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2023, 04/02 04:19 (330day) Posted
Due to changes in TwitterAPI specifications, the "Mutual Twitter follow is required" setting for the "Entry Authentication Function" will be abolished.
As of April 2, 2023, this setting will no longer be available for new use.

Rooms set in the past can use this setting until April 20, 2023 unless changed.
After that, no one other than the owner will be allowed to enter.
Settings are not automatically canceled to prevent unintentional release.
We apologize for the inconvenience, but please switch to the "admission password" function.

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2023, 04/02 04:10 (330day) Posted | 2023, 04/02 04:11 (330day) Updated
We have released the web version of What Happens.
Available only in your browser, you can record your entire desktop, any browser tab, or any application.
After recording, you can crop the desired position, or after trimming at any playback position, convert it into a URL.

You can record up to 30 minutes.
The storage period is unlimited if it is less than 100MB, and 90 days if it is larger.

What's going on WEB version

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2023, 03/05 19:44 (358day) Posted | 2023, 08/31 20:35 (179day) Updated
We have added an email creation assist function that uses AI to correct email content and automatically generate reply content.
Anyone can use it.
If the premium plan is active, it uses smarter AI models to improve the quality of results.

After entering the text of the email roughly, press the assist function icon on the upper right of the entry field to automatically correct it to a polite style.

If you don't like it, press the "Regenerate" button to change to a different result.
If you like it, press "Yes" to replace the text.

If you want to reply to an email, press the assist function icon at the top right of the entry field without filling anything in, and a screen will appear where you can select an image for your reply.
Just select a rough image of the content you want to reply to, such as affirmation, denial, or hold, and a reply will be automatically generated.

You can also format the text that was roughly entered when replying, and further automatically correct the automatically generated text.

In addition, automatic generation supports languages other than Japanese, and automatically determines the language of the email body or reply source and generates sentences in that language.

This feature is in beta.

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2023, 02/18 22:16 (373day) Posted | 2023, 02/18 22:16 (373day) Updated
On the Terms of Use (Guidelines) consent screen when acquiring a distribution slot,
You can skip the next time by checking ``Do not show this again if there are no changes to the rules.''

Furthermore, if this skip setting is enabled, a feature that allows you to automatically obtain a distribution slot when connecting via RTMP will also be enabled.
If you make a push connection from OBS etc. without acquiring a distribution slot, you will automatically acquire a "recording distribution slot".

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2023, 02/13 19:48 (378day) Posted
The description of "regular distribution frame" has been changed to "distribution frame with recording".
In addition, private distribution, which was previously possible only in the "distribution frame without recording", is now possible in the "distribution frame with recording".

Private distribution that can be viewed only by those who know the URL can be performed with the recording left, further expanding the use.

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2023, 02/07 02:04 (384day) Posted | 2023, 02/07 02:04 (384day) Updated
・Supported linking with DiscordID
You can now log in using your Discord ID instead of your ID and password.
Only one federation ID can be linked to one DDNSNow account.
(You can cancel it once and transfer it to another account.)

・Supported "Log in with email address" <br>You can now log in without changing your password using the authentication key you received with your email address.
The old "Reset password using email address" option has been abolished.

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2023, 02/06 02:46 (385day) Posted | 2023, 02/06 02:51 (385day) Updated
MagicalDraw's login function has been updated,
You can now also link Discord/Google/Apple linked IDs.

You can add multiple federated IDs to a single MagicalDraw account,
Even if one of your linked IDs becomes unusable due to freeze, etc., you can continue to use the same MagicalDraw account.
You can also cancel the linkage ID and replace it with a new linkage ID.

You can add or change from the "Add/Change Linkage ID" button on My Page.

Even those who cannot use Twitter for religious reasons will be able to use the functions of the MagicalDraw account.
If there is no link to Twitter, a small number of functions will be restricted, such as the direct tweet function and the setting where only the owner and mutual follow can enter.

Please note that logging in via Twitter will continue to be supported.

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2023, 02/04 01:54 (387day) Posted | 2023, 02/06 04:10 (385day) Updated
The linked ID function of kukuluID, which allows you to log in with your Twitter, Apple, or Google ID, has been renewed.
Multiple linkage IDs can now be set for one kukuluID.

kukuluID cooperation ID setting

In addition to the above, the following login functions have been improved.

・The linked ID can now be canceled at any time.
You can completely unlink it and use it as a pure kukulu ID, or you can unfreeze your frozen account and replace it with a new one.

- If you have linked one linked ID with multiple kukuluIDs, you can now select which kukuluID to log in with when logging in.
Previously, the last logged-in one was automatically selected, but now you can select it arbitrarily.

- Supported login with DiscordID.

・You can now use "Today's Scratch" if you are linked with one of the collaboration IDs.

- We have abolished "Reset password with email address" and now support "Log in with email address".
You can log in with the authentication code sent by email with your password as it is.
If the address is not yet registered, you can simply register and log in.

You can continue to use your Twitter ID to log in as before.

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2023, 01/30 10:20 (392day) Posted | 2023, 01/30 10:23 (392day) Updated
・You can now fill in the file name and list name <br>You can rewrite the file name when uploading and display it in an easy-to-understand manner.
If it's a file list, you can also write a title for the list, so you can tell people who want to download it.

・You can now remove files from the list <br>You can remove files from the X button on the top right of the file list.
Even if you delete it from the list, it will remain uploaded as a single file.

・No longer distinguish between uppercase/lowercase letters and full-width/half-width characters<br>Even if the character type of the file URL fluctuates, it will be rewritten to the correct URL and accessed.

・No longer use hard-to-distinguish characters in file URLs <br>Hard-to-distinguish characters such as zero and oh, i and el are no longer used in file URLs.
Existing ones can be used as is.

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2023, 01/21 20:53 (401day) Posted | 2023, 01/21 21:34 (401day) Updated
The distribution-related pages that were accessible from the Mabinogi version of kukulu have been integrated into kukuluLIVE.
Some specifications such as the display order of the distribution are different from the Mabinogi version of kukulu, so we will guide you on how to restore it.

・How to display Mabinogi distribution at the top of the distribution list

1. Log in with your kukuluID.

2. Search for "Mabinogi" in the delivery list.

3. Save the search word from "Save Search".

4. Distributions that include Mabinogi while playing "Mabinogi" or in the distribution description etc. will be displayed at the top.

・ About the kukulu ID that was authenticated by Mabinogi

For the time being, you can use it as it is in the authenticated state.
If you wish to cancel the Mabinogi character authentication, please go to the login page and perform "Cancel Mabinogi authentication".

When you cancel your personal authentication, the URL of your profile (userdata.php) will change.
Also, once unlocked, it cannot be restored.

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