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2023, 12/01 07:21 (10day) Posted

We have released version v0.4.1 of DeliveryTracking for Chrome.

Between devices logged in with the same account (such as a browser's Google ID),
It is now possible to synchronize tracking numbers, etc.

You can enable syncing by turning on Sync Tracking Numbers Across Devices from Options Settings.
The synchronization interval is 1 minute.

DeliveryTracking for Chrome

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2023, 05/01 21:40 (224day) Posted | 2023, 05/01 21:41 (224day) Updated
We have released version v0.3.0 of DeliveryTracking for Chrome.

-It is now possible to track parcels (11 digits) in which multiple Yamato Transport parcels are combined into one invoice number.

・It is now possible to track packages delivered by
*When tracking items shipped by itself or by a small business delivery provider (DP or tracking number starting with 99), please register the order number instead of the tracking number.
You can only track orders placed with the account you are logged into on

- Added "Report a problem" function.
You can now report malfunctioning tracking numbers along with diagnostic information, allowing you to quickly respond to unknown packages, changes to tracking forms, etc.

DeliveryTracking for Chrome

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