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2024, 01/12 09:01 (185day) Posted | 2024, 01/13 05:35 (185day) Updated
・You can now send up to 100GB of files at once <br>The maximum capacity for a single upload has been increased from 8GB to 100GB.
You can now also use it to exchange large files.

・Upload & download speeds have increased <br>It may vary depending on your line, server status, file size, etc.
Uploads and downloads can now be performed at up to 10Gbps, compared to the previous maximum of 100Mbps per single session.
Download restrictions due to line congestion basically no longer occur.

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2023, 04/02 04:23 (471day) Posted
Due to changes in Twitter API specifications, the "Twitter download restriction" function will be abolished.
As of April 2, 2023, this setting will no longer be available for new use.

Files set in the past can use this setting until April 20, 2023 unless changed.
After that, you will no longer be able to download files unless you cancel the setting.
We apologize for the inconvenience, but please switch to the "Download Password" function.

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2023, 01/30 10:20 (532day) Posted | 2023, 01/30 10:23 (532day) Updated
・You can now fill in the file name and list name <br>You can rewrite the file name when uploading and display it in an easy-to-understand manner.
If it's a file list, you can also write a title for the list, so you can tell people who want to download it.

・You can now remove files from the list <br>You can remove files from the X button on the top right of the file list.
Even if you delete it from the list, it will remain uploaded as a single file.

・No longer distinguish between uppercase/lowercase letters and full-width/half-width characters<br>Even if the character type of the file URL fluctuates, it will be rewritten to the correct URL and accessed.

・No longer use hard-to-distinguish characters in file URLs <br>Hard-to-distinguish characters such as zero and oh, i and el are no longer used in file URLs.
Existing ones can be used as is.

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2021, 11/14 03:56 (975day) Posted | 2021, 11/14 03:57 (975day) Updated
Added the ability to limit file downloads to Twitter followers or mutual followers.
It can be used at the same time as the download password function.

After uploading the file, you can set it from "Set Twitter download limit".
A linked login with Twitter ID is required. If you are linking with Apple ID or Google ID, you will need to change it to Twitter ID.

If you access a file with this setting enabled, the Twitter authentication screen will be displayed to confirm authentication and follow,
You will be able to download files only if the conditions are met.

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2021, 10/29 03:56 (991day) Posted

In addition to logging in with a conventional user key, it is now possible to log in with a federated ID (Twitter, Google, Apple).
By logging in with a linked ID, you can restore the user key file list and owner privileges at the time of first login.

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2021, 09/09 03:20 (1041day) Posted
Uploaded files can now be replaced later.
By replacing, you can change the contents of the file without changing the URL, which is convenient when the URL has already been published.

You can replace the file you want to replace or the "Replace file" button at the bottom of the download page of the list.

The original file that was replaced is deleted and redirected to the replacement destination when accessed.

Even if a file is deleted or deleted due to expiration, it can be replaced or restored.

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2021, 04/20 05:13 (1183day) Posted | 2021, 04/20 05:14 (1183day) Updated
We have released version 2.1.3 of the iOS/iPadOS/Mac (M1) version of the app.

- Now supports push notification when uploading or downloading<br>Even if you are using other apps or are locked when uploading or downloading, you will be notified by push notification when uploading or downloading is completed.
It is convenient when transferring a large number of files.

- Improved usage permissions <br>Only camera roll save permission is required when saving images and videos, camera roll viewing permission is no longer required. (iOS14 or later supported)

File Now iOS version;ls=1

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2021, 04/08 19:12 (1194day) Posted | 2021, 04/08 20:58 (1194day) Updated
・Supports multi-session upload/download <br>Previously, even when multiple files were uploaded/downloaded, files were transferred sequentially in a single session.
Multi-session functionality now allows multiple files to be transferred in parallel.
Under optimal conditions, transfer speeds can be up to 4 times faster.
The optimal number of parallel servers and responsible servers (more than 30 servers are always online) are automatically determined depending on the situation.
This feature is also compatible with the attachment file system for throwaway email addresses that use the File Now system.

・Improved the archive system <br>The archive system has a high storage rate for files that have not been downloaded for a long time.
With a system that automatically moves popular files to servers with lower occupancy rates,
We have extended the storage period (twice as much as before) and improved download speed.

- The maximum upload capacity has been relaxed <br>The total file size that can be uploaded at one time has been relaxed to 6GB.

・We have strengthened our servers . Due to the rapid increase in the number of users, we were experiencing a decrease in the storage period and a decrease in download speed during busy hours.
Resolved by augmentation.

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2021, 03/12 22:38 (1221day) Posted
You can now upload files up to 5GB at a time.
You can upload one file or multiple files up to a total of 5GB.

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2021, 03/12 14:29 (1221day) Posted | 2021, 03/12 14:30 (1221day) Updated
We have released version 2.0.0 of the iOS/iPadOS/Mac (M1) version of the app.

- Supported uploading and downloading in the background.
File uploads and downloads now continue uninterrupted even when using other apps or going to sleep.

- Supports simultaneous download of multiple files.
You can now download up to 4 items at the same time.

- Added a function to automatically resume downloading after force quitting the app.
After task-killing, the app will be automatically resumed when the app is started again.

-Added download history function, allowing you to check progress and cancel downloads.
You can check the list of downloaded files and download status from the icon in the upper right corner.
You can now cancel midway and open downloaded files.

・The design has been changed.
・Fixed the bug.

File Now iOS version;ls=1

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