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2019, 02/09 19:55 (1954day) Posted

MagicalDraw iOS app version 2.0.0 has been released.
It has the following advantages over the web version.

・Various sound functions are available ・Does not initialize even when switched to background ・Does not reload even when pulled, and address bar at the top is not displayed ・SplitView is available on iPad

The web version is still available.

MagicalDraw (iOS app version);ls=1&mt=8

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2019, 02/09 12:59 (1954day) Posted
Added a feature that allows you to use your own handmade pointer in the room.
Only the room owner can add it from ``Add your own stroking pointer'' on the admission page.

・Please upload a 24-bit PNG image that is within 10 to 100 pixels both vertically and horizontally.
- Up to 40KB per file is allowed.
- Transparency is maintained, but APNG cannot be used.
・Up to 10 items can be registered per room.
-The file name becomes the pointer name.

After setting, when you enter a room, you can use it from "Settings" > "Display Settings" > "Nade Nade Pointer".

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2019, 02/05 12:24 (1958day) Posted | 2019, 12/31 17:44 (1629day) Updated
We have added an "Emotion" feature that allows you to convey your emotions through images, similar to the stamps in a certain app.
Streamers can set their favorite images as "emotions."

my emotion room

* You can register PNG, JPEG, and GIF files up to 800KB per file.
* APNG and animated GIF can also be used. In this case, please create it within 50KB.
(In the case of APNG, it will be displayed as an automatically converted animated GIF in the IE environment)
It will be resampled to a width of 100px. The actual display size is 50px, and 25px for emoji display.

By setting a "key" with half-width alphanumeric characters, you can evoke an emotion with that word.

For viewers, if the broadcaster has set up an emotion,
You can select an emotion from the "❤" mark in the comment field.
Or, if you enter "(", a list of emotions will automatically appear at the top.

If you are an artist or can create your own emotions,
You can distribute your original emotions to distributors or sell them on Kukupo.
(Distribution and sales are limited to items that are completely self-made.)

Streamers who have difficulty creating their own emotions can register the Kukusama stamp collection as an emotion.
Alternatively, you can receive emotions distributed and sold by other people.

emotion list

With the default settings, the only emotions that can be used in a broadcast are those set by the broadcaster.
If you want to let your viewers freely use their emotions in your broadcast,
Please turn on "Allow viewers to bring in their own emotions" on the page below.;svsel=emotion

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2019, 02/02 14:14 (1961day) Posted | 2019, 02/03 23:50 (1960day) Updated

Almost the same functions as the PC version can now be used on smartphones and tablets.
Layer integration, copy, range deletion, transparency, save and settings, preview, etc.
Almost all functions are available except for a few.

The iPad supports Apple Pencil and can also use pen pressure, so
You can now draw in an environment similar to a PC and pen tablet.

In addition, we have made the following improvements.

- Added a function to prevent incorrect drawing when using Apple Pencil
Drawing with your finger is now canceled when Apple Pencil pressure is enabled.
This prevents your hand from reacting incorrectly and being drawn.

・Fixed a bug when pen pressure was enabled <br>Fixed a problem where drawing was done at 100% of the set thickness when drawing with extremely weak pressure.

・Fixed an issue where zooming in using shortcut keys was not possible (Added on 02/03)

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2019, 01/26 03:15 (1968day) Posted | 2019, 01/28 18:47 (1966day) Updated
- Low image quality mode is now available on the PC version. The low image quality mode, which was abolished due to the expansion of broadcasting slots, has been reinstated.
You can switch by clicking "High Quality Mode" on the right side of the "Reconnect" button.

The new low image quality mode is the same as the smartphone app version.
Re-encode to 500Kbps or less with a hardware encoder on the server side and play.
To conserve resources, the encoder starts when a viewer starts watching and automatically stops when there are no viewers.
Therefore, if you watch a stream in low quality mode without anyone watching, there will be a waiting time of up to 15 seconds before playback starts.

Along with this update, the mode is expressed as "high image quality" and "low image quality",
This "high quality" was previously called "high speed high quality" mode.
The previous "high quality" mode (P2P mode) has already been abolished due to oil coming out of the balcony.
The current kukuluLIVE server handles all transfers, no data is sent P2P, and no upstream bandwidth is wasted.

・Improved the network system for live broadcasts <br>We added servers and improved the algorithm for determining the optimal connection destination so that you can stably view even high bit rate broadcasts.

-Flash version comment field has been abolished <br>The old Flash version comment field, which continued to be provided as backward compatibility, has been completely abolished as the HTML5 version comment field has become stable.

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2019, 01/25 23:14 (1969day) Posted | 2019, 01/25 23:39 (1969day) Updated
Under the previous specifications, up to three files of 3MB or less were "direct upload",
Files larger than that were attached using "large upload", but these have been integrated.

With the new specifications, files will be attached as shown below.

・Image files with a total size of 9MB or less will be attached directly to the email. The file will be saved directly to the recipient's mailbox.
There is no limit to the number of files as long as the total size is 9MB or less.

- Total of 9MB or more or non-image files (up to 20 files of 1GB maximum)
The download URL will be added to the email body.
Downloads have a time limit, but they will be retained for at least two weeks after the last download.

Files will be automatically uploaded in an appropriate manner without any errors depending on the size or number of files.
You can also now upload multiple files at once.

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2019, 01/21 17:46 (1973day) Posted | 2019, 01/21 17:50 (1973day) Updated
You can now create a "disposable email address with an expiry date".

It has the following features compared to traditional permanent addresses:
◎ Since the address is automatically deleted one month after it is generated, there is no need to delete it.
◎ Since the domain and mail server are switched every few months, there is a high possibility that you can register for services that cannot be registered with a discarded email address.
△ Once the address is deleted, it cannot be re-registered.
△ It cannot be created by specifying an address.
△ After the domain is switched, the previous domain cannot be used.

For applications that are known in advance to be used for a short period of time,
We recommend that you use the address generated by "Expiring Disposable Email Addresses".

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2019, 01/20 11:03 (1974day) Posted
It is now possible to select multiple files in the upload dialog,
You can now upload up to 20 files at once.

If you upload multiple files, the URL created will be the URL of the file list,
Downloaders can also easily download multiple files.

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2019, 01/20 04:29 (1974day) Posted | 2019, 01/20 04:30 (1974day) Updated
"Traditional Chinese", "Simplified Chinese", and "Hindi" have been added to the supported languages for Takumead.
Regarding the app side UI, the iOS app version is compatible with v2.0.12 or later, and the Android/FireOS app version is compatible with v1.18.0 or later.

The currently supported languages are as follows.

・English (default)
・Japanese, Korean, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Hindi *Only partially compatible with iOS

Support and inquiries are only available in English and Japanese.

Discarded email (iOS version)

Throw away email address (Android version)

Throwaway email address (FireOS version)

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2019, 01/15 02:32 (1979day) Posted | 2019, 01/15 02:33 (1979day) Updated
The distribution app "kukuluLIVE Player (iOS version)" has been updated to v2.0.1.
I quit using Adobe AIR and started from scratch with Swift.

- The comment section now uses the same system as the PC version.
The comment section is now the same as the PC version, Android version, and smartphone browser version.
Participation functions that were previously unavailable, such as Pocky games, are now available.
Settings and various functions have been enhanced.

- Background playback is now possible.
You can use it by opening "Video" from "Settings" in the comment field and turning on "Background playback".

- You can now make sounds even in silent mode.
・The URL is now opened in the in-app browser, and viewing is no longer interrupted.
・You can now share delivery information using the sharing function of your device.
- Reduced battery consumption.
- The previous state is now restored when going back one step.

kukuluLIVE Player (iOS version)

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