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2021, 11/18 18:38 (978day) Posted | 2021, 11/18 18:43 (978day) Updated

・We have updated the AI super resolution system and can now generate images with even higher quality than before.
You can now check the processing status in real time.

-You can now select the AI super resolution mode (illustration/photo). Selecting the appropriate one will improve the image quality.

・We have strengthened the AI super resolution server and can now process faster than before.

- When using AI Super Resolution on a mobile device, a warning will now be displayed if the resolution exceeds the device constraints.

- Trimming is now available on mobile devices.

Magical Converter

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2019, 02/18 11:18 (1982day) Posted | 2021, 11/18 18:37 (978day) Updated
You can convert a large number of image files at once with just a browser,
Released "Magical Converter" that can create animated GIF and APNG.

Please use it to create kukuluLIVE emotions and badges, and MagicalDraw stroking pointers★

- You can add multiple files at once by dragging and dropping.
・Multiple files can be converted at once under the same conditions.
・Animated GIFs and APNGs are read separately for each frame, so you can quickly change the size or convert them.
- Non-images such as MP4, PDF, HEIF, PSD, and AI can also be split into frames (pages) and read as images.
- Images can be trimmed individually or all at once.
・Images with different sizes can be automatically resized and animated.
・You can easily reduce the color, change the size, and reduce the size by using the optimizer.
・Processing is performed on the client side as much as possible, and only complicated processing is performed on the server side.
・Weird formats are also supported.

Magical Converter

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