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2021, 01/09 04:52 (992day) Posted | 2021, 03/21 20:54 (920day) Updated
・You can now create a dictionary of quiz data for Painter's Swamp/Blindfold's Swamp.
While logged in with your Twitter ID, you can now create multiple original quiz dictionaries and use them across rooms.
You can create and manage quizzes from "Manage original quizzes" on "My Page".

In addition to using the dictionary in the room you own, you can also make it public for other people to play with by switching the dictionary to "Public".

You can use self-made dictionaries or public dictionaries by selecting them at the start of the game.
If you just want to use a public dictionary, you do not need to log in with your Twitter ID.

You can continue to use the original quiz function that is set for each room, but it is scheduled to be discontinued in the future, so please migrate to it.
1. While using the original dictionary, quizzes will be asked from that dictionary.
2. Otherwise, if an original quiz has been set for each room, the quiz will be asked from there.
3. If none of the above is true, MagicalDraw's default quiz will be asked.

-Improved the quiz judgment for Painter's Swamp/Blindfold's Swamp <br>Hiragana/Katakana are no longer distinguished and some symbols are now ignored.

・Changed the method for identifying individuals <br>Due to the increasing number of users using the same network,
Devices accessed for the first time after January 8, 2021 have been changed so that each device is recognized as a different person.
Please log in with your Twitter ID to synchronize your history and owner rights.

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2021, 01/07 17:05 (993day) Posted | 2021, 01/07 17:07 (993day) Updated
Previously, the "Reject Reception" page only allowed you to reject reception.
It is now possible to change the behavior for each keyword (part or all of the words and phrases in the text and title).

Reject reception : As before, automatically delete emails containing keywords and do not notify ・Mark as read : Receive emails containing keywords as read (with push notification)
No push notification : No push notification for emails that contain keywords

* Due to backward compatibility, you can still use the "rejection script" function, but we recommend migrating to this function.

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2021, 01/03 07:27 (998day) Posted | 2021, 01/03 07:32 (998day) Updated
-Improved the Drawer's Swamp/Blindfold <br>The result screen now displays "Theme, Drawer, and Correct Answer".
When drawing undo (undo) is enabled, the undo time limit has been shortened from 5 seconds to 1 second in game mode.

-Fixed an issue where chat remarks could not be made on mobile devices

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2020, 12/31 04:46 (1001day) Posted | 2021, 01/03 07:21 (998day) Updated
・Mobile low quality mode is now available on iPad
By default, the iPad displays the canvas at the same full resolution as a computer.
If you join a room with a large canvas on a model with low memory, there may be a crash.
Added the ability to optionally switch to "mobile low image quality mode" similar to Android and iPhone.

This can be enabled by turning on "Low quality mode" on the admission page.

When low quality mode is enabled, canvases larger than 1000x1000 will be downsampled to within 1000x1000.
For example, on a 3000 x 3000 canvas, the image quality will be 1/3.

As a guideline, iPads with 3GB or more of memory (Muji 7th generation or later, Air 3rd generation or later, mini 3rd generation or later, Pro) are full resolution,
Below that, we recommend lower image quality.

Available in both browser and app versions.

・Fixed an issue where automatic replay saving may fail

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2020, 12/28 21:14 (1003day) Posted | 2020, 12/28 21:16 (1003day) Updated
・Fixed an issue where the file could be corrupted when uploading a file larger than 3GB Fixed an issue where the file would be uploaded as is.

・Fixed an issue where owner privileges for file lists were sometimes not granted correctly. <br>When logging in with a user key or creating a file list using an IPv6 connection, owner privileges were not attached and editing was no longer possible. Fixed an issue.

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2020, 12/26 01:29 (1006day) Posted | 2020, 12/26 01:30 (1006day) Updated
The following tools are intended for use on kukuluLIVE.
Due to its specifications, it can also be used on other distribution sites, so the majority of users are external users.

kukuluLIVE FaceRig over Network (Send FaceRig or Animaze avatar to other people's OBS via network)
kukuluLIVE VirtualCam over Network (Send game play screens etc. to other people's OBS via network)

Due to the increasing number of questions and inquiries regarding remote support when using other distribution sites,
We will stipulate the handling as follows.

When using with kukuluLIVE:
○ Available ○ If you have any problems, we will provide remote support.

When using on sites other than kukuluLIVE such as YouTube:
○ Can be used ○ Can be used even when monetization is enabled (no contact required)
×Remote support is not available

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2020, 12/24 19:31 (1007day) Posted | 2020, 12/24 19:32 (1007day) Updated
kukuluLIVE has a contract with NexTone, a music copyright management organization,
Songs managed by NexTone are now available for streaming.

We already had a contract with JASRAC, a similar management organization, but in recent years more and more artists have signed contracts with other management organizations, and for example, they will be able to use songs such as YOASOBI.

At the same time, we are improving the way we report song usage.
Previously, we had to search for the work code from JASRAC's J-WID and then report the song using the work code.
It is now possible to report using any of the "(JASRAC) work code", "NexTone work number", and "song title".
Even in cases where a large number of songs are used, the report can be completed by simply listing the song names and sending them.

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2020, 12/19 06:41 (1013day) Posted | 2020, 12/19 06:42 (1013day) Updated
・kukuluLIVE FaceRig over Network now supports Animaze
You can now send using "Animaze by FaceRig", a crazy new version of FaceRig that has become a subscription.
When sending with the same chromakey background, the receiver does not need to be aware of which software the sender is using.

Click here to learn how to use kukuluLIVE FaceRig over Network

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2020, 12/08 16:29 (1023day) Posted | 2021, 07/10 10:26 (810day) Updated
In online games, SNS, etc., there are cases where people other than the administrator include "Kukusama (*)" in the character or account name, or use similar names.
We believe that most of these are used by users of the site and services, clearly distinguishing them from the administrators, and we do not prohibit such use.

Unfortunately, some games and sites impersonate or misidentify the administrator as the administrator.
There are users who are abusing the name "Kukusama" for illegal or inappropriate activities.
Administrators often receive complaints about the malicious behavior of these users.

The administrator will never ask for account information or request money or items from others under any circumstances.
Furthermore, we will not participate in unfair discrimination or slander.
Please be careful not to become a victim.

The following accounts and characters are used by the administrator under the name "Kukusama".
I am not active in other online games or SNS. All accounts not included below are fake.

[Mabinogi (as of 2011-July 2021)]
Japan Marie “Kukusamariyu”
Japan Rueri “Kukusamariyu”
Japan Tarlak “Kukusamariyu”

[Raguori (as of July 2021)]
Japan Iris “Kukusama”

[Twitter (as of 2009-July 2021)]

* “Kukusama” (letters) was registered as a trademark in 2017 (No. 5925248).

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2020, 12/05 03:15 (1027day) Posted | 2020, 12/17 05:06 (1015day) Updated
"Russian", "Portuguese (Brazil)", "French", and "German" have been added to the supported languages for throwaway email addresses.

The currently supported languages are as follows.

・English (default)
・Japanese, Korean, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Hindi *Only partially compatible with iOS ・Turkish, Indonesian, Spanish (Europe)
・Russian ・Portuguese (Brazil)
・French/German *Only partially supported on iOS and Android app versions (fully supported in next update)

Support (including recovery support) and inquiries are only available in English and Japanese.

Throwaway email address/InstAddr (Web version)

Throw away email address/InstAddr (iOS/iPadOS/MacOS version)

Throw away email address/InstAddr (Android version)

Throw away email address/InstAddr (FireOS version)

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