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2020, 10/22 20:19 (1222day) Posted
There was a problem that DNS update could not be performed for accounts newly registered after 2020/10/12.
It has been restored on October 22, 2020. We apologize for the inconvenience.

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2020, 10/15 05:44 (1229day) Posted | 2020, 10/15 05:45 (1229day) Updated
In an environment where a language other than Japanese is set, a character string that combines two or three English words is now generated.
In environments where Japanese is set, character strings that can be pronounced by Japanese people are traditionally generated.

■Conventional specifications

Japanese environment: nyanya@****.**
Non-Japanese environment: a1bc23@****.**

■Improved specifications

Japanese environment: nyanya@****.**
Non-Japanese environment: dogcat@****.**

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2020, 10/15 05:38 (1229day) Posted | 2020, 10/15 05:38 (1229day) Updated
It is now possible to set the default email app for iOS/iPadOS14 or later and throwaway email v2.0.33 or later.
You can open "Device Settings" from the menu on the top left of the throwaway email address and select from "Default Mail App" on the settings screen that opens.

Android has always been supported, and mailto: can be used without any configuration.

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2020, 10/08 00:27 (1236day) Posted
Due to equipment failure, there was an issue where some time shifts could not be viewed properly.
It was resolved around 2020/10/08 00:25.

If the problem continues, please try clearing your browser's cache.
We apologize for the inconvenience.

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2020, 10/06 22:33 (1238day) Posted | 2020, 10/08 16:46 (1236day) Updated
In order to be able to view mail smoothly even when a large amount of received mail is accumulated,
Changed the paging method for incoming mail.

In the new method, the number of mails and the maximum number of pages will not be displayed,
When you scroll to the paging button position, the calculation of the number of pages will begin and will be displayed after completion.
Since the mail list and paging buttons work even when there are a large number of mails that take a long time to calculate the number of pages,
It is now possible to read an email or go to the next page even while the page count is being calculated.

Since most users rarely access the third page and beyond,
With this improvement, the time-consuming number acquisition process is asynchronous.
Even if there is a large amount of mail, the mail list is displayed at an explosive speed.

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2020, 10/01 00:48 (1243day) Posted | 2020, 10/01 00:49 (1243day) Updated

Thank you very much for the many applications for the MagicalDraw 9th anniversary gift campaign (!
As a result of a random drawing, the following people were selected as winners.

★Seishun Wacom course

★Drawing skill improvement course

★Finger drawing graduation course

★Future God Painter Course

★Analog course

★Drawing course

congratulations 💛

Winners will be contacted via Twitter DM from @kukusama, so please respond within one week.
If you have not unlocked your DM or have a locked account, we will follow you from @kukusama, so please give us permission.

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2020, 10/01 00:08 (1243day) Posted

The number of "Kukusama original goods" that can be exchanged at Kukupo has increased!
In the 2020 series added this time, you can exchange mugs and mouse pads printed with Mr. Rimo's Kukusama illustration.

The mug is a kukuluLIVE exclusive design with a coaster and cannot be purchased in Japanese yen.
Please feel free to join us for the distribution🌟

Kukupo exchange form

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2020, 09/30 10:33 (1244day) Posted | 2020, 10/01 01:06 (1243day) Updated
- Improved kukuluLIVE Facerig over Network <br>Improved so that the reflection of start and stop of publishing is faster and more stable even during busy hours.
In addition, it has been improved so that it can operate even in environments where normal communication was not possible in the past.

Click here for how to use kukuluLIVE Facerig over Network

・Improved kukuluLIVE VirtualCam over Network
OBS v26 and later added support for VirtualCamera, so
In addition to XSplit, it is now available from OBS as well.

In an environment where OBS (v26 or later) is installed, the "Use OBS" button below will be displayed.

It's extremely convenient because you can use VirtualCam over Network without touching XSplit! Thank you OBS

Similar to Facerig over Network, we have also added improvements to the communication area.

Click here to learn how to use kukuluLIVE VirtualCam over Network

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2020, 09/06 20:48 (1268day) Posted

To commemorate MagicalDraw's 9th anniversary, a lottery will be drawn from those who answered the quiz correctly.
We are running a campaign to give away goods that are useful for drawing.

You can apply without registration or authentication, so please join us.

MagicalDraw 9th Anniversary Campaign

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2020, 08/11 22:48 (1294day) Posted | 2020, 08/16 02:28 (1289day) Updated
-Added emotion blacklist function <br>You can hide only specific emotions in the comment section.
To hide it, press "Hide this emotion" in the emotion popup that opens when you press an emotion.
Cancellation is possible by clearing the entire list from the Kusama icon in the upper right → "Settings" → "Display" → "Initialize" → "Hide Emo".

・Added a drawing comment sharing page
You can now open a sharing page for drawing comments and post them to Twitter etc. with TwitterCards attached.
On the relevant shared page, a list of drawing comments (original, not reposted) posted to that distribution will also be displayed.

・Fixed a bug with kukuluLIVE FaceRig over Network/VirtualCam over Network
In an environment where UDP hole punching cannot be used (an environment using a TURN server),
Fixed an issue where playback would sometimes not start unless a button was pressed in interactive mode in OBS.

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