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2023, 08/02 03:38 (132day) Posted | 2023, 08/02 03:39 (132day) Updated
External linkage using webhooks is now possible on the server side without using Coffret.
For example, it can be used in the following cases.

・When acquiring a distribution slot, hit the IFTTT webhook and dim the room lights via smart home device ・Post the start of distribution to the Discord channel to notify participants ・Post and archive comments to the Discord channel ・Push disconnection Post to Discord channel to detect offline of smartphone distribution device

You can set it from the page below.

External linkage settings

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2023, 07/26 22:02 (138day) Posted | 2023, 07/27 21:07 (137day) Updated
We have added a feature that allows viewers who have commented on a broadcast to be invited to a chat room, where they can chat and exchange files.

To invite someone to a chat room, click on the time in the comment field and use the "Manage comments" > "Invite to chat" button.

Once invited, the URL to join the chat room will be displayed to the broadcaster and the invited viewers, and they will be able to chat.

The created chat room can be used as it is.
If you join from the broadcaster's participation URL, you will be automatically authenticated as the room owner and will be able to speak and manage the room.
When inviting to a new chat room, the room created for each delivery will change even if the audience is the same. (Privacy will be maintained)

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2023, 07/02 04:25 (163day) Posted | 2023, 07/02 04:38 (163day) Updated
We have decided to cancel the tweet-related API contract with Twitter.
As a result, the following functions will no longer be available.

・Automatic tweet function at the start of kukuluLIVE distribution ・Periodic automatic tweet function during kukuluLIVE distribution (already abolished)

The following functions will continue to be available as usual.

・Ability to log in with Twitter ・Manual tweet from the tweet button

We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your understanding.

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2023, 05/01 21:40 (224day) Posted | 2023, 05/01 21:41 (224day) Updated
We have released version v0.3.0 of DeliveryTracking for Chrome.

-It is now possible to track parcels (11 digits) in which multiple Yamato Transport parcels are combined into one invoice number.

・It is now possible to track packages delivered by
*When tracking items shipped by itself or by a small business delivery provider (DP or tracking number starting with 99), please register the order number instead of the tracking number.
You can only track orders placed with the account you are logged into on

- Added "Report a problem" function.
You can now report malfunctioning tracking numbers along with diagnostic information, allowing you to quickly respond to unknown packages, changes to tracking forms, etc.

DeliveryTracking for Chrome

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2023, 04/26 16:30 (229day) Posted | 2023, 04/26 23:44 (229day) Updated
2023/04/26 We have released v2.5.7 which has resolved the addition issue.

We have confirmed that Takumead v2.5.5 does not start and crashes in iOS11-13 environment.
This will be fixed in the next version, so please wait without uninstalling the app to prevent account loss.

If you are using a version lower than v2.5.5, please do not update manually.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

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2023, 04/22 19:48 (233day) Posted

This is a function that allows you to randomly decide a "theme" using the dictionary in the game mode (drawing swamp) and let everyone know.
This is useful when everyone wants to draw the same picture.

The owner or temporary owner can use it from "Operations" > "Game Mode" > "Theme Roulette".
The quiz data dictionary set in the game mode is used for the dictionary, so you can use the distributed one.

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2023, 04/22 16:03 (233day) Posted | 2023, 04/22 16:04 (233day) Updated
You can now edit videos that have been uploaded and made public on "Doganau" from the web.
You can trim the playback start and end positions, or crop a portion of the video.

It doesn't matter what you upload from software version / web version, MagicalDraw's time lapse, kukuluLIVE's private replay, etc.
Only videos with a capacity of 200MB or less can be edited.

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2023, 04/08 12:55 (247day) Posted | 2023, 04/08 12:55 (247day) Updated

When watching Time Shift, a graph calculated from the popularity of the stream (number of comments, number of viewers, etc.) is now displayed at the top of the seek bar.
You will be able to extract and watch only the important parts from a long time shift.

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2023, 04/08 09:26 (247day) Posted
You can freely edit the account name you are logged in with MagicalDraw.
You can open the input form from "My Page" → "Change Name" button.

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2023, 04/07 13:38 (248day) Posted | 2023, 04/07 13:39 (248day) Updated
Magical Scratch has been renewed <br>Previously, the bet was fixed at 1000 Kukupo, but now you can specify bets up to 100,000 Kukupo.
The number of hit panels has increased and the loss has decreased.
The feeling of excitement has been improved by the magnification panel.
In addition, a double-up chance has appeared that can increase the hit up to 20 times.
It's a loss if you don't remove this! !

A new game ``Magical Box'' has been released. It is a dream-like game where if you predict the 3-digit key locked in a box and successfully unlock it, you can earn up to 100 times more Kukupo.
You can challenge to unlock up to 6 times and get hints, so this is a game where you can definitely win!

Kukuru Finance has been renewed <br>Because Kukupo debtors often ran away at night without paying back their Kukupo loans, interest is now automatically deducted every day.
If your Kukupo balance is insufficient at that time, your Kukupo balance will be negative.
Since the debt before the renewal has been waived, the subject can borrow again.

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