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2021, 05/01 04:04 (1148day) Posted | 2021, 05/01 04:22 (1148day) Updated
When a gift is given to a broadcaster, the sender and amount will now be displayed at the top of the comment field for a period of time corresponding to the amount.
Other viewers can "share like" by clicking on the display.

If you like the same person, Kukupo will transfer the gift amount to the person who liked and the person who received the gift.
(This is paid out by the system, and the distributor's Kukupo does not decrease.)

"Same person like" can be done once per gift giver in one broadcast.
With this feature, when a gift is given to a streamer, it benefits not only the streamer but also other viewers.

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2021, 04/30 03:26 (1149day) Posted | 2021, 05/03 15:46 (1146day) Updated
Completed the migration phase to the new version of kukuluLIVE Coffret,
You are now forced to upgrade to the Electron version of Coffret.

In addition to all the features of previous versions, the new Coffret includes automatic configuration functions for kukuluLIVE Overlay, FaceRig over Network, and VirtualCam over Network, as well as an external transfer function that can be configured as many times as you like.
Because it is based on Chromium, it can be used more conveniently, for example, it works smoothly even if a large number of comments are received.

kukuluLIVE Coffret

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2021, 04/29 01:20 (1151day) Posted | 2021, 04/29 01:42 (1151day) Updated
Due to an issue on the CDN (Cloudflare) side, there were cases where the country of the connection source was incorrectly determined.
The workaround is to temporarily disable the overseas filter.
We apologize for the inconvenience.

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2021, 04/28 00:06 (1152day) Posted | 2021, 05/07 05:30 (1142day) Updated
"MagicalGift" is a service that allows you to send Amazon gift certificates to distributors and receive various benefits as a thank you.
Of course, the fee is zero for both the giving side and the receiving side.

[Benefits for distributors]
・ You can start accepting gifts immediately without screening.
・The gift code can be used immediately because there is no transfer fee and there is no transfer fee.
・ Various original benefits can be set.
・It is also possible to link with other APIs and self-made systems.
- You can display overlays on OBS to create a special feeling. Overlays can be auto-configured via Coffret and are highly customizable.

Click here for distributors who want to use MagicalGift

[Benefits for viewers]
・You can send the entire amount to your favorite without being thinned out by fees.
・You can receive various benefits set by the distributor.
・You can send gifts starting from a minimum of 15 yen. What's more, the amount is cumulative, so you can receive the same benefits whether you donate a little at a time or all at once.
・Payments are made on each mail order site, so there is no need to register payment information with kukuluLIVE.

Viewers can send gifts from the link posted on the streaming viewing page of broadcasters using MagicalGift.

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2021, 04/27 03:38 (1152day) Posted | 2021, 04/27 03:39 (1152day) Updated
The old version (current version) of kukuluLIVE Coffret will be discontinued soon.
You can upgrade from the current Coffret "Tools" → "Switch to the next version of Coffret".
You cannot go back after upgrading.

The next version currently has the following features implemented.
・All functions of the previous version ・Login with Google account or Apple ID ・KukuluLIVE FaceRig over Network/VirtualCam over Network sending and receiving settings automation function ・OBS encoding setting verification function ・Function that allows you to set multiple external transfer functions at the same time ・kukuluLIVE Overlay configuration automation function (for new services)

Thank you for your cooperation in testing.

*If your Coffret does not have "Tools" → "Switch to the next version of Coffret",
Coffret may not be updating correctly automatically.
We apologize for the inconvenience, but please reinstall using the installer below.

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2021, 04/20 05:13 (1159day) Posted | 2021, 04/20 05:14 (1159day) Updated
We have released version 2.1.3 of the iOS/iPadOS/Mac (M1) version of the app.

- Now supports push notification when uploading or downloading<br>Even if you are using other apps or are locked when uploading or downloading, you will be notified by push notification when uploading or downloading is completed.
It is convenient when transferring a large number of files.

- Improved usage permissions <br>Only camera roll save permission is required when saving images and videos, camera roll viewing permission is no longer required. (iOS14 or later supported)

File Now iOS version;ls=1

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2021, 04/18 03:47 (1161day) Posted
There was an issue where the number of viewers was not displayed correctly from around 3:30 on April 17th to 18th, 2021, but this has now been resolved.
The cause was that part of the comment server had stopped due to a failure and was running with an automatic backup function.
The discovery was delayed because the alert for the server was designed to detect only general failures.
We have improved the alert to prevent recurrence.
We apologize for the inconvenience.

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2021, 04/08 19:12 (1171day) Posted | 2021, 04/08 20:58 (1171day) Updated
・Supports multi-session upload/download <br>Previously, even when multiple files were uploaded/downloaded, files were transferred sequentially in a single session.
Multi-session functionality now allows multiple files to be transferred in parallel.
Under optimal conditions, transfer speeds can be up to 4 times faster.
The optimal number of parallel servers and responsible servers (more than 30 servers are always online) are automatically determined depending on the situation.
This feature is also compatible with the attachment file system for throwaway email addresses that use the File Now system.

・Improved the archive system <br>The archive system has a high storage rate for files that have not been downloaded for a long time.
With a system that automatically moves popular files to servers with lower occupancy rates,
We have extended the storage period (twice as much as before) and improved download speed.

- The maximum upload capacity has been relaxed <br>The total file size that can be uploaded at one time has been relaxed to 6GB.

・We have strengthened our servers . Due to the rapid increase in the number of users, we were experiencing a decrease in the storage period and a decrease in download speed during busy hours.
Resolved by augmentation.

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2021, 04/04 09:25 (1175day) Posted | 2021, 04/04 10:20 (1175day) Updated
You can now switch to the next version of Coffret from the current Coffret's "Tools" → "Switch to the next version of Coffret".
Once you switch, the next version of Coffret will start from the next time onwards.

If you want to go back, you can go back to the previous version from "Tools" → "Revert to old version of Coffret".

The next version currently implements the following functions.
・All functions of the previous version ・Login with Google account or Apple ID ・Automation function for sending and receiving settings for kukuluLIVE FaceRig over Network/VirtualCam over Network ・OBS encoding setting verification function ・Function to set multiple external transfer functions at the same time

Thank you for participating in the test.

*If your Coffret does not have "Tools" → "Switch to the next version of Coffret",
Coffret may not be automatically updated correctly.
Please reinstall using the installer below.

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2021, 04/01 23:37 (1178day) Posted | 2021, 04/02 00:14 (1178day) Updated
As part of our operational policy, this site has promised not to display full-screen advertisements that significantly impair user convenience. It turned out that it was automatically enabled without any interaction.

Due to this "automated test (a function that measures the effectiveness of all ad types)", full-screen ads may have been temporarily displayed in some environments (50% of the total) on April 1st.
Currently, we are manually disabling this feature and making improvements to prevent full-screen ads from being displayed.
Please accept my apologies for any inconvenience.

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