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2020, 11/30 13:17 (1290day) Posted | 2020, 11/30 13:20 (1290day) Updated
- Improved to correctly handle non-preferred language settings on the device
In environments other than the iOS version, if the primary language setting of the device was a language that was not supported by the email address, it was previously displayed in English.
Improved to search for languages that are supported from the second language onwards and display in that language if applicable.

- We have improved the email reception system . Due to system improvements, the speed from when an email is sent from the sender to when it is received has been improved.
The delay that occurred when a large number of emails were sent at once has also been significantly improved.

・Improved the push notification system <br>Improved to prevent push notifications from being missed even during busy times.

-Improved page display speed <br>Fixed an issue where some pages, such as the outbox and email form, took a long time to open when there was a large amount of data.

・Push notification settings on the app side have been abolished in the Android version/Kindle version.
Android v2 series did not have a function to turn off push notifications, so it supported a function to turn off push notifications from the app's "Advanced settings".
In the current minimum supported environment (Android v4.4 or later), push notifications can be turned off on the Android side, so they have been discontinued.
You can change it from the settings button in the top right corner of the app → "Open push notification settings".

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2020, 11/27 10:32 (1293day) Posted | 2020, 11/27 10:33 (1293day) Updated
Added a feature that allows you to link Google ID, Apple ID, and throwaway email account.
The Android version and Kindle Fire version can be used from v2020.11.22.1 or later, the iOS/iPadOS version v2.1.0 or later, the PC version, and the mobile web version.

By linking with GoogleID and AppleID, there is no need to remember the ID and password of the abandoned email account,
You no longer have to worry about losing your abandoned email account.

[How to link with the currently used throwaway email account]

Open "Linked account settings" from "Account information in use" on the address tab.

Linking is completed by logging in from the blue button on the right side of the service you want to link.

Even if you have multiple abandoned email accounts, you can link multiple abandoned email accounts with one linked ID.

[How to log in to a throwaway email account using a linked ID]

Open "Login to other account" in the address tab, press the icon of the cooperation ID you want to log in instead of ID and password, and log in to the cooperation ID.

Since the IDs of linked discarded email accounts are displayed in a list, press "Login" for the discarded email account you want to log in to.

You can log out (*) from the current throwaway email account and log in to the selected throwaway email account.

* If the current discarded email account is in use, it may be lost by logging in, so if it is not linked, it will be added to the list of "accounts used in the past".
You can also log in from "Accounts Used in the Past" for up to 5 past accounts.

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2020, 11/19 09:10 (1301day) Posted | 2020, 11/21 04:58 (1300day) Updated
You can now log in with your AppleID/GoogleID.
AppleID is convenient because you can log in with FaceID/TouchID on Apple devices.
Google ID is convenient because you don't need to enter your ID and password if you log in with Chrome.

Create a kukuluID when you log in for the first time.
It is not possible to associate an AppleID/GoogleID with an existing kukuluID.

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2020, 11/14 22:47 (1306day) Posted | 2020, 11/17 18:57 (1303day) Updated
-Added automatic replay recording function <br>All actions such as drawing and chatting for the past 3 days will be automatically recorded.
This can only be viewed by the owner from the Canvas Replay page.

This record will be deleted after 3 days, but you can keep it forever by saving it in the room.
You can save 500MB of replay data per room.

By default, saved replays can only be played by the owner.
When you publish a replay, a URL like the one below will be generated, allowing people other than the owner to play it.

*For rooms with a password, a password is required to play.
*Only the owner can save the canvas to "Saved Canvas" by selecting "Save" → "Save to Room" in a specific replay scene. It is also possible to restore the current canvas using that data.
*Save and playback are compatible with both PC and mobile versions.

With the conventional replay function, you cannot record unless you are participating in the room, and the operation becomes slow while recording.
There were some drawbacks, such as if you forgot to press the record button, the recording would start midway through, and it was a hassle to transfer the file when you wanted to show it to someone.
The automatic replay recording function allows you to save your play anytime within 3 days, and you can also show it to others by simply sharing the URL.

It can be used in planning picture chats, etc., such as ``If you fell asleep during the event or were unable to participate, please watch the public replay later.''
In addition to passing the URL, replays that have been set to public can be viewed in a list from "Canvas Replays" on the room entry page.

-You can now select the saved data to rewind using the "Canvas rewind" function.
- Improved to delete previously authenticated data and request password entry again when changing room entry password.
・Fixed an issue where unintended drawing was performed when right-clicking during push-drawing.
・Fixed an issue where frames after frame 32 were missing in the GIF animation production function.

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2020, 11/11 23:54 (1309day) Posted | 2020, 11/13 08:54 (1307day) Updated
We have released version 3.14.0 of the distribution app "kukuluLIVE Encoder 2 (Android version)".

-Added local reading function
This is a reading function that uses the Android TextToSpeech (TTS) function. It has the following advantages compared to reading aloud using the conventional kukulu server.
- Since no network is used, communication traffic can be reduced, and reading will not be interrupted even in places where communication is unstable.
- Voice customization is possible on the AndroidTTS side (female/male and engine itself changes are also possible)
- Since it is played in the music stream, it is possible to adjust the volume only for reading independently from the master volume, and it is also possible to make it loud

You can turn it on from "Settings" → "Comments" → "Local reading (TTS)" during the broadcast.

Some Android devices, such as Amazon Fire devices, may not have Japanese TTS in the initial state, so you need to download it voluntarily.
If you don't have "Google Text-to-speech" itself :
If you do not have Japanese voice data or want to change to any reading voice : Download Japanese with "Google Text-to-speech" or "Settings > Accessibility > Screen reader > Text-to-speech settings > Preferred engine > Install voice data"

- Changed not to access location information in the background
On Android, if location information is acquired in the background, it will not pass the review,
Now only fetches when the app is in the foreground.
When the app is in the background in screen delivery mode, it means that the current location is not updated even if the GPS is enabled.

-Improved encoding stability
・Improved autofocus specifications

kukuluLIVE Encoder 2 (Android version)

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2020, 11/11 13:33 (1309day) Posted | 2020, 11/11 13:35 (1309day) Updated
- Other participants will no longer be notified if you reconnect immediately after disconnecting <br>If you disconnect from the room and reconnect within 5 seconds, a disconnection and connection notification will be displayed to other participants. Without,
Improved to behave as if nothing happened.
You can now participate without hesitation even if you frequently crash due to lack of memory.

・Improved the operation panel for the replay function.In addition to the conventional double speed playback, +1 minute, +10 minute, and +30 minute jump seek is now possible.
In addition to the playback time, the date and time at that time are now displayed.
Replay playback is now possible from the smartphone / tablet version.

Fixed an issue where the participants window could not be moved

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2020, 10/31 20:21 (1320day) Posted
・It is now possible to automatically update IPv6 addresses via API <br>Previously, IPv6 addresses (AAAA records) could only be updated from the management screen,
You can now update to any IPv6 address or update to the access source IPv6 address via API (HTTPS).

・It is now possible to delete IPv4 addresses <br>Previously, IPv4 addresses (A records) were always valid and could not be deleted, but now they can be deleted by leaving them blank.

-The maximum number of registrations per person has been relaxed to 10.
・Update processing has been sped up by changing the adopted DNS server.

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2020, 10/26 10:15 (1325day) Posted | 2020, 10/26 10:26 (1325day) Updated
There has been an increase in attacks against DDNS Now accounts that appear to be aimed at hijacking accounts using password lists that appear to have been obtained from third-party services, and then redirecting the accounts to fraudulent sites. I am.

Although security features prevent these attacks, accounts with weak passwords are automatically locked and disabled from further use once an attacker successfully logs in.
In order to unlock the lock, the registrant himself or herself must contact us.

Of course, please use a secure password that is random, long, and not used on other services.
Please also update via https.

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2020, 10/22 20:19 (1329day) Posted
There was a problem that DNS update could not be performed for accounts newly registered after 2020/10/12.
It has been restored on October 22, 2020. We apologize for the inconvenience.

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2020, 10/15 05:44 (1337day) Posted | 2020, 10/15 05:45 (1337day) Updated
In an environment where a language other than Japanese is set, a character string that combines two or three English words is now generated.
In environments where Japanese is set, character strings that can be pronounced by Japanese people are traditionally generated.

■Conventional specifications

Japanese environment: nyanya@****.**
Non-Japanese environment: a1bc23@****.**

■Improved specifications

Japanese environment: nyanya@****.**
Non-Japanese environment: dogcat@****.**

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