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2021, 03/31 16:41 (1059day) Posted
We have added a new feature, ``Haiku Mode,'' that allows you to completely transform the comment section of your stream into an intellectual and tasteful environment.
The mode will be enabled by using the "/haiku" command in the comment section of your own stream.

When "Haiku mode" is enabled, only haiku can be commented.

The number of characters in the comment is 5, 7, 5, or a total of up to 1 character left or short,
Only comments containing seasonal words can be posted.

For haiku comments, a ``haiku'' button will be displayed, and if you press it, it will read kanji that you cannot read.

*Even if you write in kanji as is, it will be broken down into syllables and the number of sounds will be calculated.
*We have learned about 7,000 seasonal words.
*Depending on the viewer group, even if you use this function, the broadcast may not be intelligent or tasteful.

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2021, 03/29 13:18 (1061day) Posted | 2021, 03/30 08:18 (1060day) Updated
The problem that had been occurring since the morning of the 27th, where when acquiring a broadcast slot and starting viewing in HD mode, an error message would appear indicating that there were no slots available, was resolved at 6:00 am on the 30th.

The cause was a failure on the cloud provider's side, but because it was an unprecedented type of failure, the alarm did not work and discovery was delayed, and mitigation measures were not as effective as expected.
Additionally, after the cloud provider began work on the service after the morning of the 29th, some other network functionality failed, although the initial outage had been resolved.

The following measures have been added to prevent recurrence.

・Added a function to constantly check the interconnectivity of all nodes in the cluster ・Improved the failure detection function of the automatic node increase/decrease function ・Prepared more spare resources than before (in case of failure)

We apologize for the inconvenience caused for a long time.

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2021, 03/29 01:53 (1061day) Posted | 2021, 03/29 01:54 (1061day) Updated
We have released the latest version of kukuluLIVE Coffret
This version includes the following changes:

・Deleted caption-related functions <br>It has been a long time since text insertion and eye-catching were possible on the encoder side (OBS, etc.).
The caption functions (title, counter, stopwatch) and eye catch functions have been removed.

-Fixed a bug with the sound effect function.Fixed an issue where the "Reading comments during SE playback" setting sometimes did not work.

- Fixed a bug with drawing comments and screenshot comments <br>They will now open using the default browser instead of the built-in WebView (IE).

With this version update, antiviruses and SmartScreen may prevent Coffret from starting (until the new binaries are on safelists in various places).
In that case, we apologize for the inconvenience, but please set the exclusion settings so that "Coffret.exe" can be executed properly.

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2021, 03/23 16:40 (1067day) Posted | 2021, 03/23 16:40 (1067day) Updated
When using the screenshot comment function from a computer,
Installation of kukuluLIVE SSCapture software is no longer required.

Using the functions of the browser, you can perform everything from shooting to trimming and simple editing, and post them as they are.
Available in Chrome72 or later, Edge17 or later, Firefox66 or later,
SS comments can now be used from Mac and ChromeOS (ChromeBook).

With this update, the kukuluLIVE SSCapture software will be discontinued.

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2021, 03/22 16:58 (1068day) Posted | 2021, 03/23 15:16 (1067day) Updated
We have released a browser version that can be used with just a browser without the need to install Windows software.
It can be used with Chrome 72 or later, Edge 17 or later, Firefox 66 or later, and can also be accessed from Mac or ChromeOS (ChromeBook).

Similar to the software version, simple editing and trimming are also possible.

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2021, 03/21 09:50 (1069day) Posted
- Supports DPI scaling
The shooting position is no longer shifted even if the "display scale" of Windows is not set to 100%.

- Shooting position is now saved <br>The previous shooting position will be restored the next time you take a photo.

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2021, 03/20 17:40 (1070day) Posted | 2021, 03/21 18:02 (1069day) Updated
-Extended the maximum shooting time to 2 hours
You can now record from 1 hour to 2 hours at 1x speed.

- Supports DPI scaling
The shooting position no longer shifts even if the Windows "display scale" is not set to 100%.

・Fixed an issue where only the sound seemed to be at double speed.
Fixed an issue where only the sound would be played at twice the speed in an environment with Windows 10 update 20H2 applied.

-Fixed an issue where the sound would cut out in the middle <br>Fixed an issue where the playback sound could not be recorded properly in some environments.

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2021, 03/17 03:57 (1073day) Posted
・You can now transfer up to 10 addresses at once <br>When transferring addresses using the address transfer function, you can now specify up to 10 addresses at once.
It is convenient when you want to transfer a large number of addresses because the approval process can be done at once.

・You can now search by date range <br>You can now search for sent and received emails not only by a single date but also by a date range.

- You can now open the address operation window from received mail. <br>When you press the "To: Address" link in the "Other" window of received mail,
You can now open the address operation window on the Address tab and delete addresses directly.

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2021, 03/15 05:54 (1075day) Posted | 2021, 03/16 02:18 (1074day) Updated
Added the ability to translate received emails.
If you press the translation icon on the right side of the email title, the email content will be machine translated into the language used by your device.

Available in all versions.

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2021, 03/12 22:38 (1078day) Posted
You can now upload files up to 5GB at a time.
You can upload one file or multiple files up to a total of 5GB.

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