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2021, 05/06 20:25 (1144day) Posted
- Maximum image resolution has been improved
You can now shoot at full size without downscaling up to 1400 x 1200 pixels.

-Added image format automatic optimization function <br>Previously, all images were shot and processed in JPEG format, but
The optimal image format is now selected depending on the subject.
PNG is more suitable than JPEG for UI screenshots, etc.

-Improved the login function
In addition to kukulu ID and Twitter ID, you can now log in with Apple ID and Google ID.

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2021, 03/22 16:58 (1189day) Posted | 2021, 03/23 15:16 (1188day) Updated
We have released a browser version that can be used with just a browser without the need to install Windows software.
It can be used with Chrome 72 or later, Edge 17 or later, Firefox 66 or later, and can also be accessed from Mac or ChromeOS (ChromeBook).

Similar to the software version, simple editing and trimming are also possible.

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2021, 03/21 09:50 (1190day) Posted
- Supports DPI scaling
The shooting position is no longer shifted even if the "display scale" of Windows is not set to 100%.

- Shooting position is now saved <br>The previous shooting position will be restored the next time you take a photo.

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2020, 07/17 03:58 (1437day) Posted | 2020, 07/17 04:00 (1437day) Updated
The following updates have been made in the latest version v3.2.0.0.

・Simple editing can now be undone ・Added "black fill" to simple editing ・Created URL is now https (SSL)

Antivirus may falsely detect binaries until they are on the safe list, so please add them to the exclusion list as appropriate.

"Gamennau" software is automatically updated to the latest version when it is started.

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2016, 07/19 21:41 (2896day) Posted | 2016, 07/19 21:42 (2896day) Updated
If you have a kukuluID/TwitterID, log in and
The list of images that you have "Gamennau" is now retained even after the IP address is changed.

You can log in on the software side from the shooting preview screen.

*If you are already logged in with IE, your account information will be automatically acquired, so there is no need to log in.

You can log in on the site from the shot list page.
*Past shots will also be automatically searched and associated.

The "Gamenau" software is automatically updated to the latest version when started.

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2016, 02/21 06:57 (3045day) Posted | 2016, 02/21 08:22 (3045day) Updated

- A simple editing function for "numbers" and "frame lines" is now available. <br>With the simple editing function after shooting, you can write a "number" that increases with each click,
Added the ability to write a red border.

"Gamennau" software is automatically updated to the latest version when it is started.

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