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2023, 09/03 20:28 (24day) Posted | 2023, 09/09 16:31 (18day) Updated
・Added gem level benefits <br>For rooms where the owner is gem level 4 or 6 or higher, the number of original backgrounds registered will increase from 5 to a maximum of 20.
Rooms with multiple owners receive the highest level of benefits.

-Improved to inherit the old BAN list when creating a room <br>When creating a new room, the BAN list will now be inherited from the previous room you created.
There is no synchronization, so changes after creation are independent for each room.

・Room creators can now delete rooms at any time <br>Owners who are not room creators cannot delete rooms that have multiple logged-in owners.
If you are the room creator and owner, you can now delete the room even if there are multiple owners logged in.

・Room creators can now check the owner and remove permissions. <br>Only room creators can see the "owner list" on the entry page and can remove owner permissions at will.

・You can now check the information of the owner who was banned. <br>Records that have been banned after the update will now have the name of the owner who was banned on the "Ban List" page.

-Improved the local replay save function
In Chrome and Safari browsers, local replay saves will now write to files in real time.
It's now okay if your browser crashes or you exit without saving.

・You can now save server auto-save replays locally <br>Save this replay for server auto-save replays,
You can save it locally from the "Download" link at the bottom of the playback screen opened by "Open Replay".

- You can now close various windows with the ESC key. <br>You can now close range selections such as copying and merging, specifying the image pasting position, dialogs, etc. with the ESC key.

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2023, 08/29 23:51 (29day) Posted | 2023, 08/29 23:51 (29day) Updated
"chaat" is a service that allows you to create anonymous chat rooms with one click.
It can be made in 1 second and can be used forever. No login, registration, or app installation is required.

It has the following main functions:
・Browser-only push notification function (also compatible with mobile devices)
・Timed deletion function for writing and rooms ・Call and distribution function without limit on number of people ・Large file upload function (embedded file now)
・Drawing comment function (embedded MagicalDraw)
・Still image & video capture function (I don't know how to incorporate it)


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2023, 04/22 19:48 (158day) Posted

This is a function that allows you to randomly decide a "theme" using the dictionary in the game mode (drawing swamp) and let everyone know.
This is useful when everyone wants to draw the same picture.

The owner or temporary owner can use it from "Operations" > "Game Mode" > "Theme Roulette".
The quiz data dictionary set in the game mode is used for the dictionary, so you can use the distributed one.

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2023, 04/22 16:03 (158day) Posted | 2023, 04/22 16:04 (158day) Updated
You can now edit videos that have been uploaded and made public on "Doganau" from the web.
You can trim the playback start and end positions, or crop a portion of the video.

It doesn't matter what you upload from software version / web version, MagicalDraw's time lapse, kukuluLIVE's private replay, etc.
Only videos with a capacity of 200MB or less can be edited.

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2023, 04/08 12:55 (172day) Posted | 2023, 04/08 12:55 (172day) Updated

When watching Time Shift, a graph calculated from the popularity of the stream (number of comments, number of viewers, etc.) is now displayed at the top of the seek bar.
You will be able to extract and watch only the important parts from a long time shift.

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2023, 04/08 09:26 (173day) Posted
You can freely edit the account name you are logged in with MagicalDraw.
You can open the input form from "My Page" → "Change Name" button.

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2023, 04/02 04:19 (179day) Posted
Due to changes in TwitterAPI specifications, the "Mutual Twitter follow is required" setting for the "Entry Authentication Function" will be abolished.
As of April 2, 2023, this setting will no longer be available for new use.

Rooms set in the past can use this setting until April 20, 2023 unless changed.
After that, no one other than the owner will be allowed to enter.
Settings are not automatically canceled to prevent unintentional release.
We apologize for the inconvenience, but please switch to the "admission password" function.

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2023, 02/06 02:46 (234day) Posted | 2023, 02/06 02:51 (234day) Updated
MagicalDraw's login function has been updated,
You can now also link Discord/Google/Apple linked IDs.

You can add multiple federated IDs to a single MagicalDraw account,
Even if one of your linked IDs becomes unusable due to freeze, etc., you can continue to use the same MagicalDraw account.
You can also cancel the linkage ID and replace it with a new linkage ID.

You can add or change from the "Add/Change Linkage ID" button on My Page.

Even those who cannot use Twitter for religious reasons will be able to use the functions of the MagicalDraw account.
If there is no link to Twitter, a small number of functions will be restricted, such as the direct tweet function and the setting where only the owner and mutual follow can enter.

Please note that logging in via Twitter will continue to be supported.

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2023, 01/20 12:45 (251day) Posted | 2023, 01/20 12:51 (251day) Updated
Since there are many cases of trouble in public rooms with overseas users who cannot communicate in Japanese or English,
The public room's public range is now divided according to the area from which the connection is made.

Currently, it is divided into the following two, and only the public room of the area to which you belong will be displayed.
A. Users in Japan/Taiwan/Korea
B. Users in countries other than those listed above

However, A. is also displayed only when the user of B. is logged in with Twitter and the Nakaotsu input environment is English.

Access from outside the public room, or overseas users who have already accessed the room and are registered in the history,
You can deny it by turning on "Prohibit access from overseas or proxy" in the room settings.

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2022, 11/26 04:38 (306day) Posted
Due to a bug in iOS/iPadOS 16 - 16.1, another person's pen settings may be used while drawing.
We have added countermeasure code to make it less likely to occur.

This bug has been fixed in iOS/iPadOS 16.2 (Beta).

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