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2024, 06/11 16:48 (4day) Posted | 2024, 06/12 14:27 (3day) Updated
- You can now set permission-based access restrictions. <br>This is a restriction feature that allows you to apply for access permission when accessing a room, and only people approved by the owner can join the room.

This can be enabled by setting Room Settings > Access Restrictions > Access Permissions.

When this restriction is enabled, a general user will be prompted to request permission when they access the room.
When a request is made, the owner will be notified and can choose to approve or deny each request.

Only authorized users can join the room.
You can always change your Allow/Deny selection from the Room Settings > Lists > Permissions list.

- Added synthetic voice reading function. <br>When you turn on User Settings > Reading Settings > Reading Function, new messages will be read out using a synthetic voice.
If available, a local speech engine will be used, otherwise speech will be provided over the network.
In iOS Safari, for example, the page may not be spoken unless you tap on the margin after the page is displayed.

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2024, 05/29 15:34 (17day) Posted | 2024, 05/29 15:35 (17day) Updated
After sending an email, it will now be put on hold for 30 seconds, allowing you to cancel the sending.

To enable this feature, turn on "Enable Undo Send" in Advanced Settings.

When you send an email with the Undo Send feature enabled, an "Undo last send" button will appear at the top of the sent page for 30 seconds.

If you press this button within 30 seconds, the last email you sent will not actually be sent and will revert to draft status.
Once the 30 seconds have passed, the message will be sent to the other party and cannot be cancelled.

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2024, 05/18 16:24 (28day) Posted | 2024, 05/25 08:26 (21day) Updated

- Added emotion function .<br>This function allows you to send images by simply pressing the button instead of entering text.
You can add an emotion from any image URL or a URL containing an image.
You can add up to 500 items to the entire room, and up to 100 items per individual, and all items added can be used by everyone in the room.
You can only delete what you added. The owner can delete all emotions.
Of course, the LovelyKukusama emotion series that is available by default cannot be deleted.

- Added linked ID login function. <br> Poster permissions, owner permissions, and room history can be linked and saved to the linked ID.
This is useful if you want to restore data from your device when it is lost, or if you want to sync across multiple devices.

- Added a mute function .<br>This function allows users without owner privileges to hide posts from specific users on their own screen only.
You can mute a post using the ellipsis next to it, or unmute it from Settings > User Settings > Mute List.

- You can now check new posts in rooms from the access history. <br>Rooms that contain new posts that you have not read will be marked with a red circle.

- Added support for line breaks in mobile environments .<br>In a software keyboard environment, Enter is always treated as a line break, and sending is now done using the arrow buttons.
On the PC version, you can create a line break by pressing Shift+Enter as usual.
You can change this from Settings > User Settings > Line Breaks and Posting.

- The way long text is displayed has been changed. <br>Long text is now displayed collapsed to an appropriate size, and can be expanded fully by pressing the bottom of the post.

- Changed to display your own posts right-justified and other people's posts left-justified
-Dark mode support

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2024, 05/11 03:49 (35day) Posted | 2024, 05/11 03:51 (35day) Updated
If you have set up Premium Emotions as a MagicalGift reward,
Now you can use this as a sticker too.

Stickers stand out because they appear at the top of every post comment.

Viewers who have Premium Emotion rights can
Click the "Premium Stickers" button on the top right of the emotion list screen.
You can switch emotions to use as stickers.
The default is off and can be turned back off later.

If the Premium Emotion benefit is limited in time (subscription), the stickers will no longer be available for use once the period expires.

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2024, 05/07 06:22 (39day) Posted | 2024, 05/09 18:50 (37day) Updated
- Added sound notification feature .<br>You can be notified of new messages and new participants with a sound. It is off by default.
You can change it from the settings button.

- Room owners can now view a list of participants.
You can now view a list of people who have joined a room within the last 30 days and ban them if necessary.
The owner can click on the link that displays "X people participating" to open the list screen.

- Room owners can now set "editing permissions" <br>The default is "Only their own posts can be edited and deleted."
If you change it to "Edit & delete only by owner", only the owner will be able to edit, delete, and pin posts.

- Improved ban specifications
If you get banned, you will now be kicked from the room immediately.
In addition, bans have become more powerful and are now harder to avoid than before.

- Added support for posting via Webhook <br>You can now use Webhook to access and post to the same address as the existing email posting address.
You can create an address by going to "Room Settings" → "Posting API" → "Settings".
The POST format is the same as Discord.

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2024, 04/30 10:15 (46day) Posted | 2024, 04/30 10:20 (46day) Updated
- Added distribution support function <br>You can now hide the UI using the "Hide UI" button in the top right of the screen.
This is useful for capturing a browser and displaying a broadcast.

If you specify the MagicalDraw room URL as the browser source in OBS, you will automatically join with the UI hidden.
(To enter, you need to right-click, select Dialogue (operation), and then click the Join button.)

- Fixed an issue where it was possible to set abnormally long names, bypassing the length limit.
- Fixed an issue where duplicate names were not properly separated as separate participants when logged in.
- A limit has been added to mechanical repeated chat messages.

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2024, 03/29 18:12 (78day) Posted | 2024, 05/07 06:25 (39day) Updated
We have added a "catch-up playback" feature that allows you to watch live broadcasts up to two hours back.

For live broadcasts that have been running for more than 5 minutes since push connection, a red bar will appear at the bottom of the video, allowing you to rewind to any time you like.

During playback, the bar will turn light blue, and you can seek to any point in time.
You can always return to live by seeking to the end or using the refresh button.
You can also seek from the time section in the comments section, just like time shifting.

In addition, variable speed playback allows you to increase the playback speed up to twice as fast, and once you have caught up with the live broadcast, it will automatically switch to live viewing.

Catch-up playback is available on the PC version, smartphone browser version, and smartphone app version.
You cannot track and play HEVC broadcasts in non-HEVC compatible environments, such as Firefox or Typewriter.

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2024, 03/11 11:20 (96day) Posted | 2024, 03/12 20:30 (95day) Updated

An educational toy that produced a large number of Kukupo millionaires and other camels.
"Magical Collect 2", the latest version of "Magical Collect", is now available for play.

By far the highest payout rate of any game to date!
Earn bonuses and special events to increase your Kukupo! !

Magical collect 2

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2024, 03/02 16:56 (105day) Posted | 2024, 03/02 17:03 (105day) Updated
The DDNS Now domain "" has been added to the Public Suffix List.
The advantage is that the acquired subdomain is treated the same as a regular original domain.
It differs from other DDNS domains not listed mainly in the following points.

・You can monetize with Google AdSense etc. ・The limit on the number of ACME authentications such as Let's Encrypt will be relaxed ・You can register domains with Cloudflare etc. (However, DDNS Now does not support NS records, so the available functions are limited. )
・The browser guarantees domain independence and cookies can be used safely.

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2024, 02/26 20:40 (110day) Posted | 2024, 02/26 20:41 (110day) Updated
Due to a server equipment failure, the following functions were malfunctioning between 16:48 and 20:30 on 02/26.

・Recording/watching recordings of live broadcasts/Watching live broadcasts (low image quality mode, only in environments that do not support HEVC)
Approximately 30% of the total

Restoration has now been completed.
Please accept my apologies for any inconvenience.

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