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2020, 05/30 18:17 (1484day) Posted | 2020, 06/02 01:36 (1482day) Updated
・Improved specifications for zooming and scrolling on smartphones/tablets
Zooming, scrolling, reversing, etc. are now smoother.
Resolved an issue where color circles and sliders would lose resolution when zoomed, and windows would disappear.

・Pinch zoom is now possible regardless of the tool state on smartphones/tablets <br>You can now pinch zoom with two fingers while in pen mode or stroking mode.
When you release your finger, it returns to the original tool.

・"Two-finger operation" setting is now available in the smartphone/tablet version You can change it from "Operation setting".
The default is pen mode or eraser mode, and if you operate with two fingers, you can pinch zoom, and if you release your fingers, it will return to the original mode.
You can change the setting to remain in move mode when you lift your finger, or to disable two-finger operation (palm rejection).
This is for people who are afraid of making mistakes.

- "Full resolution mode" is now available on Android. You can turn it on from "Display settings". (When changing, you will need to re-enter the room)
Downscaling on smartphones will be disabled, and the display will be at the same resolution as the PC and iPad versions.
Unless it is a high-spec smartphone such as a Pixel 3 or later or a Galaxy S9 or later that is equipped with at least 4GB of memory,
Please note that it may crash due to lack of memory. The iPhone version is not available due to OS restrictions.

-Improved scrolling from the preview screen on smartphones/tablets
In the Android version, you can now drag the preview screen to scroll to your desired position.
In the iOS version, it was previously only possible to click, but now it is also possible to drag.

- A preview of the pat pointer is now displayed
- The settings screen has been organized and the inversion and stroking pointers are now separate lists.
・Moved "Left-handed mode" to "Operation settings"
・Reduced waiting time when restoring canvas
・More delicate expressions with a pen size of 3px or less are now possible on Android and iPhone

-Fixed the problem that the display was different from the actual one when changing the transparency in an undetermined state when using uniform transparency or mask pen.
-Fixed an issue where the eyedropper preview did not work properly when inverted
・Fixed an issue where the voice navigation reading sometimes did not work.
-Fixed an issue where the pointer position may shift when scrolling or resizing
-Fixed an issue where the size of the stroke pointer may be incorrect on Android and iPhone
- Fixed an issue where the thickness was different from other devices when using a pen size of 1px or less on iOS

-Fixed an issue where room access history could not be deleted correctly.

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2020, 05/28 02:59 (1487day) Posted
In addition to the default stroking pointer and the room's original stroking pointer,
You can now add and distribute pointers with your own strokes.

To use the function, you must be logged in with Twitter.

You can access "My Pointer Management" and "Public Pointer List" from My Page.

In "My Pointer Management", you can add up to 50 stroking pointers.
Anything you add is only available to you in all rooms.

If you want to distribute to other people, switch from the "Distribute" button to "Distributing".

The pointers being distributed are published in the "Public Pointer List" and can be obtained and used by anyone.

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2020, 05/19 11:31 (1495day) Posted
Added a rejection setting to prevent the tag from being re-attached if an incorrect auto-tag is assigned.

If it is currently being broadcast, please check the "Autotag" field on the broadcast slot management page (,
After the broadcast, from the "List of past broadcasts" → "Recording settings" → "Auto tag" field on the broadcast slot management page,
If you delete an autotag by clicking the "X" button on the right side of the autotag you want to delete, that tag will automatically be added to the rejection list.

Once a tag is on the rejected list, it will not be added again, even if it is included in the title or description.
*This rejection list is applied only when a tag is set from the title or description, and is not applied when Coffret etc. recognizes the running software ID because there is no erroneous recognition due to the mechanism.

If you are added to the reject list by mistake, you can remove it from the page below.

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2020, 05/15 00:43 (1500day) Posted | 2020, 05/24 17:17 (1490day) Updated
・Drawing cancellation is now available on smartphones/tablets <br>Drawing cancellation is now available on smartphone/tablet app/web versions.
If you turn on "Settings" → "Operation Settings" → "Enable drawing undo" on the palette, a red back icon will appear on the left, and you can undo by pressing it.
The specifications are the same as the PC version, such as undoing only once, within 5 seconds, and no eraser.

-Shortcut keys are now available on smartphones/tablets
If you connect a Bluetooth keyboard, SmartKeyboard, USB keyboard, etc., you can use shortcut keys like the PC version.
In the initial state, shortcut keys are not set, so please register your favorite keys from "Settings" → "Shortcut key settings" on the palette.
If a chat window is open, the Enter-to-chat feature is on by default.

- Added virtual shortcut key function <br>Added "virtual shortcut key" function that allows shortcut keys to be used from buttons on the screen.
It can be opened from the palette "Settings" → "Shortcut key setting" → "Virtual shortcut key",
It can be used by setting the keys "v0" to "v9" as shortcut keys.

・Improved the flip function <br>The canvas is now moved to the appropriate position when flipping.
The horizontal and vertical flips in the settings window are now independent buttons, and each press toggles between flips.
You can now set the shortcut key to flip horizontally and flip vertically.

- Added a function to save and read pen thickness and transparency. <br>You can now set "Size & Transparency Save" and "Size & Transparency Read" as shortcut keys
You can now save the current pen and eraser thickness and transparency by pressing the save key, and restore it by pressing the read key.

-Improved range specification <br>Range specification for layer integration, swapping, copying, and deletion functions now works properly even if it extends beyond the canvas.
Only the movement function will be the same as before to avoid problems in specific environments.

-Improved pointer display on smartphones/tablets <br>When drawing or stroking from the smartphone/tablet version, the pointer would disappear immediately when you raised your finger or pen.
The pointer now remains at the last position for a few seconds.

・Added function to hide public rooms
Only while logged in with Twitter, you can add any public room to the hidden list by clicking the "X" button in the upper right corner of the thumbnail.
Cancellation is possible from My Page.

・Improved the video creation function of Canvas time shift <br>The image quality is now higher and the fps is now automatically adjusted according to the number of frames.
There were many cases where a temporarily generated download URL that was valid for a short time was shared, so when it is generated, it is automatically uploaded, and you can watch, share the URL, and download it. Now
No matter what happens, it will be deleted about 100 days after the last viewing, so if you want to keep it forever, please use "Upload to Twitter".

・Position restoration when flipping is now available in the Android version
- Android version now supports scrolling from the preview window
Similar to iOS, the ability to restore the position when flipped vertically/horizontally and scroll to the specified position by tapping the preview window is now available on the Android web version/app version as well.
Since Android bugs are being avoided in an unreasonable way, there may be slight deviations depending on the device, but this is the current specification.

・Improved the specifications of the original Nade Nade Pointer <br>The maximum number of registrations has increased from 30 to 50.
You can now rename added pointers.
Emoji characters are now available for pointer names.
Adding and removing pointers and renaming are now reflected in the room in real time.

・Production mode is now available on iPad
Production mode is now available on the web version/app version of iPad (iPadOS13 or later).
You can use the full functions of LINE stamp production and GIF animation production.

・"Left-handed mode" has been added to the smartphone/tablet version. <br>If you turn on "Settings" → "Display settings" → "Left-handed mode" in the palette,
The tool switching button at the edge of the screen will now be displayed on the opposite side.

-Fixed an issue where adding original pointers and pasting images were not available in the Android app version.
App update to v2020.05.22.1 or later is required.

-Added "Current tool transparency -/+" to the shortcut keys <br>If the current tool is a pen, you can increase or decrease the transparency of the pen, and if it is an eraser, you can increase or decrease the transparency of the eraser by 1% using the shortcut keys.

- Owner login and room password status are now retained even when moving between multiple rooms.
・It is now possible to register an original pat pointer on the smartphone/tablet version.
- Window resizing status is now saved on smartphone/tablet versions as well.

-Fixed an issue where the window would go out of range on the Android version
-Fixed an issue where the misoperation prevention lock did not work with some operations.
・Fixed an issue where when drawing extremely thinly when pen pressure was enabled, the drawing could not be seen on devices other than iOS devices.
-Fixed an issue where a large ink spill bug occasionally occurred when using pen pressure drawing from a smartphone or tablet.
-Fixed the worst problem in the Android app version where the canvas would shift when opening the in-app browser and then returning.
- Fixed an issue where the position would shift when using the image pasting function on Android and iPhone versions.
-Fixed an issue where it took an abnormally long time to enter a room on IE11.
・Fixed an issue where it was not possible to enter the room on the old Edge with its own engine.
・Fixed an issue where the drawing position would shift if drawing was in progress when changing the canvas size.

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2020, 05/10 17:16 (1504day) Posted | 2020, 05/13 04:46 (1501day) Updated
Server relocation work was completed at 4:46 AM. Thank you for your cooperation.

Due to server relocation work, the service will be suspended on the following dates.

May 13, 2020, for a maximum of 2 hours between 2:00 am and 9:00 am *It was scheduled for the 12th, but was postponed due to high demand.

All functions will be unavailable during this work.
Also, running rooms will automatically stop when you start working on them.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

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2020, 05/10 09:58 (1504day) Posted | 2020, 05/12 23:49 (1502day) Updated
・We have strengthened measures against vandalism that abuses layer merging, etc. Functions that have a large impact on the canvas, such as layer merging and range movement, etc.
It can only be used if some time has passed since entering the room, and if you have already done some pen drawing.
Normally, these functions are rarely used immediately after entry, and have little effect on humans. Also, there are no restrictions on the owner.
You can turn it off by selecting ``Prohibit the use of layer merging and area deletion for a while after entering'' in ``Functional Restrictions''.

- Improved so that it will be displayed in the participant list for a while after leaving. <br>You can ban someone without opening the chat log page, which is useful for quick trolling.

・Improved the chat log <br>Operation logs (layer integration, range movement, etc.) are now saved, making it easier to identify vandals.
The operation log is not displayed in the initial state, but it is displayed when you turn it on from the filter button.

In addition, it is now possible to filter conversations, entry/exit, and operation logs.

Operation logs will now be saved for the owner-only chat log page accessed from the entrance page.
You can also filter it in the same way, so you can check it even if you are not in the room.

-Improved the palette window <br>The window size of the extended palette and shared palette is now variable, allowing you to change it to any shape you like.
Position and size are saved.

- Replay playback speed can now be set up to 100x (10000%)
-Fixed an issue where replay playback would sometimes stop midway.

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2020, 05/01 21:52 (1513day) Posted | 2020, 05/04 18:52 (1510day) Updated
・Added instructions
In the PC version, you can display the manual by clicking "Show manual" in the upper right corner of the room, and in the smartphone version, you can display the manual by clicking the "?" icon on the left.

-Improved range selection
When selecting ranges such as merging layers, copying, or deleting when zooming on the smartphone version,
The range selection window used to be zoomed in, but it now appears at the correct size.
Also, an error dialog will now be displayed when specifying an item that extends beyond the canvas.

-Improved image pasting function
JPEG/PNG of 500KB → 800KB can now be used.
Also, transparent PNG can now be used normally.

-Improved the dialog display <br>The game mode dialog display is now easier to see, especially on the smartphone version.

-Fixed an issue where straight line mode could not be used in the smartphone version
- Fixed an issue where converting canvas images to URLs did not work in the smartphone browser version.

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2020, 04/28 22:43 (1516day) Posted | 2020, 04/28 22:48 (1516day) Updated
With the rapid increase in the number of users, problems occurred in data storage distribution processing,
We have confirmed that data such as canvases have been lost in some rooms.

Originally, it was designed to be stored for one year from the last connection,
In affected rooms, all data was deleted between 3 and 50 days after the last connection.
Restoration was also not possible. I am sorry.

This issue has already been fixed, and future saved data is currently scheduled to be saved for two years from the last connection.
Please accept my apologies for any inconvenience.

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2020, 04/22 19:12 (1522day) Posted | 2020, 04/22 19:15 (1522day) Updated
-Added a drawing prohibition function <br>In the default state, participants can draw freely (except for tours), but now the owner can change drawing to a permission system.
If you are the owner or temporary owner, a selection list will appear in the participant list window.

If you set "Only authorized people can draw", all participants including yourself will be prohibited from drawing.
You can set permissions individually for each participant.

This function can be used in the following situations.

・Prevent vandalism by allowing drawing after communicating for a while after entering ・Controlling who can draw allows events and games to proceed smoothly prevent

This setting reverts to its default state if the room is left unattended for a few minutes and then suspended.

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2020, 04/21 03:45 (1523day) Posted | 2020, 04/21 07:15 (1523day) Updated
2020/04/21 07:12 Addendum Due to lack of notification to those who have newly started distribution within the past two years, many people were unintentionally subject to deduction.
We have made an improvement so that the experience value subtraction for the deleted deliveries will only be from today (2020/04/21).
Once you access the broadcast slot management page, the subtracted amount will be restored.
Please note that if you delete the distribution record after today, it will be subject to subtraction.

Since we have received many inquiries that "the broadcaster level suddenly rebounded",
I will explain the specifications.

Experience points at the streamer level are calculated from the cumulative broadcast time of “undeleted” streams, the number of comments, etc.
If you delete the distribution record yourself after the broadcast, the distributor level may be reverted.

This calculation process for subtraction is different from addition and is a heavy process, so it is performed during database optimization approximately every two years.
For this reason, there are cases where the broadcaster level suddenly decreases sharply, but (currently) it is the specification. note that.

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