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2021, 05/12 15:28 (1127day) Posted | 2021, 05/13 02:31 (1127day) Updated

"Replay" is a function that allows you to go back up to 30 minutes of the video being broadcast live and cut it out as a 10- to 5-minute video and publish it.
You can also crop from Timeshift.

Anyone who is logged in can create replays, so not only the broadcaster himself but also the viewers can create replays.
You can let viewers replay funny or shocking moments.

You can start creating from the video icon in the player.

During a live broadcast, you can go back up to 30 minutes in the past.
In the case of time shift, 15 minutes before and after the playback position is specified first, and a maximum of 5 minutes can be cut through from there.

Open replays (public replays) are displayed in a list by broadcaster, and you can watch the most popular ones all at once.
Open replays for each broadcaster can be accessed from the broadcast viewing page and profile page.

If you do not want your broadcast to be replayed, you can disable it from "Disable and Restrict" on the broadcast slot management page.

You are also free to delete any open replays created from your stream at any time.

If you want to enjoy it only for yourself or do not want it to be made public, you can create it as a private replay (private replay).
In this case, it will be saved as "What happens" and will not be posted on the list. You can watch and share via URL.

Open replays are stored permanently, private replays are stored permanently if each file is less than 60MB, and anything beyond that is subject to the following storage policy.

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2021, 05/09 12:03 (1130day) Posted | 2021, 05/09 12:04 (1130day) Updated
Starting around 11am today, there was an issue where comments could not be posted correctly in some environments due to a comment server failure.
It was resolved at 12:01 on the same day.
We apologize for the inconvenience.

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2021, 05/09 00:44 (1131day) Posted
- Room settings can now be changed from within the room <br>Owners can now change the room title, participants on the top page, etc. from within the room by selecting ``Operation > Operate Room'' without returning to the entry page from within the room. Recruitment" and "Admission Restriction" settings can be changed.

・Added "Suck up with current transparency" to the eyedropper mode
The RGB part behaves the same as "Blot with display color", but this mode does not change the opacity setting of the pen.

・You can now search public pointers <br>You can search by pointer name or contributor name.
If you press the contributor, you can also narrow down by what that person posted.

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2021, 05/06 20:25 (1133day) Posted
- Maximum image resolution has been improved
You can now shoot at full size without downscaling up to 1400 x 1200 pixels.

-Added image format automatic optimization function <br>Previously, all images were shot and processed in JPEG format, but
The optimal image format is now selected depending on the subject.
PNG is more suitable than JPEG for UI screenshots, etc.

-Improved the login function
In addition to kukulu ID and Twitter ID, you can now log in with Apple ID and Google ID.

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2021, 05/03 15:18 (1136day) Posted | 2021, 05/03 15:20 (1136day) Updated
・You can now create multiple overlay effects <br>You can change the effects to be more luxurious depending on the amount, or you can have the recipient choose from multiple effects.
The effect you have set up until now will be the "default effect".

If you have set a minimum amount for the effect, you will be able to select it when sending if the amount is above that amount.
If there are multiple effects that meet the conditions, the giver can be selected when sending.
If no effect matches the criteria, the default effect is used.

・Improved the behavior when requesting to remain anonymous <br>If you send an anonymous request without entering your name, the icon will no longer be displayed.

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2021, 05/02 15:24 (1137day) Posted
"MagicalBenchmark" can measure and publish the PC specs of streamers.
Since development of the built-in "kukuluLIVE Easy Setup" has ended, we have improved it so that it can be used alone.

You can start it from Coffret's "Tools" > "MagicalBenchmark".

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2021, 05/02 05:58 (1137day) Posted | 2021, 05/02 09:31 (1137day) Updated

"kukuluLIVE Overlay" is a function that allows you to overlay dynamic content on distributed video with simple settings.

kukuluLIVE Overlay

・Comments <br>Previously, if you wanted to include comments in the distributed video, you had to use an external comment display tool via Coffret's external integration, or import the comment field itself using the browser source.
The former was difficult to configure, and the latter difficult to customize.
Overlaying the comment section via kukuluLIVE Overlay is easy and customizable.

・Broadcast title
You can automatically overlay the latest broadcast title on the broadcast video without having to enter the broadcast title each time on OBS.

・Auto tag (game being played, etc.)
You can overlay the latest tags on the streamed video without having to enter them on OBS every time you change the game you are playing.

・Number of viewers <br>You can overlay the number of viewers and visitors on the distributed video.

・Information about voting and lottery functions etc. When using voting and lottery functions, etc., you can overlay it on the distributed video.
You can turn on/off the display during recruitment and the display of results.

・Production when receiving a gift
When receiving a MagicalGift gift, you can overlay the giver's name, icon, etc. on the distributed video.
(If you have already set up an overlay when using MagicalGift, there is no need to add it. Everything will be displayed in one browser source.)

You can overlay like this.
When used together with layout images, it becomes a rich distribution screen. (Whether viewers like it or not)

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2021, 05/01 04:04 (1139day) Posted | 2021, 05/01 04:22 (1139day) Updated
When a gift is given to a broadcaster, the sender and amount will now be displayed at the top of the comment field for a period of time corresponding to the amount.
Other viewers can "share like" by clicking on the display.

If you like the same person, Kukupo will transfer the gift amount to the person who liked and the person who received the gift.
(This is paid out by the system, and the distributor's Kukupo does not decrease.)

"Same person like" can be done once per gift giver in one broadcast.
With this feature, when a gift is given to a streamer, it benefits not only the streamer but also other viewers.

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2021, 04/30 03:26 (1140day) Posted | 2021, 05/03 15:46 (1136day) Updated
Completed the migration phase to the new version of kukuluLIVE Coffret,
You are now forced to upgrade to the Electron version of Coffret.

In addition to all the features of previous versions, the new Coffret includes automatic configuration functions for kukuluLIVE Overlay, FaceRig over Network, and VirtualCam over Network, as well as an external transfer function that can be configured as many times as you like.
Because it is based on Chromium, it can be used more conveniently, for example, it works smoothly even if a large number of comments are received.

kukuluLIVE Coffret

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2021, 04/29 01:20 (1141day) Posted | 2021, 04/29 01:42 (1141day) Updated
Due to an issue on the CDN (Cloudflare) side, there were cases where the country of the connection source was incorrectly determined.
The workaround is to temporarily disable the overseas filter.
We apologize for the inconvenience.

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