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2020, 02/25 16:02 (1573day) Posted | 2020, 03/01 21:05 (1568day) Updated
- Added a drawing protection function to prevent incorrect operations. <br>Added a drawing protection function that prevents drawing in areas other than the set area.

When you press "Operation" → "Misoperation prevention" → "Select drawable area", area selection will be displayed.

After selecting the area you want to draw, press the "Enter" button, a green box will be displayed in the drawable area,
All drawing actions outside this area will be cancelled.

-Improved so that the gray area does not bounce when scrolled with a pen or finger in the ChromiumEdge and Android browser versions.
- Changed so that the state before restoration is not automatically saved when restoring.
- Expanded the daily limit of time shift to 60MB and shortened the maximum storage period to 3 days.
-Fixed an issue where the copy function etc. did not work properly while using the reverse function on the smartphone version.
-Fixed an issue where area selection may not work properly in the English version
-Fixed an issue where the canvas was not resized correctly on smartphone versions other than iPad when changing the canvas size.

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2020, 02/22 05:19 (1576day) Posted | 2020, 06/10 13:15 (1467day) Updated

Conventionally, the push connection destination address (RTMP connection destination) and stream name were changed each time a broadcast slot was acquired.
It is now fixed for each account ID.

The push connection destination address is fixed to "rtmp://" for all accounts,
The stream name will be your account's API key.

If you wish to change your password due to a leak, etc., you can do so by clicking "Change" in the "API Key" field on the login page.

When using "OBS connection destination automatic setting" or "kukuluLIVE easy setup", this fixed address is not used as the connection destination is automatically entered into the software each time.
This function is for the following people.

・Those who use XSplit or ffmpeg (those who cannot use automatic configuration)
・Those who connect GoPro etc. via the external RTMP function using the kukuluLIVE Encoder2 smartphone app ・Those who are streaming on multiple sites simultaneously ・Those who are streaming from a Mac ・Those who are not aware of the existence of Coffret

This function connects to a traditional push server via a reverse proxy server, so
Connecting directly with a non-fixed address as before is more advantageous in terms of latency and stability, and is also lower cost.
If you are in an environment where you can use the "Automatic OBS connection setting" built into kukuluLIVE Coffret, please continue to use it.
The feeling of not wasting 1Mbps will make tomorrow's kukuluLIVE more comfortable. We thank you for your cooperation.

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2020, 02/14 17:30 (1584day) Posted
-Added a function that makes it easier to find streams that are currently distributing your favorite content.Streams that include tags that have been saved using the "Save search" function will
It will be prioritized and displayed in the upper left of the broadcast list on the top page, and the background will be blue.

Please see below for the "Save Search" function.

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2020, 02/09 22:31 (1589day) Posted | 2020, 02/09 22:34 (1589day) Updated
- Added a new item "Rainbow". "Rainbow" can be exchanged for Kukupo.
If you say "/rainbow" in the comment of the stream while there are enough rainbows left, you can make a beautiful rainbow appear on the stream screen.
There are different types of rainbows, and rare rainbows may appear.
A happy thing will happen to all logged-in viewers who were able to see a rare rainbow.
(Kukupo will be randomly distributed to everyone, the number of scratches for today will be reset, the required Kukupo for heart points and titles will decrease for a certain period of time, etc.)

Kukupo exchange form

・The "B Bomb" item has been abolished <br>The majority of people do not know about the existence of Mabinogi's B Bomb,
We have discontinued this feature because we received many requests for its discontinuation.
For those who owned B-bombs at the time of their abolition, we transferred Kukupo compensation equal to the unit price x number of bombs.

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2020, 02/07 20:24 (1591day) Posted | 2020, 02/07 20:25 (1591day) Updated
Added a feature that allows you to set the distribution thumbnail to any image.
You can also set a different thumbnail for each distribution, or automatically reuse the default thumbnail.

The default thumbnail can be set from "Feminine Power Up" in the broadcast settings on the broadcast slot management page.

If you want to set it for each broadcast, you can do so from the broadcast slot management page after acquiring the broadcast slot.

Thumbnail images can be specified as "JPEG, PNG" images with a size of less than "1920 x 1080" and a file size of less than "2MB".

If "default thumbnail" is set and no thumbnail is set for each delivery, the default thumbnail will be used.
If both thumbnails are not set, the captured image of the distribution will be used as before.

Thumbnails are used on the broadcast list screen (thumbnail mode), when posting a distribution URL to Twitter, and in the playback pop-up of the browser.

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2020, 02/05 18:15 (1593day) Posted | 2020, 02/06 19:20 (1592day) Updated
kukuluLIVE dynamically increases or decreases the number of servers in 30 second increments depending on the load on the distribution network.
In preparation for spikes, individual containment rates are kept at around 50% of the limit,
Basically, viewing will not become "heavy" due to the load on the server side.

If the video stops or buffer waits occur frequently during a specific distribution,
This is most likely caused by the distributor's OBS (encoder) settings.

Especially in an environment where the settings of the computer are set to the limit,
Even if it works fine immediately after setup, problems may occur unexpectedly when you start a heavy game.

If you are a broadcaster, please check the settings below once again and make sure that you are comfortable with the settings.

1: The encoder setting "x264" is very heavy because it is software encoded.
Use hardware encoding whenever possible.
Although it varies depending on the environment, "NVIDIA NVENC H.264 (new)", "H264/AVC Encoder (AMD Advanced Media Framework)", and "QuickSync H.264" are hardware encoding.
Newer OBS allows for lighter weight and higher quality hardware encoding. If you are using an older OBS, we recommend updating to the latest version.

2: Bit rate setting <br>If it is too high, communication stability will be impaired, but if it is too low, the encoding load will increase.
We recommend setting it to around 1500-3500Kbps.

3: Presets (CPU usage presets, target usage, etc.)
In an environment where the above encoder setting is "x264", if you set the preset to "slow", it will become extremely heavy.
Please set it to "faster" at most in the relevant environment, and "veryfast" if it is a standard specification.
In a hardware encoding environment, increasing the preset will not reduce stability, but
We recommend settings that are as close to latency and performance as possible.


Q. I didn't have any problems with other distribution sites, but why does kukuluLIVE require a margin in the settings?
A. kukuluLIVE achieves ultra-low latency streaming with a minimum delay of 0.5 seconds, so even the slightest processing delay will cause the buffer to reach zero and playback to be interrupted.
Other distribution sites have an average delay (buffer) of about 10 seconds, and since processing delays can be absorbed during this time, insufficient specifications are less likely to surface.

Q. Will the image quality deteriorate if I use hardware encoding?
A. The image quality is lower than with software encoding, but it can be compensated for in most cases by increasing the bit rate by about 20%.

Q. Will using hardware encoding slow down the game?
A. Live broadcast encoding does not run the GPU at full power. At most, it is about 10% of the maximum load.
In most environments it is almost negligible.

Q. Is this the same reason why Time Shift may not play properly?
A. In most cases, the cause is the same. Timeshift is provided without encoding as standard, but
Only when we detect an inadequacy in the data, we re-encode it and provide it.
For this reason, insufficient specifications may cause a longer time to provide timeshift or lower image quality.

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2020, 01/29 04:14 (1600day) Posted | 2020, 01/30 02:53 (1599day) Updated

・Improved the preview function <br>The position of the displayed canvas is now displayed in a red box,
You can now move the canvas by clicking and dragging anywhere on the preview.
Compatible with PC and iOS versions. (Android version only supports movement)

-Improved the area selection window <br>Drawing is no longer done even in pen mode while selecting an area by layer operation, copying, deleting, etc.
This is an improvement to prevent drawing lines by mistake.

- Added shortcut settings It is now possible to assign shortcut keys to "Evenly Transparent Pen" and "Mask Equally Transparent Pen".

・Improved mouse wheel zoom behavior
-Fixed an issue where resizing when selecting an area could not be used from a pen tab on Chrome browsers.
・Fixed the problem that the window may not be fixed in the Android environment
・Fixed an issue where the stroking mode of the smartphone version could not be used normally.
-Fixed an issue where the window may be missing or reset may not work in Android environment

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2020, 01/15 18:39 (1614day) Posted | 2020, 01/15 18:50 (1614day) Updated
-Improved to draw more smoothly
In Chrome, Firefox, Android app version, and Android browser version, lines tended to become jittery, but this has been improved.
The effects of this improvement can be especially felt in environments with low specifications (or environments with tight power saving settings).

Support for Windows 7 IE11 has ended, and Edge will switch to the Chrome engine on Windows 10 as well.
From now on, only the Chrome engine will be the recommended environment for the Windows version.

-Improved the behavior when going outside the canvas while drawing <br>You can now draw close to the edge of the canvas.

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2020, 01/14 05:46 (1615day) Posted | 2020, 01/14 06:30 (1615day) Updated

The product life of Windows 7 (for home use) ended on January 14, 2020.
There is no longer any support, including security patches, and it is extremely dangerous to continue using it.
As a general rule, this site is not eligible for support.

・Using sites and services from Windows 7 <br>Although most functions can still be used from Windows 7,
We will not be able to check the operation of future updates and will no longer be able to provide support.
Please see below for handling of each site.

kukuluLIVE: Regarding Windows 7 support deadline
*No longer compatible with Windows 7 IE browser for live broadcasting, etc.

MagicalDraw: End of support for Windows 7 and Wacom add-on
* End of support for Windows 7 IE browser, end of support for Wacom add-ons, etc.

・Remote support and response to questions, etc.
After January 14, 2020, only Windows 8.1 or later will be supported.
Please note that we are unable to support users of Windows 7 and earlier environments.

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2020, 01/13 12:35 (1616day) Posted | 2021, 04/30 03:10 (1143day) Updated
It is possible to display the game screen of a guest in a remote location on the distributed video in real time.
"kukuluLIVE VirtualCam over Network" has been released.

When distributing a game together with a guest, in order to "show the viewer the video from the guest's perspective",
“Broadcast on the guest side and use the PinP function as a joint broadcast” or
There were methods such as "importing screen sharing from Discord etc. using OBS".
It has the following advantages compared to those methods.

・It can be directly integrated into OBS, so there is no need to configure it every time. ・You can display the guest's video on the distribution with almost no lag. ・There is no increase in bandwidth consumption on the viewer side. ・There is no need to set up broadcasts on the guest side. (Can also be broadcast on)
・Video size and display magnification can be fixed ・Videos from two or more guests can be received at the same time, or can be sent while being received ・Inputs from different PCs can be combined into one video ・Can be separated from audio (calls) (use Discord etc. separately)
*Since " kukuluLIVE FaceRig over Network " can also be used at the same time, it can be separated from the FaceRig avatar.

Example 1) When inviting two guests and showing everyone's screen on the broadcast:

Example 2) When transmitting and receiving game footage and FaceRig to each other for joint distribution:

[VirtualCam transmission settings (guest side)]

1. Start "OBS (v26 or later)" or " XSplit Broadcaster " and configure the appropriate settings as well as for distribution.
*You can also use the free version of XSplit, but the logo will be included. There is no need to make a distribution connection from XSplit.
*For OBS (v26 or later), start it and press "Start virtual camera".

2. Open the "kukuluLIVE VirtualCam over Network (Sender)" page below from Chrome or Firefox.
*Firefox has better image quality than Chrome, but uses more bandwidth.

(If you are using Coffret, open Coffret's "Tools" > "VirtualCam over Network" > "Send your OBS/XSplit video to your collaboration partner".)

3. Allow camera use.

*If you are asked to select a device, select "OBS Virtual Camera" if using OBS, or "XSplitBroadcaster" if using XSplit.
*If you cannot use it, please try closing all other applications that are using video (such as OBS) and restarting them.

4. When the "Start VirtualCam Preview" button appears, press it.

5. When the VirtualCam preview starts, press the "Start Publish" button.

6. Once in this state, preparations on the guest side are complete. Please notify the broadcaster of the URL to be set in the other party's OBS. This URL is unique for each kukuluID.

[VirtualCam reception settings (broadcaster side)]

With Coffret, the manual configuration described below is not required.
You can set it in one go from Coffret's "Tools" > "VirtualCam over Network" > "Display collaboration partner's video on OBS".

1. Confirm that the version of OBS is "24.0.3" or later, if not, update to the latest version from "Help" → "Check for Updates".

2. Press the "+" button for sources and add the "Browser" source.

3. Naming the source is optional. Press the "OK" button.

4. Paste the URL of "kukuluLIVE VirtualCam over Network" notified by the guest into "URL".
Set the width to "1280" and the height to "720".
Be sure to check "Shut down source when not visible".
Once the settings are complete, press the "OK" button to close.

5. Settings are complete when the guest's video is displayed on the distribution preview.
Hide browser source when not in use.

When calling the same guest, the setting is completed just by displaying the browser source.
When calling other guests, please change the URL of the browser source or create a second browser source. You can call multiple guests at the same time.

*If your avatar moves jerky:
Go to OBS "Settings" → "Advanced" → "Sources" → "Enable hardware acceleration for browser sources" and restart OBS.

*If the playback start button appears:
After confirming that "Shutdown source when not displayed" is turned on, hide the source → show it, it will be reloaded and you can play normally.

Q. Is it not possible for guests to stream?
A. Yes. XSplit can be dedicated to VirtualCam and streamed from OBS, or OBS can do both.

Q. Can the conventional joint delivery function be used at the same time?
A. Yes. Send and receive each other with "kukuluLIVE VirtualCam over Network" and make sure that the other party's screen is displayed on both streams.
If you get a broadcast slot and join in that state, PinP will be hidden, and only the total number of viewers and the join in the comment section will work.

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