" in the room settings.

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2022, 12/14 05:04 (489day) Posted | 2022, 12/14 05:08 (489day) Updated
You can now save the login information for your Takumead account as a QR code.
You can log in by reading a QR code instead of an ID and password, making it easier to use long and secure IDs and passwords.
This is convenient when logging in with multiple devices, as you can log in by reading the QR code displayed on one screen.

[How to download the account card (QR code) of your current account]

1. Open the Address tab > "Account Information" > "Account Card".

2. A QR code will be displayed, so download and save the image or take a screenshot.

*The QR code will become invalid if you change your ID or password. You will need to save it again.

[How to log in with a QR code]

1. Press the Address tab > "Log in to another account" > QR code icon.

2. You can log in by selecting an image that includes a QR code or by taking a photo of the QR code with a camera.

*If you have already set up two-factor authentication (2FA), you will be required to do so after reading the QR code.

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2022, 11/26 04:38 (507day) Posted
Due to a bug in iOS/iPadOS 16 - 16.1, another person's pen settings may be used while drawing.
We have added countermeasure code to make it less likely to occur.

This bug has been fixed in iOS/iPadOS 16.2 (Beta).

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2022, 11/19 05:33 (514day) Posted | 2022, 11/26 03:19 (507day) Updated
・You can now open ``Land it up'' from ``Mis-operation prevention''.
- Changed so that "Undo drawing" is always on and cannot be turned off.
- Fixed an issue where the eyedropper would still suck when switching modes if "Pen mode after eyedropper completion" was off.

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2022, 11/05 05:03 (528day) Posted | 2022, 11/05 05:07 (528day) Updated
Due to a bug in the fraud detection system, some emotions were forcibly deleted without legal issues.
Due to long-term latent problems,
In the end, about 2% of the total remains that could not be restored from backup.
Also, if the number of individual posts is large, all posts may be deleted.

We apologize for the inconvenience, but please respond by re-registering as follows.

・Please repost from the local file of the emotion that has completely disappeared from the list.

・Please "Replace the image" from the Emotion My Emotion page that is still in the list and only the image has disappeared.

We've already addressed the issue that caused it, and we've also improved backups to be retained for a longer period of time.
We apologize for the inconvenience.

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2022, 10/01 07:12 (563day) Posted

In the smartphone version (app/browser), a mode has been added that does not receive video and only plays audio, even if the app is not in the background.
When you press the image quality switching button, it switches in the order of "HD (high image quality mode)" → "SD (low image quality mode)" → "audio only mode".

The high image quality mode is about 2 Mbps, the low image quality mode is 600 Kbps, and the audio only mode is 150 Kbps at most, so you can reduce the amount of communication.

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