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2021, 11/29 07:39 (926day) Posted | 2021, 11/29 07:44 (926day) Updated
Now supports two-step authentication that requires token authentication (OTP) or email authentication after passing the conventional ID & password.

You can set it from the "Address" tab > "Account information in use" > "Two-step verification".
To enable "Two-Step Verification", you must first set up a "Recovery Address".

Currently, the following authentication methods are supported.

・When using two-step email verification, a verification code will be sent to your "recovery address".

・Token authentication (OTP)
Use an app that supports RFC 6238 (TOTP) such as "Google Authenticator".
When setting up for the first time, register with the TOTP app using a QR code or private key, and from next time onwards, authenticate using the token generated with the TOTP app.

If two-step verification is enabled, two-step verification will be required at the following times.

・When logging in (excluding logging in from a linked ID)
・When deleting an account ・When disabling two-step verification

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2021, 11/18 18:38 (937day) Posted | 2021, 11/18 18:43 (937day) Updated

・We have updated the AI super resolution system and can now generate images with even higher quality than before.
You can now check the processing status in real time.

-You can now select the AI super resolution mode (illustration/photo). Selecting the appropriate one will improve the image quality.

・We have strengthened the AI super resolution server and can now process faster than before.

- When using AI Super Resolution on a mobile device, a warning will now be displayed if the resolution exceeds the device constraints.

- Trimming is now available on mobile devices.

Magical Converter

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2021, 11/14 03:56 (942day) Posted | 2021, 11/14 03:57 (942day) Updated
Added the ability to limit file downloads to Twitter followers or mutual followers.
It can be used at the same time as the download password function.

After uploading the file, you can set it from "Set Twitter download limit".
A linked login with Twitter ID is required. If you are linking with Apple ID or Google ID, you will need to change it to Twitter ID.

If you access a file with this setting enabled, the Twitter authentication screen will be displayed to confirm authentication and follow,
You will be able to download files only if the conditions are met.

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2021, 10/29 03:56 (958day) Posted

In addition to logging in with a conventional user key, it is now possible to log in with a federated ID (Twitter, Google, Apple).
By logging in with a linked ID, you can restore the user key file list and owner privileges at the time of first login.

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2021, 10/28 22:56 (958day) Posted | 2021, 10/28 23:07 (958day) Updated

We have released "kukuluLIVE RemoteCam" which allows you to import the camera and microphone of your smartphone or tablet over the network using OBS.

It can be used to show your face or broadcast with your voice on a computer that does not have a camera or microphone, or whose image and sound quality is lower than that of a smartphone.
You can also use your smartphone or tablet as a wireless webcam to capture cats from multiple angles, capture the viewpoints and voices of each participant in a real game of tag, etc.

This feature has the following advantages compared to using video calls such as Discord.

・It can be directly integrated into OBS, so there is no need to configure it every time. ・The audio mixer is separated, so you can adjust the volume individually. ・Up to 10 cameras can be imported at the same time. ・No app is required on the sending smartphone or tablet ( PC can also be used)

You can import images from your smartphone or tablet by simply accessing the QR code or URL generated for each camera, so you can hand them over to your guests and have them send video and audio.

[How to generate a camera]

1. Open “Tools” → “kukuluLIVE RemoteCam” in kukuluLIVE Coffret .
It is not necessary to have a broadcast slot.

2. One camera is generated by default. Access this QR code from your smartphone or tablet.

3. To add as a source to OBS, press the "Add source to OBS" button for the camera you want to add.

4. "RemoteCam" will be added to the video source and audio mixer.

* A chroma key filter and an audio noise filter are automatically added to this source. Adjust according to your taste.

[How to send from a smartphone or tablet]

1. Access from the generated camera QR code or URL from your smartphone or tablet.
Select whether or not to use the camera and microphone you want to use, and press "Start Publishing" to start sending.

2. You can stop sending by clicking the "X" in the upper right corner, and if you are using a microphone, you can mute it by clicking the microphone icon at the bottom.

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2021, 10/22 00:56 (965day) Posted
- Supports TXT records
You can now register up to 5 TXT records.
You will be able to use the domain acquired with DDNS Now for google-site-verification and issuing SSL certificates.

- Supports URL redirection
This function allows you to forward to any URL without requiring a web server.
Even if you migrate to your own domain, you can smoothly guide users to the new domain.

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2021, 10/01 17:09 (985day) Posted | 2021, 10/01 17:16 (985day) Updated

In forms created using the "Email Form" function, you can now attach files as well as messages.
By default, all email forms have the ability to attach files.

When an email is sent from a form with a file attached, the email will be sent with the URL of the file attached.
File size limits, deletion deadlines, etc. comply with the specifications of File Now (

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2021, 09/09 03:20 (1008day) Posted
Uploaded files can now be replaced later.
By replacing, you can change the contents of the file without changing the URL, which is convenient when the URL has already been published.

You can replace the file you want to replace or the "Replace file" button at the bottom of the download page of the list.

The original file that was replaced is deleted and redirected to the replacement destination when accessed.

Even if a file is deleted or deleted due to expiration, it can be replaced or restored.

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2021, 08/26 15:00 (1021day) Posted | 2021, 08/26 15:01 (1021day) Updated

VTube Studio can now be used on the sending side of kukuluLIVE FaceRig over Network.
Currently, the following tracking software is supported.
・Face Rig
・VTube Studio

kukuluLIVE FaceRig over Network

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2021, 07/30 00:12 (1049day) Posted
・Image quality has been improved <br>By adjusting the key frame and bit rate values, you can now shoot with higher image quality than before.

-Improved to display the shooting time <br>During shooting, the shooting duration (minutes: seconds) is now displayed on the task bar.

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