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2024, 05/18 16:24 (29day) Posted | 2024, 05/25 08:26 (22day) Updated

- Added emotion function .<br>This function allows you to send images by simply pressing the button instead of entering text.
You can add an emotion from any image URL or a URL containing an image.
You can add up to 500 items to the entire room, and up to 100 items per individual, and all items added can be used by everyone in the room.
You can only delete what you added. The owner can delete all emotions.
Of course, the LovelyKukusama emotion series that is available by default cannot be deleted.

- Added linked ID login function. <br> Poster permissions, owner permissions, and room history can be linked and saved to the linked ID.
This is useful if you want to restore data from your device when it is lost, or if you want to sync across multiple devices.

- Added a mute function .<br>This function allows users without owner privileges to hide posts from specific users on their own screen only.
You can mute a post using the ellipsis next to it, or unmute it from Settings > User Settings > Mute List.

- You can now check new posts in rooms from the access history. <br>Rooms that contain new posts that you have not read will be marked with a red circle.

- Added support for line breaks in mobile environments .<br>In a software keyboard environment, Enter is always treated as a line break, and sending is now done using the arrow buttons.
On the PC version, you can create a line break by pressing Shift+Enter as usual.
You can change this from Settings > User Settings > Line Breaks and Posting.

- The way long text is displayed has been changed. <br>Long text is now displayed collapsed to an appropriate size, and can be expanded fully by pressing the bottom of the post.

- Changed to display your own posts right-justified and other people's posts left-justified
-Dark mode support

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