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2020, 07/17 03:58 (1467day) Posted | 2020, 07/17 04:00 (1467day) Updated
The following updates have been made in the latest version v3.2.0.0.

・Simple editing can now be undone ・Added "black fill" to simple editing ・Created URL is now https (SSL)

Antivirus may falsely detect binaries until they are on the safe list, so please add them to the exclusion list as appropriate.

"Gamennau" software is automatically updated to the latest version when it is started.

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2020, 07/15 06:35 (1469day) Posted | 2020, 07/18 18:50 (1465day) Updated
・You can now change the detail mode of the eyedropper .
Changed to absorb color and transparency by default.

It is now possible to switch between the conventional mode of blotting only the color part and the mode of blotting with the color displayed on the screen as you like.

In the PC version, you can change the mode by pressing the eyedropper icon again in the eyedropper mode from the palette.

In the smartphone/tablet version, you can change the mode from the eyedropper settings icon.

<When absorbing RGBA(128,128,128,128)>
- Color and Transparency: Change the selected color to RGB(128,128,128) and 50% opacity.

- Absorb only the color part: Change the selected color to RGB (128,128,128).

- Absorb by display color: Changes the selected color to RGB(192,192,192) on a white background, and changes the selected color to RGB(64,64,64) on a black background. Change the opacity to 100%.
*Even if the background image is other than white, it will be composited with that color, so you can absorb the color as you see it.

・Improved the timing of picking up color from the dropper
This allows you to bring up the color preview circle while holding down the right click if you have the eyedropper set to right click in pen mode.

・Improved the "Paste image on canvas" function <br>In the past, only images of 800KB or less could be pasted, but now there is no size limit and it is now possible to paste any large image as it is.
Images larger than 800KB will be automatically compressed locally before being sent, resulting in lower image quality and resolution.

- Added pat pointer. Added ``pacifier'' and ``baby bottle.'' Also, the default hand size has been increased.

・Added shortcuts <br>You can now change the detailed mode of the eyedropper and the shape of the eraser from shortcut keys.

-Improved so that the lines are relatively smooth even on slow devices on Android

・Fixed an issue where the color could not be absorbed with the eyedropper when the uniform transparency pen drawing was not canceled.
-Fixed an issue where the image pasting function may not be available on IE or older Edge
Fixed an issue where touch response could be sluggish on mobile devices

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2020, 07/14 07:28 (1470day) Posted | 2020, 07/17 09:11 (1467day) Updated
・Added a function to display the document image in a window <br>You can cut out an image saved on your computer or smartphone, or cut out a part of the canvas and display it as a MagicalDraw window.
Not only is it useful for drawing as a reference, but you can also use a dropper to absorb the color.

This function can be used from "Operation" → "Display document image".

"Select document image" reads the image on your computer or smartphone.

"Trim Canvas" trims and reads the canvas.
*Unlike preview, the image is fixed at the time of trimming and will not be updated.

You can use the eyedropper mode to directly absorb the color from the document window.
You can change the zoom rate with the slider [1] and display it semi-transparently [2].
Vertical and horizontal inversion [3] is also possible. (Excluding IE)

The image displayed in the document window is saved on the terminal, and if you leave the room with it open, it will be restored the next time you enter.

・Improved the behavior when pressing the room URL in the palette <br>On the PC version / mobile web version, copy the participation URL.
The smartphone app version calls the sharing function of the OS, so you can invite people on Twitter or LINE without switching screens.

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2020, 07/11 04:11 (1473day) Posted | 2020, 07/12 06:55 (1472day) Updated
・The background function has been improved, and it is now possible to add original backgrounds .
As soon as the owner changes the background, everyone's background will be changed to the same one.
General participants are now unable to change the background.

Additionally, you can now add original backgrounds.
Owners can upload original background images on the admission page.
If the canvas size and background image size are different, you can choose to stretch or tile the background image.

The added original background can be specified from "Operation" → "Background Image" in the room.

For example, in a collaborative project, by using the explanation and dividing frame as a background,
You can use layers 1 and 2 freely, and there is no need to restore the instructions even if you initialize the canvas.

You can also easily turn the current canvas into a background image.
You can add a layer-combined image as a background image from "Operation" → "Background image" → "Create background from current canvas".
By clearing the current canvas after turning it into a background, it can also be used as the bottom layer that cannot be edited.

The background image is also reflected in preview, time shift, and replay recording data.
The background is not included during restoration, so transparency is preserved even if a background image is used.

- Added grid function From "Settings" → "Display settings" → "Show grid",
You can display the grid above the background and below the drawing layer.
20 pixels is one square, and the line color is displayed darker every 200 pixels.

The grid is different from the background, so participants can freely change its settings, and it is hidden when saved.

・Firefox has become a non-supported browser <br>Both desktop and mobile versions of Firefox are no longer available.
Although it is a browser that no one uses anymore, there are many parts that must be considered because it is an original engine, so we will reduce the weight by truncating it.

-Improved so that the dropper function cannot pick up areas where nothing is drawn.
-Fixed an issue where the color would change when using the dropper function to suck up a transparent area
-Fixed an issue where the background was not displayed in production mode

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2020, 07/08 00:06 (1476day) Posted | 2020, 07/08 00:07 (1476day) Updated
The latest version of the app version now allows you to change the way URLs are opened.
You can choose between opening in the traditional in-app browser and calling the browser app.

For Android/FireOS app version, from v2020.07.07.2 or later, click the settings button on the top right.
The iOS app version can be changed from advanced settings in v2.0.25 or later.

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2020, 07/05 23:01 (1478day) Posted | 2020, 07/10 01:49 (1474day) Updated
-Improved the UI for smartphone/tablet versions <br>You can now use almost all functions without using the "Palette" window designed for PCs.
The tool UI fixed at the top of the screen will now switch to the optimal one depending on the current mode.

- Movement modes: resize display, fit to window, rotate and flip, participants, settings, save, etc.
- Stroke mode: change stroke pointer
- Pen mode: pen size, color, drawing layer, pen type, image stabilization, pen pressure, layer transparency, copying, layer merging, etc.
- Eyedropper mode: color, drawing layer
- Eraser mode: eraser size, drawing layer

- Improved the specifications of the dropper <br>The color preview of the dropper is now always displayed at a constant size, making operation with your finger more comfortable than before.
It is now possible to suck drawings that are waiting to be canceled.
The option "Do not pick up white with eyedropper" has been removed.

・Improved the specifications of the stroke pointer in the smartphone/tablet version Now

- Changed the maximum canvas size specifications
For backward compatibility, canvases larger than 3000 x 3000 and up to 4000 x 4000 were only allowed with the "Initialize canvas from image" and "Restore saved canvas" functions, but this has been abolished.
If the size exceeds 3000 x 3000, the room cannot be set to public.
You can download the saved canvas as the original image from Preview. You can also download each layer, so you can resize it and use it again on the canvas by "Initialize canvas from image".

・Fixed an issue where the color was blotted out at the starting position of the dropper mode on the smartphone/tablet version.
- Fixed an issue when changing the layer display transparency during the drawing cancellation countdown
-Fixed an issue where the pat pointer would not time out.
・Fixed an issue where the color could not be drawn correctly with the eyedropper when using a uniformly transparent pen.
・Fixed an issue where drawing could not be done if the copy/move function was canceled when used.

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2020, 07/01 04:53 (1483day) Posted | 2020, 07/01 04:57 (1483day) Updated
Added participant push notification function to the app version.
It can be used by updating to iOS app version v2.1.1 and Android app version v2020.06.29.1.

By pressing the "Push Notify Entrant" button on the room entry page and enabling the setting,
You will receive a push notification when someone enters your room.
Press the push notification to open the room in the app.

*If the same person re-enters within 3 minutes, you will not be notified.
*Notifications can be set even if you are not the room owner.
*Twitter login is required for the PC version of WebPush notifications, but not for the app version. (Push notification permission required in app settings)
*Not available in Kindle Fire version.

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2020, 06/29 04:31 (1485day) Posted | 2020, 07/04 12:17 (1480day) Updated
-Added a function that allows only the room owner and people who mutually follow each other to participate.If you set the "authentication function upon entry" to "Require Twitter login and mutual following",
Only the room owner and people who follow each other will be able to join the room.

If this setting is set, it will be displayed that only the owner's Twitter information and mutual followers can enter.
Each time you enter, we will check whether you are following each other, and you can only enter if you are following each other.

This is convenient because you can authenticate without using a room password. Of course you can also use them together.

*If multiple people share the owner password, mutual following will be determined on Twitter of the last owner who joined.
*If oAuth is expired, mutual follow cannot be confirmed and an error will occur. In this case, please cancel MagicalDraw's Twitter login and log in again.

- You can now change the minimum and maximum pen pressure. From Settings → Pen Pressure Settings, you can adjust the minimum and maximum pen pressure when using the pen pressure function.
If it is too thin for the pen size, you can set the lower limit by increasing the minimum pressure.

-Improved the shortcut key function
- Space key, Shift key, and Ctrl key can now be set individually.
- The shortcut keys ``Stroke while pressed'' and ``Eraser only while pressed'' can now be used from any operation mode.
- Added shortcut keys for "pen only while pressed" and "eye dropper only while pressed".
- Fixed an issue where the "Only while pressed" shortcut key and other shortcut keys could not be used at the same time.
- The specifications have been changed so that when you release the shortcut key "Only while pressed", the key returns to the previous mode instead of pen mode.
- Fixed an issue where virtual shortcut keys would not work when released.

・Improved the sound notification function
- Even in the browser version, sound notifications are now played normally after changing the mode once after entering.
- Improved the iOS version to play sound notifications while continuing to play music.

- The preview hiding function on the admission page has been abolished <br>This has been abolished because it has become a virtually meaningless function due to time shifting and Twitter posting.

- Added a workaround for the issue where colors differ when drawing with low transparency.
MagicalDraw supports various JavaScript engine environments,
Because different engines calculate colors differently when drawing with very low opacity,
It turned out that there was an issue where the color changed when re-entering another participant or room.
As a workaround for this, drawings with a transparency of 5% or less are treated uniformly as 5%. Applies to all pen modes and eraser.

・You can now use the setting "Reflect pen pressure on the eraser" in the smartphone/tablet version.
・The "Pen mode after eyedropper completion" setting is now available on smartphones/tablets.
・Improved to return to the original mode after using the range selection function
・Improved the entrance page preview to display in full resolution

-Fixed an issue where an iPhone could be misidentified as an iPad
-Fixed an issue where canvas downloads could not be performed on browsers other than Safari such as Chrome on iOS.
・Fixed an issue where the UI for the replay function, which was originally not available in the smartphone/tablet version, was displayed.

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2020, 06/23 18:07 (1490day) Posted | 2020, 06/25 22:21 (1488day) Updated
-Added the ability to select mouse and touch modes on touch-enabled PCs.
Touch-enabled PCs such as the Surface series can now perform touch operations such as pinch-zoom, just like the iPad.
However, there are cases where a mouse is used even on touch-enabled PCs, so
On touch-enabled PCs, you can now choose which mode to use when you first enter.
*This feature is only available on Chromium-based browsers (Chrome, new Edge, etc.).

If you select "Touch mode" , you can pinch to zoom with your fingers like on the iPad, and tool icons similar to the smartphone/tablet version will be displayed on the left side.
No mouse operations will be accepted.
Select this if you are drawing with your finger or a digitizer pen (Surface Pen, etc.).

If you select "Mouse Mode" , you can scroll and operate with the mouse as in the previous PC version.
Touch operations are also possible, but pinch zooming is not possible.
Select this if you are drawing with a mouse and an external pen tablet, or only with a mouse.

Whichever you choose, it will not affect the operation of digitizer pens (Surface Pen, etc.) or external pen tablets, and you can still use the pen pressure function.
If you want to change the mode later, press the "Reset" link on the admission page and the selection button will be displayed again when entering.

- Added chat overlay function <br>If the chat window is closed, new chat messages and entry/exit messages are now displayed as an overlay at the bottom of the screen.

-Improved the UI of the drawing cancellation function <br>The progress bar now displays a countdown of 5 seconds until the drawing is confirmed.
It will be displayed in the bottom right corner of the PC version, and below the undo icon in the smartphone/tablet version.

-Improved the chat log window on the iPad version
As with the PC version, you can now change the size of the window to your liking.

・Fixed an issue where the chat log would be resized while drawing.
- Fixed an issue where unintended drawing would occur if the pen mode was changed using the shortcut key while drawing was pressed while drawing cancellation was on.
・Fixed an issue where it may not be possible to cancel drawing when drawing is being pushed.

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2020, 06/14 21:07 (1499day) Posted | 2020, 06/21 15:49 (1492day) Updated
- Added rotation function <br>Canvas can be rotated and displayed.
You can display the rotation window from the palette and rotate, rotate from the shortcut key, or assign the mouse wheel to rotation in the case of the PC version.

Also, previously the flip function was available from the settings window, but it has now been moved to the rotation window.

・Added AI super-resolution function <br>It is a function that can improve image quality and resolution by performing up-conversion by machine learning on the server side.
You can make a small picture larger, or scale it to a level of resolution that can be used as a book manuscript.

1. To use this feature, open "AI Super Resolution" from the "Save" window in the MagicalDraw room and select the target area.

2. The cropped area will be loaded into MagicalConverter, so select the resolution magnification and output format and press the "Start conversion" button.

When the resolution magnification is set to "2x" or "4x", the number of image pixels increases by the magnification.
When set to "0x", noise removal and resolution are performed at 2x, and then the original number of pixels is restored.

3. Processing will be done on the server side and you can download the image after completion.

Super-resolution is very expensive, so it takes a long time as the number of pixels increases, but since it is processed by the GPU on the server side, it is faster than general CPU processing.

-Improved the preview window. Changed the "left/right" and "top/bottom" display from the previous full display to an enlarged scroll position display.
In addition, "0°" has been added.

- Improved shortcut key function It is now possible to set a shortcut key for "Fit the canvas to the screen" (Fit to Window).
Single key shortcuts have been changed so that they do not respond when the Ctrl or Shift key is held down.

・Drawing cancellation is now enabled by default <br>If the stroke becomes heavy and gets stuck at the beginning, please turn it off.

- Improved the stroking pointer to also flip or rotate when flipped or rotated <br>The pointer position of all people now shows the same position regardless of the flipped or rotated state.

-Improved the copy/move destination selection UI for the copy/move function.
・Reduced stroke confirmation action for drawing cancellation (operation that cannot be undone)

-Fixed an issue where the image may blur when saving after trimming.
-Fixed an issue where the preview window may not be drawn when using the rotation function.
-Fixed an issue where mouse hints would go off the screen
- Fixed an issue where it would become impossible to draw if the drawing protection function was canceled when selected.
・Fixed an issue where non-drawers could sometimes draw when playing Painter's Swamp/Blindfolded Swamp.

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