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2020, 05/01 21:52 (1535day) Posted | 2020, 05/04 18:52 (1532day) Updated
・Added instructions
In the PC version, you can display the manual by clicking "Show manual" in the upper right corner of the room, and in the smartphone version, you can display the manual by clicking the "?" icon on the left.

-Improved range selection
When selecting ranges such as merging layers, copying, or deleting when zooming on the smartphone version,
The range selection window used to be zoomed in, but it now appears at the correct size.
Also, an error dialog will now be displayed when specifying an item that extends beyond the canvas.

-Improved image pasting function
JPEG/PNG of 500KB → 800KB can now be used.
Also, transparent PNG can now be used normally.

-Improved the dialog display <br>The game mode dialog display is now easier to see, especially on the smartphone version.

-Fixed an issue where straight line mode could not be used in the smartphone version
- Fixed an issue where converting canvas images to URLs did not work in the smartphone browser version.

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2020, 04/28 22:43 (1538day) Posted | 2020, 04/28 22:48 (1538day) Updated
With the rapid increase in the number of users, problems occurred in data storage distribution processing,
We have confirmed that data such as canvases have been lost in some rooms.

Originally, it was designed to be stored for one year from the last connection,
In affected rooms, all data was deleted between 3 and 50 days after the last connection.
Restoration was also not possible. I am sorry.

This issue has already been fixed, and future saved data is currently scheduled to be saved for two years from the last connection.
Please accept my apologies for any inconvenience.

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2020, 04/22 19:12 (1544day) Posted | 2020, 04/22 19:15 (1544day) Updated
-Added a drawing prohibition function <br>In the default state, participants can draw freely (except for tours), but now the owner can change drawing to a permission system.
If you are the owner or temporary owner, a selection list will appear in the participant list window.

If you set "Only authorized people can draw", all participants including yourself will be prohibited from drawing.
You can set permissions individually for each participant.

This function can be used in the following situations.

・Prevent vandalism by allowing drawing after communicating for a while after entering ・Controlling who can draw allows events and games to proceed smoothly prevent

This setting reverts to its default state if the room is left unattended for a few minutes and then suspended.

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2020, 04/21 03:45 (1545day) Posted | 2020, 04/21 07:15 (1545day) Updated
2020/04/21 07:12 Addendum Due to lack of notification to those who have newly started distribution within the past two years, many people were unintentionally subject to deduction.
We have made an improvement so that the experience value subtraction for the deleted deliveries will only be from today (2020/04/21).
Once you access the broadcast slot management page, the subtracted amount will be restored.
Please note that if you delete the distribution record after today, it will be subject to subtraction.

Since we have received many inquiries that "the broadcaster level suddenly rebounded",
I will explain the specifications.

Experience points at the streamer level are calculated from the cumulative broadcast time of “undeleted” streams, the number of comments, etc.
If you delete the distribution record yourself after the broadcast, the distributor level may be reverted.

This calculation process for subtraction is different from addition and is a heavy process, so it is performed during database optimization approximately every two years.
For this reason, there are cases where the broadcaster level suddenly decreases sharply, but (currently) it is the specification. note that.

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2020, 04/08 04:57 (1558day) Posted | 2020, 04/18 07:39 (1548day) Updated
・Improved the Twitter linking function <br>In the past, when linking with Twitter (logging in), the participant name was fixed to the Twitter ID unless you logged out.
You can now participate using any name, including anonymous, even while logged in to Twitter. You can choose when you enter the room.

In addition, room access history was distinguished by IP address, but by logging in with Twitter ID, even if the IP address is the same, it is now recorded separately.
This feature allows it to work properly even when there are multiple users in the household.

In addition, we have improved the room owner authentication function.
Room owner information can now be associated with multiple Twitter IDs, making it unnecessary to log in with the owner password each time when managing multiple rooms with multiple people.

-Added a temporary owner function <br>The temporary owner function is a function that allows you to temporarily promote a trusted participant to an owner and grant some privileges such as BAN and rewind.
The owner can be used from the "Temporary owner designation" button in the list of participants in the room.

Owners can grant and revoke temporary ownership at any time.
Temporary owners can also promote other participants to become temporary owners.
All temporary ownership rights are lost when a room becomes unoccupied and suspended.

By using this function, you can entrust management to a trusted participant without giving out the owner password.

・Improved the ban function <br>The owner can check the list of banned participants from the "ban list" page, and it is now possible to remove them.

・Emoji can now be used in room descriptions and names <br>Unicode emojis can now be used normally without displaying "?" in room descriptions and names.

- Now supports English <br>When accessing from a device other than Japanese, almost all UI will be in English. Both PC and smartphone versions are supported.
If you want to display in a language different from your device settings, you can force the change from the bottom of the page.

・Improved specifications for public rooms <br>In order to prevent public rooms from becoming unmanageable, changes have been made so that they will automatically become private when the room owner (including the temporary owner) is no longer in the room.

・Improved the owner function release function In addition to "do not release" and "release to anyone", the setting "release only to Twitter authenticated participants" has been added.

-Changed the maximum canvas size to 3000 x 3000
The maximum canvas is limited because on iPads, etc., there may be a lack of memory and the operation may be significantly delayed.
If you want to set it to a canvas up to 4000 x 4000 at the risk,
Please upload a transparent PNG of the specified size from "Initialize image file as canvas (for advanced users)" on the admission page.

・Fixed an issue that caused the canvas to rewind when drawing .
Fixed an issue where some drawings may be missing.

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2020, 03/28 11:27 (1569day) Posted
You can change settings related to dark mode from "Dark mode" in advanced settings.

By default, it follows the OS settings.
Force dark mode regardless of OS settings and vice versa.

The dark mode feature itself is available in all environments,
Currently, only the Windows, Mac, and iOS versions can follow the OS settings.
In the Android version, it is necessary to change the dark mode to "on" from the detailed settings in the discarded email.

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2020, 03/09 02:10 (1588day) Posted | 2020, 03/09 02:19 (1588day) Updated
kukuluLIVE dynamically determines the storage period for recordings based on the class of the broadcaster and the number of views of recordings.
Due to the increase in the number of distributions and the rise in image quality (bit rate), the amount of storage required per hour is increasing rapidly.
Adding and maintaining recording servers and storage is becoming difficult.

For this reason, only when the allocated Storage Server storage capacity is critical.
The storage period may be shorter than the indicated number of days.
These are done automatically and will return to the previous specification when sufficient storage is available.
(Permanent storage done on tickets will not be canceled)

Regarding the recording of important distributions, please overlay comments on the distribution video and save it locally on the OBS side.
Please consider uploading to YouTube etc. after distribution.

We apologize for any inconvenience, but we ask for your understanding and cooperation.

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2020, 02/25 16:02 (1601day) Posted | 2020, 03/01 21:05 (1596day) Updated
- Added a drawing protection function to prevent incorrect operations. <br>Added a drawing protection function that prevents drawing in areas other than the set area.

When you press "Operation" → "Misoperation prevention" → "Select drawable area", area selection will be displayed.

After selecting the area you want to draw, press the "Enter" button, a green box will be displayed in the drawable area,
All drawing actions outside this area will be cancelled.

-Improved so that the gray area does not bounce when scrolled with a pen or finger in the ChromiumEdge and Android browser versions.
- Changed so that the state before restoration is not automatically saved when restoring.
- Expanded the daily limit of time shift to 60MB and shortened the maximum storage period to 3 days.
-Fixed an issue where the copy function etc. did not work properly while using the reverse function on the smartphone version.
-Fixed an issue where area selection may not work properly in the English version
-Fixed an issue where the canvas was not resized correctly on smartphone versions other than iPad when changing the canvas size.

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2020, 02/22 05:19 (1604day) Posted | 2020, 06/10 13:15 (1495day) Updated

Conventionally, the push connection destination address (RTMP connection destination) and stream name were changed each time a broadcast slot was acquired.
It is now fixed for each account ID.

The push connection destination address is fixed to "rtmp://" for all accounts,
The stream name will be your account's API key.

If you wish to change your password due to a leak, etc., you can do so by clicking "Change" in the "API Key" field on the login page.

When using "OBS connection destination automatic setting" or "kukuluLIVE easy setup", this fixed address is not used as the connection destination is automatically entered into the software each time.
This function is for the following people.

・Those who use XSplit or ffmpeg (those who cannot use automatic configuration)
・Those who connect GoPro etc. via the external RTMP function using the kukuluLIVE Encoder2 smartphone app ・Those who are streaming on multiple sites simultaneously ・Those who are streaming from a Mac ・Those who are not aware of the existence of Coffret

This function connects to a traditional push server via a reverse proxy server, so
Connecting directly with a non-fixed address as before is more advantageous in terms of latency and stability, and is also lower cost.
If you are in an environment where you can use the "Automatic OBS connection setting" built into kukuluLIVE Coffret, please continue to use it.
The feeling of not wasting 1Mbps will make tomorrow's kukuluLIVE more comfortable. We thank you for your cooperation.

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2020, 02/14 17:30 (1612day) Posted
-Added a function that makes it easier to find streams that are currently distributing your favorite content.Streams that include tags that have been saved using the "Save search" function will
It will be prioritized and displayed in the upper left of the broadcast list on the top page, and the background will be blue.

Please see below for the "Save Search" function.

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