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2021, 12/01 03:16 (869day) Posted | 2021, 12/01 15:12 (868day) Updated
Added a "speech recognition subtitle" function that can recognize speech input from the microphone and display it as subtitles.

To enable the "Speech Recognition Subtitles" function, please turn on Coffret's "Tools" > "Speech Recognition Subtitles" > "Enable".
The function will be downloaded only the first time, and speech recognition will start after it is completed.

You can check the recognition status from Coffret's "Tools" > "Speech Recognition Subtitles" > "Settings and Monitoring".
If it is not recognized correctly, please check whether the microphone is the default recording device in Windows.

Subtitles overlayed on the streamed video will be displayed if the audio is muted when watching.
It also supports smartphones and time shift.

In addition to displaying what you say as subtitles, it also has the following functions.

・Display subtitles as broadcaster comments <br>Viewers can display them by turning on the Kusama menu in the top right of the comment field > "Settings" > "Display" > "Show subtitles in comment field".

・When you don't want to stream with voice or enter chat input
By muting the microphone input on the OBS side and enabling subtitle reading, it will read out what you said instead.
You can select the reading of subtitles from Coffret's "Comments" > "Comment processing settings". Default is off.

・Subtitles are read out using a different reading engine than comments.
By setting "Process only specific comments" in Coffret's "External comment transfer" function, you can transfer only subtitles externally.

・Display subtitles on kukuluLIVE Overlay and incorporate them into the distributed video

・Generate subtitles with another engine and add them to the stream
You can add it via API (

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