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2020, 12/08 16:29 (1322day) Posted | 2023, 10/16 09:10 (281day) Updated
In online games, SNS, etc., there are cases where people other than the administrator include "Kukusama (*)" in the character or account name, or use similar names.
We believe that most of these are used by users of the site and services, clearly distinguishing them from the administrators, and we do not prohibit such use.

Unfortunately, some games and sites impersonate or misidentify the administrator as the administrator.
There are users who are abusing the name "Kukusama" for illegal or inappropriate activities.
Administrators often receive complaints about the malicious behavior of these users.

The administrator will never ask for account information or request money or items from others under any circumstances.
Furthermore, we will not participate in unfair discrimination or slander.
Please be careful not to become a victim.

The following accounts and characters were acquired by the administrator under the name of "Kukusama".
We are not active on other online games (Switch, Steam, PSN, etc.) or SNS (IG, FB, etc.).
All "Kukusama" not included below or accounts containing them were created by other people.

Japan Marie “Kukusamariyu”
Japan Rueri “Kukusamariyu”
Japan Tarlak “Kukusamariyu”


[Ragnarok Origin]
Japan Iris “Kukusama”

* “Kukusama” (letters) was registered as a trademark in 2017 (No. 5925248).

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2020, 01/14 05:46 (1652day) Posted | 2020, 01/14 06:30 (1652day) Updated

The product life of Windows 7 (for home use) ended on January 14, 2020.
There is no longer any support, including security patches, and it is extremely dangerous to continue using it.
As a general rule, this site is not eligible for support.

・Using sites and services from Windows 7 <br>Although most functions can still be used from Windows 7,
We will not be able to check the operation of future updates and will no longer be able to provide support.
Please see below for handling of each site.

kukuluLIVE: Regarding Windows 7 support deadline
*No longer compatible with Windows 7 IE browser for live broadcasting, etc.

MagicalDraw: End of support for Windows 7 and Wacom add-on
* End of support for Windows 7 IE browser, end of support for Wacom add-ons, etc.

・Remote support and response to questions, etc.
After January 14, 2020, only Windows 8.1 or later will be supported.
Please note that we are unable to support users of Windows 7 and earlier environments.

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2019, 01/09 12:15 (2022day) Posted | 2020, 12/08 16:31 (1322day) Updated
This article has been moved to:

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