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2024, 05/07 06:22 (69day) Posted | 2024, 05/09 18:50 (67day) Updated
- Added sound notification feature .<br>You can be notified of new messages and new participants with a sound. It is off by default.
You can change it from the settings button.

- Room owners can now view a list of participants.
You can now view a list of people who have joined a room within the last 30 days and ban them if necessary.
The owner can click on the link that displays "X people participating" to open the list screen.

- Room owners can now set "editing permissions" <br>The default is "Only their own posts can be edited and deleted."
If you change it to "Edit & delete only by owner", only the owner will be able to edit, delete, and pin posts.

- Improved ban specifications
If you get banned, you will now be kicked from the room immediately.
In addition, bans have become more powerful and are now harder to avoid than before.

- Added support for posting via Webhook <br>You can now use Webhook to access and post to the same address as the existing email posting address.
You can create an address by going to "Room Settings" → "Posting API" → "Settings".
The POST format is the same as Discord.

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