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2022, 01/18 19:24 (908day) Posted | 2022, 01/18 19:25 (908day) Updated
Previously, in order to use the address transfer function, it was necessary to know the transfer destination's throwaway email address, but
By using the "URL/QR code" mode, it is now possible to transfer by simply notifying the transferee of the URL or QR code.

You can create a URL and QR code for the procedure by specifying "URL / QR code" in "Contact method" when starting the transfer procedure.

By communicating this URL or QR code to the transferee, the transferee can fill in their own discarded email address and carry out the transfer procedure.
Even if the other party has never used a throwaway email address, you can start using it for the first time and receive an address.

This is useful when you want to transfer your address via SNS etc.

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2022, 01/16 21:08 (910day) Posted | 2022, 01/17 22:43 (909day) Updated
-Reduced memory usage, making it less likely to crash when using a large canvas.
Especially on iPads with less than 3GB of memory, crashes are now rare even when low image quality mode is not used.

- Firefox browser compatibility has been restored <br>Both the PC and mobile versions can now be used with Firefox.

- Fixed an issue where the straight line mode, uniformly transparent pen, and uniformly transparent eraser would penetrate the protected drawing area.

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2022, 01/13 03:50 (913day) Posted | 2022, 01/16 03:07 (910day) Updated
Added on 2022/01/15 15:50 <br>The objection has been accepted and the "" address has been restored to normal use.
We apologize for the delay in recovery as it took us some time to make understand that the domain lock was an error and there was no problem with our operations.

Added at 22:50, 2022/01/14 (PST)
"" addresses have been restored to normal availability.
Apologies for the delay in recovery as it took some time for to understand that the domain lock was a mistake and that there was no problem with InstAddr's operation.


For the domain address,
Due to the domain being locked by the registrar, sending, receiving, and new registrations are not available.

As for the reason for the registrar lock,, the hiring registrar, explains that it is "due to spam being sent."
The email provided as evidence was not sent from the "" mail server;
Spam was sent from a third-party mail server with the "Reply-To:" header set to the address obtained from "".
Since such emails are not sent from our mail server, even the advanced spam prevention AI operated by the throwaway email address cannot prevent them from being sent.

However, the registrar only received one abuse regarding an email sent from the third party's email server.
It seems that the registrar has locked the domain without contacting me, the owner of the domain.

Regarding this matter, we will protest to the registrar and request that the registrar lock be lifted.
I'm considering transferring my domain to another registrar.
We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience until the issue is resolved.

For addresses in "" domain, Due to a registrar hold on the domain, sending, receiving and new registrations are not available.

As for the reason for the registrar hold, (domain registrar) says it is "due to spam being sent".

However, the email shown as the basis was not sent from "" mail server.
Spam with the address obtained from "" set in the "Reply-To:" header was sent out from a third party's mail server.

Even InstAddr's anti-spam AI cannot prevent such mail from being sent.
This is because they do not originate from InstAddr's mail server.

Inexcusably, the registrar received an "Abuse" of the mail sent from the third party's mail server and locked the registrar without notifying me.

I'm protesting to the registrar about this matter and requesting them to lift the registrar hold.
At the same time, considering transferring my domain to another registrar.

Sorry for the inconvenience and please wait for a while until the problem is resolved.
Thank you.

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2022, 01/09 07:50 (917day) Posted | 2022, 01/09 07:51 (917day) Updated
You can play the stream at 0.4 to 2 times the speed.
You can change it from the settings button on the bottom right.
It can be used on both computers and smartphones.

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2022, 01/02 17:01 (924day) Posted | 2022, 01/10 07:11 (916day) Updated
- Added a "partial restore" function. This function is designed to prevent the sadness of "I want to rewind and restore, but I don't want to lose what I've drawn since I saved it, or I'm completely stuck."
You can restore only a specified part of the data from the "saved canvas" or "auto-save canvas (time shift)" to the desired position.

Press the "Partially restore" button.

Select the area you want to restore and press "OK".

You can restore the restored data by specifying the position, size, and transparency where you want to paste it and pressing the "Paste" button.
You can restore with the state of all layers preserved.

・Added "Uniform transparency eraser" function <br>It is an eraser version with the same specifications as the uniform transparency pen.
Even if you lower the transparency, you can draw with the same transparency during one stroke.
Pen pressure is not available.

-Added a feature that allows you to check room comments from within the room <br>You can check room comments within the room without returning to the admission page.
In the PC version, press the room URL on the palette or press "Room information" on the upper right.

In the mobile version, press the icon on the left.

・Added a function to automatically save settings (only when logged in to Twitter)
While logged in to Twitter, settings (various settings, palette colors, etc.) are saved.
Cookies are now automatically restored when you delete cookies or log in on a new device.

・Added the "Hold-up" function. You can open a window that does not respond to touch by selecting "Operation Settings" > "Use Hand-holding".
It is convenient to place it where the palm of your hand touches it. It protects you from accidental taps that cannot be covered by palm rejection.

-Improved the "Function Restrictions" function. It is now possible to set only the owner to view "Saved Canvas", "Time Shift", and "Replay".

- Improved the specifications of the eyedropper <br>When the eyedropper mode is set to "Absorb using display color", layer transparency is now reflected.
(If the layer transparency is 1%, it will be composited and absorbed as 1%)

All eyedropper modes will no longer blot a layer if its transparency is 0%.
(If it is 1% or more, it will be absorbed as 100%)

-Extended the maximum canvas size in offline mode to 5000 x 5000
・Background image, drawing protection function, image pasting, and reference image display are now available in offline mode.

-Fixed an issue where someone else's selected color would sometimes be reflected in your own pen color.
-Fixed an issue where canvas size in offline mode was not retained
-Fixed an issue where the restore position of "Restore only part" may be different.
-Fixed an issue where some canvases may be missing when creating a time-lapse video

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2022, 01/02 16:42 (924day) Posted | 2022, 01/02 16:46 (924day) Updated
- The state is now retained even when switching tabs (app version)
The address, inbox, outbox, and new mail tabs operate independently, and their state is retained even when you switch tabs.
When you return to an already open tab, if you are already doing something, such as scrolling or opening an email, the tab will not be refreshed and you will be able to return.
If you want to refresh, please open the same tab again or use the refresh button.
Available for Android version v2021.12.30.1 or later, iOS version v2.4.2 or later.

- Improved behavior when purchasing premium plans from multiple platforms (app version)
For example, if you use one InstAddr account on Android and iOS,
After the premium plan purchased on Android had expired, even if I purchased it on iOS, it remained expired on the Android side.
Contracts with longer terms will be used first.

-Added a function to display the country information of the sender's mail server <br>You can check at a glance which country the mail was sent from.
Press this button to display information about the sender's mail server.
If the email is between two abandoned email addresses, the abandoned email address icon will be displayed.

-Improved the specifications for rejecting reception.
As a result of adding "Amazon" to the rejection list in an attempt to refuse to receive fraudulent emails pretending to be from Amazon,
In many cases, all emails sent via AmazonSES are rejected.
Among the reception rejection judgments, those related to email addresses (From, Envelope From, ReplyTo) have been improved so that they are judged only if they contain "@" or ".".
For example, if you are setting "Amazon", it will only work if "Amazon" is included in the body, and emails sent via AmazonSES will pass through.
If you also want to reject emails via AmazonSES, set "".

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2021, 12/01 03:16 (956day) Posted | 2021, 12/01 15:12 (956day) Updated
Added a "speech recognition subtitle" function that can recognize speech input from the microphone and display it as subtitles.

To enable the "Speech Recognition Subtitles" function, please turn on Coffret's "Tools" > "Speech Recognition Subtitles" > "Enable".
The function will be downloaded only the first time, and speech recognition will start after it is completed.

You can check the recognition status from Coffret's "Tools" > "Speech Recognition Subtitles" > "Settings and Monitoring".
If it is not recognized correctly, please check whether the microphone is the default recording device in Windows.

Subtitles overlayed on the streamed video will be displayed if the audio is muted when watching.
It also supports smartphones and time shift.

In addition to displaying what you say as subtitles, it also has the following functions.

・Display subtitles as broadcaster comments <br>Viewers can display them by turning on the Kusama menu in the top right of the comment field > "Settings" > "Display" > "Show subtitles in comment field".

・When you don't want to stream with voice or enter chat input
By muting the microphone input on the OBS side and enabling subtitle reading, it will read out what you said instead.
You can select the reading of subtitles from Coffret's "Comments" > "Comment processing settings". Default is off.

・Subtitles are read out using a different reading engine than comments.
By setting "Process only specific comments" in Coffret's "External comment transfer" function, you can transfer only subtitles externally.

・Display subtitles on kukuluLIVE Overlay and incorporate them into the distributed video

・Generate subtitles with another engine and add them to the stream
You can add it via API (

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2021, 11/29 07:39 (958day) Posted | 2021, 11/29 07:44 (958day) Updated
Now supports two-step authentication that requires token authentication (OTP) or email authentication after passing the conventional ID & password.

You can set it from the "Address" tab > "Account information in use" > "Two-step verification".
To enable "Two-Step Verification", you must first set up a "Recovery Address".

Currently, the following authentication methods are supported.

・When using two-step email verification, a verification code will be sent to your "recovery address".

・Token authentication (OTP)
Use an app that supports RFC 6238 (TOTP) such as "Google Authenticator".
When setting up for the first time, register with the TOTP app using a QR code or private key, and from next time onwards, authenticate using the token generated with the TOTP app.

If two-step verification is enabled, two-step verification will be required at the following times.

・When logging in (excluding logging in from a linked ID)
・When deleting an account ・When disabling two-step verification

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2021, 11/18 18:38 (969day) Posted | 2021, 11/18 18:43 (969day) Updated

・We have updated the AI super resolution system and can now generate images with even higher quality than before.
You can now check the processing status in real time.

-You can now select the AI super resolution mode (illustration/photo). Selecting the appropriate one will improve the image quality.

・We have strengthened the AI super resolution server and can now process faster than before.

- When using AI Super Resolution on a mobile device, a warning will now be displayed if the resolution exceeds the device constraints.

- Trimming is now available on mobile devices.

Magical Converter

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2021, 11/14 03:56 (973day) Posted | 2021, 11/14 03:57 (973day) Updated
Added the ability to limit file downloads to Twitter followers or mutual followers.
It can be used at the same time as the download password function.

After uploading the file, you can set it from "Set Twitter download limit".
A linked login with Twitter ID is required. If you are linking with Apple ID or Google ID, you will need to change it to Twitter ID.

If you access a file with this setting enabled, the Twitter authentication screen will be displayed to confirm authentication and follow,
You will be able to download files only if the conditions are met.

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