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2024, 03/11 11:20 (103day) Posted | 2024, 03/12 20:30 (102day) Updated

An educational toy that produced a large number of Kukupo millionaires and other camels.
"Magical Collect 2", the latest version of "Magical Collect", is now available for play.

By far the highest payout rate of any game to date!
Earn bonuses and special events to increase your Kukupo! !

Magical collect 2

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2024, 03/02 16:56 (112day) Posted | 2024, 03/02 17:03 (112day) Updated
The DDNS Now domain "" has been added to the Public Suffix List.
The advantage is that the acquired subdomain is treated the same as a regular original domain.
It differs from other DDNS domains not listed mainly in the following points.

・You can monetize with Google AdSense etc. ・The limit on the number of ACME authentications such as Let's Encrypt will be relaxed ・You can register domains with Cloudflare etc. (However, DDNS Now does not support NS records, so the available functions are limited. )
・The browser guarantees domain independence and cookies can be used safely.

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2024, 02/26 20:40 (117day) Posted | 2024, 02/26 20:41 (117day) Updated
Due to a server equipment failure, the following functions were malfunctioning between 16:48 and 20:30 on 02/26.

・Recording/watching recordings of live broadcasts/Watching live broadcasts (low image quality mode, only in environments that do not support HEVC)
Approximately 30% of the total

Restoration has now been completed.
Please accept my apologies for any inconvenience.

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2024, 01/16 12:41 (158day) Posted | 2024, 01/16 12:55 (158day) Updated

Added the ability to fill the selected range.
Fill the current target layer with the currently selected color by selecting [Fill] → [Select area] → [Confirm].
If the pen mode is mask pen or uniformly transparent mask pen, fill in with mask mode.

As with other range selection features, room owners can disable it under Restrictions. It is also recorded in the operation log.

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2024, 01/15 17:09 (159day) Posted

- Colors can now be created in HSV color space.

・Each color component of the RGB/HSV color slider has a gradation, and you can now see in real time what color it will be when you move the slider (It is difficult to see H in HSV, so it is fixed at S=100, V=100 doing)

・The color picker switching state is now saved even when you enter and exit the room.

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2024, 01/14 13:11 (160day) Posted
Added a "posting email address" feature that allows you to post messages to the room via email.

For example, it can be used for the following purposes.
・By registering the account you want to share with everyone using the posting email address, all participants in the room can receive the one-time code. ・Set the destination of the email form and survey form to the posting email address. By this, all participants in the room can see the sent content. By setting the address at the time of ordering as the posting email address, all participants in the room can see the content of the order.

Room owners can create up to 20 addresses per room and can delete them at any time.
To create an address, open Settings → Posting Email Address.

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2024, 01/13 17:07 (161day) Posted | 2024, 01/14 09:23 (160day) Updated
- You can now manually select the courier. If your package is identified by another package with the same tracking number, you can manually switch the courier to track the correct package.
Even if the incorrect package is already trackable and the correct package is not yet trackable (unmailed, etc.), you can still track it by manually switching the tracking.
To select, click the pen mark in the tracking list.

・You can now exclude delivery companies from searches. <br>A "Search delivery company" setting has been added to the options, allowing you to turn off delivery companies that you do not want to search.
For courier companies that are turned off, tracking numbers will not be searched when adding a tracking number.
Packages that have already been identified with that vendor can continue to be tracked.

- You can now manually change the API key for the synchronization function. <br>If the account logged in to the browser is the same, the same API key will be set depending on the browser function.
Even if your accounts are different or your browser's synchronization function is turned off, you can synchronize by manually matching the API key.
This is useful when multiple people are tracking the same package.

DeliveryTracking for Chrome

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2024, 01/12 09:01 (162day) Posted | 2024, 01/13 05:35 (161day) Updated
・You can now send up to 100GB of files at once <br>The maximum capacity for a single upload has been increased from 8GB to 100GB.
You can now also use it to exchange large files.

・Upload & download speeds have increased <br>It may vary depending on your line, server status, file size, etc.
Uploads and downloads can now be performed at up to 10Gbps, compared to the previous maximum of 100Mbps per single session.
Download restrictions due to line congestion basically no longer occur.

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2023, 12/24 20:56 (181day) Posted
- Added a function that allows you to set permission to receive whisper chats. You can now select "Do not receive".
By default, you can receive messages from anyone as usual.
Settings can be changed from "Settings" > "Operation Settings" > "Whisper Reception".

-Added function restriction rules for whisper chat <br>If the room owner has turned on ``Prohibit the use of layer integration, range deletion, etc. for a while after entering'' in ``Function Restrictions'',
The use of the whisper function is now also prohibited under this restriction (states where a short period of time has not passed since entry).

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2023, 12/09 18:12 (196day) Posted | 2023, 12/09 18:14 (196day) Updated
We have improved the method of calculating the retention period for Time Shift and changed it to the method used by File Now, etc.
Although this will vary depending on the storage capacity of the destination server, the content will be saved for about six months to one year after the last time it was viewed.

Even if the deadline approaches, new views will be counted from there, so the time shift that continues to be watched will remain forever.

With this update, individual calculations will be abolished, so preferential storage period benefits based on distributor level will be abolished.

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